Cummins VS Generac Whole House Generator

Generac and Cummins are two of the best brands of generators and we have received numerous questions from prospective buyers that want to know the difference between both of them. They want to know which one is better. That’s why we came up with this article – Cummins VS Generac Whole House Generator.

Take the time to read through the comparison. In the end, you’ll agree with us that none of them is clearly better than the other in all terms. You need to select which one is more suitable for your home.

We have compared them with the following yardsticks – Maintenance, fuel type, rate of fuel consumption, durability, prices, availability, noise level, variety, remote monitoring, diagnostic tests, and after-sale support. So, let’s get down to business right away.

12 Major Differences Between Cummins VS Generac Whole House Generator:

1. Maintenance

After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that both Generac generators and Cummins (also known as Cummin Onan) generators are quite easy and cheap to maintain, Generac generators are cheaper and easier to maintain because their parts are not only cheaper, but they are more widely available.

You can’t get the parts of Cummins generator like the parts of Generac generators because Generac has more distributors located in different parts of the United States.

So, in this area, Generac is the clear winner. Generally, Generac generators are easier to maintain than Cummins Onan generators.

2. Fuel type

Generac generators have gasoline generators, diesel generators, and propane/natural gas generators but most Cummins’s generators are either gasoline generators or diesel generators.

Of course, we prefer propane and natural gas to both gasoline and diesel. First, gasoline and diesel give off a lot of harmful fumes.

The second reason is that gasoline is highly volatile. If you store it in a large tank, it will evaporate with time, reducing its quantity. Thirdly, gasoline burns very fast, followed by diesel.

The final reason why we always consider natural gas is because of convenience. The chances are high that you cook with gas. So, you only need to link your generator to your gas supply.

For gasoline, you have to keep buying it whenever you need to use your gasoline generator. Since we prefer natural gas and propane, Generac is the winner in this area too. If your priority is a generator that runs on either natural gas or liquified propane, you’ll get more options among Generac generators.

3. Fuel Consumption

One thing that we know about Generac is low fuel consumption. Its generators are fuel-efficient. Whether it’s gasoline generators, diesel generators, or natural gas/propane generators, they all conserve more fuel than other brands.

Although Cummins generators also conserve fuel, they don’t conserve fuel as much as Generac generators. The difference may be a few pints, but over the years, it can quickly add up to a tangible amount.

We can conclude this section by giving it to Generac again. If what you like most in a generator is fuel efficiency or conservation, Generac generators should top your list.

4. Durability

There’s no clear winner between the two brands in this section. The users of both brands of generators have confirmed their toughness, ruggedness, and durability. We don’t know how to find out which one outlasts the other. So, we’ll leave it as a tie. Both of them are durable.

5. Prices

Both brands offer fair prices. While they are among the leaders in other areas, they don’t stand out in terms of competitive prices. Several other generator brands offer better prices.

However, remember that quality is not cheap. If you want quality, you’ve got to pay for it. So, it is okay that the prices of Cummins and Generac generators are a little high.

6. Availability of Parts

Since Generac has more distributors all over the United States than Cummins, it is easier to find the parts of the generators. This is another reason why you should choose Generac generators over Cummins generators. We all want a generator whose parts we can easily change.

With Cummins, it is possible for you to be told that the part you need is not available., but it will be ordered and shipped either to you or to the store where you wanted to buy it. The real problem here is that you may have to wait for weeks or months before you get it.

That means your generator will stop working until you get the part. What will happen if there’s a power outage during the period of waiting? The purpose of buying a generator will be defeated. To avoid this situation, it is better to pick a generator whose parts are readily available. On the availability of parts, Generac wins again.

7. Noise Level

This is an area where Cummins has the upper hand. Although Generac generators are not so noisy, Cummins generators make less noise. If a low noise level is a top priority for you, any of the Cummins generators will be a better choice.

With a low noise level, you won’t need to install the generator far away from your home. Placing your generator nearer to your home will reduce its installation cost. In terms of low noise level, we’ll give it to Cummins.

8. Variety

Generac has a wider variety of generators than Cummins, so you’ll have more options. Therefore, as far as we’re concerned, having a wide variety is not such a big deal. What is important is being able to select a generator that will serve you well for several years without any problem.

9. Warranty

When it comes to warranties, no brand can match Generac. Not even Cummins. Many Generac generators are backed with a 10-year limited warranty. Imagine that! You’ll not fix the generator out of pocket for up to a decade.

That’s interesting. On the other hand, only very few Cummins generators offer a warranty and it is usually a 1 – 3 years warranty, not a 10-year limited warranty.

Whenever you come across a limited warranty, always remember that it does not cover every aspect. So, it might be a good idea to check the warranty terms and conditions. You need to know what the warranty covers and what it does not cover.

There’s nothing as disappointing as being told that the fault with your gen-set is out of warranty. To conclude this section, we’ll say Generac wins again.

10. Remote Monitoring

You’ll love to monitor your generator even if you’re not at home. Yes, it is possible. Once you download and install Generac’s mobile app on your phone, you can monitor the battery status and performance of your generator even if you’re far away from where it’s being used.

Unfortunately, Cummins cannot boast of this. This is another area where Generac has won again.

11. Diagnostic Test

Generac and Cummins generators run self-diagnostic tests on themselves. This is done every seven days, and each session takes about 20 t0 30 minutes. The test is meant to keep your generator in top condition all the time.

Take note of the time your generator does a diagnostic test. When the time comes and it doesn’t start, it is a sign that something is wrong. Hire a technician to check it.

12. After-Sale Support

We sent an email to both brands and Cummins replied us within a couple of hours, while Generac’s response came the following day. So, we have a good reason to believe that Cummins is more responsive, and the brand offers better and faster after-sale support.

Don’t get it wrong; nobody is saying 24 hours is a long time, but you can’t compare it to a reply that came after about two hours. So, Cummins is the clear winner here.

Does Cummins Make a Whole House Generator?

Yes. Cummins is a generator brand that has several models of generators. Some of the generators are portable, while others are big standby generators. The big ones are the ones that can power a whole house, but the portable ones may not be able to power a whole house.

Well, if you can’t afford a heavy-duty generator, you can purchase one of the portable ones. And you’ll use it to power only a few electrical appliances that you need.

Are Cummins Generators American Made?

Yes. Cummins generators are made in Indiana, in the United States of America but they have several offices in several parts of the United States. In addition, they have a presence in China as well. Apart from generators, the company makes other products. Finally, you might be shocked to find out that it was founded in 1920.

How Much Does a Cummins Standby Generator Cost?

If you want to buy a Cummins standby generator to power your entire house, we suggest you go for the 20KW generator. We checked the price of the generator on Cummins’ official website and found it to be $5,300. This cost does not include the cost of installation.

Yes, we know that this price is on the high side. A standby generator may be expensive but not as expensive as an extended power outage. Do you agree? During a period of a power outage, there’ll be no heating, no cooling, no fans, no dishwasher, no laundry (or you’ll do your laundry manually), everything in your freezer and fridge will perish, and so on… etc.

To prevent that situation, you need a backup generator.

Is Cummins Generator Better Than Generac?

We can’t really say one is better than the other. They are both some of the best standby generators around. They are known for their compact design, efficiency, durability, and excellent quality. They also have several safety features. Both brands have a wide variety of models. So, you’ll get a model that fits your budget. If you can’t afford the giant generator, you can buy a smaller portable generator.

Yes, their prices are relatively higher than the prices of other brands, but you’ll also agree that quality does not come cheap. If you want a quality product, you’ve got to pay through your nose. Both Cummins and Generac generators are worth their prices. Once again, none of them is better than the other. They are both excellent brands.

Final Word

In the 12 areas of our comparison, Generac won 7 of them, while Cummins won only 2. There’s a tie in 3 areas. It is easy to quickly conclude that Generac is the winner, but remember that Cummins won in the area of low noise level, and this is a very important factor in choosing a generator.

So, instead of advising you to select Generac generators over Cummins all the time, we’ll advise you to look through their ups and downs and pick the brand that suits you more.

For instance, if what matters to you most in a generator is a low noise level, then Cummins is your best bet. If not, you can go with Generac. What matters most is personal suitability and preference.