Champion VS Generac Standby Generators

Generac is one of the most popular brands in the generator manufacturing industry. We are comparing it with other brands one by one. In this article, Generac will be compared with Champion, another leading brand in the generator manufacturing industry.

In all the other comparisons we have been doing, Generac has been having the upper hand. Let’s see if Generac will have the upper hand here as well. The idea is to make the better brand obvious to our teeming readers and customers.

So, whenever they decide to buy a generator, they’ll know the brand to choose. It is also important to let you know that sometimes, the winning brand may not be suitable for you. In that situation, you should consider your suitability first.

To compare the two brands, the first factor we considered is maintenance. We believe that everyone needs a generator that is cheaper and easier to maintain. We also considered the type of fuel both generators use.

Generally, generators run on gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas, but we encourage people to buy a generator that runs on either propane or natural gas. They are better, safer, and more economical than diesel and gasoline.

Apart from the two factors, we also considered the rate of fuel consumption, durability, prices, availability, noise level, variety, warranty, remote monitoring, diagnostic tests, and after-sale support.

12 Differences Between Champion and Generac Standby Generators:

1. Maintenance

As explained earlier, ease of maintenance and cost of maintenance is very important in choosing a generator. In fact, the cost of maintenance is more important than the cost of purchase because you’ll only purchase the generator once. But you’ll keep maintaining it as long as you use it.

Fortunately, both Champion and Generac generators are easy to maintain because they are strong and durable. They hardly break down. Also, their parts are readily available.  There’s no clear winner between the two brands in this area.

2. Fuel Type

You already know why we prefer propane and natural gas to gasoline and diesel. So, it is better for you to buy a generator that runs on either propane or natural gas.

The good news is, many generators use both fuel types, and you’ll have to choose which one to go with. And the better news is, both Generac and Champion have several generator models that are fueled with both liquified propane and natural gas.

Also, the two brands have generators that run on gasoline and the ones that run on diesel. So, in this area, there’s no winner. Champion is really giving Generac a real competition.

3. Rate of Fuel Consumption

You definitely want a generator that will conserve your fuel, isn’t it? We want it too. Generally, modern generators conserve fuel. However, some generators conserve fuel more than others.

We can confirm to you after testing four different Champion generators that they are fuel-efficient. On the other hand, Generac generators also conserve fuel like Champion generators.

Since propane and natural gas do not burn as fast as gasoline and diesel, you should aim for propane or natural gas. According to the unanimous decision, Champion and Generac have a tie in this area. None of them is better than the other.

4. Durability

This is another area where we can’t separate both brands. We interviewed the users of Generac generators and the users of Champion generators and they all agreed that their generators are rugged, tough, and durable.

In fact, many of them have been using their generators for several years. We can’t test the generators to confirm durability because it will take years, but we bank on what the users say. Users don’t lie. To end this section, we’ll call it a tie between Champion and Generac.

5. Prices

Whatever your budget is, you’ll find a product for it among Generac generators and you’ll also find something good among Champion generators. When you look at the prices of all the generators, you’ll agree with us that Champion offers better prices.

For each category of generators, the prices of Champion generators are slightly lower than what Generac offers. So, we can conclude that Champion is the winner here. The brand prices its generators more competitively.

6. Availability of Parts

You can easily get the parts for both brands of generators. Of course, you don’t want to wait for weeks or months before you’re able to change the parts of your generator.

That’s why we’re glad to let you know that you can easily get the parts of both brands of generators. However, Generac has more distributors that are more widely located in the United States.

So, it is much easier to replace the parts of a Generac generator than it is to replace the part of a Champion generator. Therefore, we’ll give the crown to Generac for the availability of parts.

7. Low Noise Level

One of the most important factors in choosing a generator is the noise level of the generator. Remember, these generators are meant to be used in residential areas that are meant to be serene and tranquil. If your generator is too noisy, you won’t enjoy it, and your neighbors will frown at it as well.

So, we consider low noise level as an important factor. Fortunately, both Generac and Champion generators have low noise levels. The noise levels of their generators range between 57 dB to 72 dB.

We can’t rate Generac generators over Champion generators and we can’t also do the reverse. Based on the figures at our disposal, both of them give the same noise level. So, there’s no clear winner in this category.

8. Variety

Some people believe that having a wide variety of generators is not important as long as the few variants perform satisfactorily. Conversely, our views are different.

We believe that more variants will give you more options. So, we prefer a brand that offers a wider range of generators.

Generac clearly has more products than Champion. So, we’ll give this one to Generac. With the brand, you’ll have more models of generators to choose from.

9. Warranty

When it comes to warranties, both Generac and Champion are kings. No generator brand offers more warranties. Champion backs its generators with a 10-year limited warranty.

Generac also offers the same years of warranty. The only problem is that both of them offer a limited warranty.

We don’t know what these warranties cover and what they don’t cover. It is left for you to take the time to study the warranty terms and conditions. The more information you have, the better for you.

If the warranty terms are not stated on the user manual of your generator, call them to find out. In this area, it is a draw. They both offer a 10-year limited warranty.

10. Remote Monitoring

Do you travel out of the city often, leaving your family at home? If you do, you’ll love to monitor the performance of your generator when you’re not at home.

This may not be possible with Champion generators, but you can do it with Generac generators. When you install Generac’s mobile app, you’ll be able to monitor the performance of your generator even if you are in another country.

The app will give you the power output of the generator, the battery status, and it will also notify you when service is due. Since Champion does not offer this feature, we’ll give this to Generac again.

11. Diagnostic Tests

These generators are meant to support the electricity from the grids. This means that they only work when there’s a power outage. If you live in an area that is not prone to natural disasters, you may not use your generator in up to four months.

So, how can you keep your generator in top condition? These generators run a weekly self-diagnostic test. The test runs for about 15 to 20 minutes.

This is how the generators keep themselves in perfect condition. Not all brands of generators do this, but both Generac and Champion generators carry out this test weekly. There’s a tie here – no winner.

12. After-Sale Support

You can contact both Generac and Champion via voice call and email, but Champion responded faster to our email than Generac. While it took Generac up to 22 hours to reply our mail, Champion responded after about 4 hours. We’ll give this one to Champion.

Where Are Champion Standby Generators Made?

Based on our findings, we can tell you that Champion generators are made in a province called Zhejiang in China. The generators are manufactured and assembled in China. Since they are sold in the United States, the brand and its products are subject to regulations by Americans. So, it has a presence in America. That does not mean it is an American brand.  However, it has the quality of an American-made generator.

How Much Does a Champion Standby Generator Cost?

Champion has several models of generators and they come with different features and capacities. So, you’ll get them at various prices. This is a welcome development as it will give a lot of options. Besides, there’s something for everyone.

We decided to go for the Champion generator with the least capacity that can still power your entire house. With a 12.5 KW Champion generator, you should be able to power all the electrical appliances in your home. And it currently costs $3,799. This is the Champion generator that we recommend for you. You may decide to check the price of the generator on several platforms before you pick the one with the best deal. You may be lucky to get it cheaper than $3,799.

How Do Champion Generators work?

Champion generators work like many other types of fuel generators. After filling their fuel tank with fuel and you start the generator, the generator consumes fuel as it uses an electromagnetic field to generate mechanical energy, which it eventually converts to electrical energy and supplies your home with electricity.

In addition, Champion generators have several safety features like being resistant to overloading, overheating, and short circuits. When any of the events occur, the generator will shut down automatically. Also, when the level of engine oil is lower than a certain threshold, the generator will shut down. And it will never start again until you top up the engine oil.

So, if your Champion generator shuts down while in use and it does not start again, you may check its engine oil level. And if it’s low, you can top it up.

If the engine continues running with a low engine oil level, it won’t be lubricated enough. This can lead to knocking of the engine. This is what the manufacturers hope to avert with this safety feature.

Does Champion Generator Charge Its Own Battery?

Yes, Champion generators charge their batteries. This is why if you don’t start the generator for a long time, the battery is likely to get weak. For this reason, we advise you to start the generator at least once every six months.

And if the battery is already weak, it may not be strong enough to start the generator. You’d have to recharge it before it can power the generator. Unfortunately, if you allow the generator battery to get weak too often, you may be shortening its lifespan. Once again, Champion generators have the capacity to charge their own batteries.

Final Word

Out of the 12 yardsticks used to compare both brands, there’s a tie in seven areas. Generac generators perform better in terms of availability of parts, variety, and remote monitoring.

And Champion has the upper hand in prices and after-sale support. Compare their areas of strength and choose the brand that suits you more.