Generac 7043 VS Generac 70432

A power outage is becoming more prevalent in several parts of the world and that’s why a standby generator has become a must-have for homes. Before now, power outages used to be a problem of only underdeveloped countries, but now, even highly developed countries are facing the problem.

At the moment, some parts of Texas, a state in the United States, have not had power for several days. The problem was caused by a storm. It’s so bad that they now queue up to fetch water. This confirms the importance of a generator in homes.

As the demand for generators goes up, we receive more questions about generators. Some of the questions we frequently receive are comparative. People want to know which is better among the two types of generators.

This article compares Generac 7043 with Generac 70432. They are similar products and they have a lot of similar features, but they are different.  Check out their similarities and differences right below.


Both generators are products of Generac. That means their quality and standard should be the same or close.


Although Generac has assembly plants in several countries, Generac 7043 and Generac 70432 are designed and built in the United States.  When you buy either of them, you’ll be contributing to American Economy.

Also, you’ll help fellow Americans keep their jobs. Finally, they have been designed according to American standards.


They both have aluminum color. They look so much alike that you can easily mistake one for the other. This aluminum exterior shields them from tough weather conditions. Also, the two of them are resistant to rust and corrosion.


Both Generac 7043 and Generac 70432 have the same rated and starting wattages. Their starting wattage is 22,000 watts of 22KW. Their rated or running wattage is 19,500 watts or 19.5KW.

In case you don’t know the difference, the starting wattage is the power a generator provides for electrical appliances to start up. The rated or running wattage is the power a generator provides to run electrical appliances after they have started working.

They need a high wattage to start up, and after starting up, they need a running wattage to keep them going. The starting wattage is always higher than the running wattage.

Dimension – 48 x 25 x 29 Inches

Both Generac 7043 and 70432 have the same dimension. They have a width of 48 inches, a height of 29 inches, and a breadth of 25 inches. The similarity in their dimensions is the reason why people mistake one for the other.


This is the first feature that differentiates both models of generators. Generac 70432 is slightly heavier than Generac 7043. Generac 70432 has a weight of 526 pounds, while Generac 7043 weighs 515 pounds, a difference of 11 pounds.

As a matter of fact, the difference in their weights is negligible. You’ll still need heavy machinery to deliver and install both of them.

Low Noise Level

The two models of generators have a low noise level. Their noise level is almost the same and it is about 59dB, which is quite impressive for a generator of their size and capacity.


They have different voltages. Generac 70432 offers 240 volts and its counterpart gives 120 volts. This is a major difference. This explains why Generac will design two different models of generators with almost similar features.

One is for people who want to power 240V electrical appliances, while the other model is for 120v electrical equipment.

Automatic Transfer Switch 

The two models of generators are packed with a 200-amp automatic transfer switch. This is the component that makes both of them standby backup generators. Here’s the function of a transfer switch. When there’s a power outage, the switch will disconnect the grid from the load center.

It will send a start-up signal to the generator, which will start immediately. The switch will send the power generator generates to the load center, from where your appliances will be powered.

On the other hand, when power is restored, the transfer switch will send another signal to the generator and it (generator) will go off.

Before sending the signal, the switch will disconnect the generator from the load center and connect the grid to the load center. So, the automatic transfer switch is what makes both generators automatic.

And this is more convenient than having to start the generator on your own. Imagine how awkward it will be if a power outage occurs when you’re in the bathroom or when you’re already fast asleep.

And if power is restored when you’re asleep, without the transfer switch, you may not be aware. You may have wasted your fuel for several hours before you realize that power is restored.

This underscores the importance of a transfer switch. Thankfully, both Generac 70432 and Generac 7043 come with a transfer switch.


Another great quality that both of them have in common is their warranties. The generators offer a 5-year limited warranty. This seems to be a trademark of Generac because many of its products come with a 5-year limited warranty.

However, limited warranties don’t cover every fault. So, if you end up buying any of the generators being discussed here, you may want to study the warranty terms.

You need to know what it covers and what it does not cover. Also, you need to know if the warranty covers both parts and labor or not.

Fuel Type

Both models of generators run on liquified propane and natural gas. You can stick with any of them. We’re glad about this because we don’t advise people to purchase a generator that runs on gasoline or diesel.

Both fuels give off a lot of harmful fumes. And gasoline is highly volatile. The longer it stays in the tank, the more it evaporates and reduces in quantity. That’s why generators consume it very fast. In short, gasoline is not cost-effective.

Rate of Fuel Consumption

We found that the rates of fuel consumption of both generators are the same. Both of them are fuel-efficient. They will conserve your fuel and that makes a whole lot of economic sense.

Remote Monitoring

Another fantastic feature common to both Generac 7043 and 70432 is remote monitoring. When you install their app on your mobile phone, you can monitor the generator from anywhere in the world.

If you’re in China and your generator is being used back home in the United States, you can still monitor the performance of the generator and its battery status. This is a very attractive feature and we’re glad to inform you that both generators have it.


Since they are made of the same material (aluminum), they are both rugged, tough, and durable. You can leave them outside in all weather conditions. Many of their users have confirmed their durability.

Current Amazon Rating

Their Amazon ratings are also similar. Generac 70432 has an Amazon rating of 4.6 stars, while its counterpart has an Amazon rating of 4.5 stars. The ratings are almost the same too. This is an indication that both of them are great products.

Final Word

They have almost the same features with the exception of their voltage. So, if your appliances require 240 volts, go for Generac 70432, and if your appliances take 120 volts, select Generac 7043.

There’s no clear winner between them. It is a tie. You only need to select the one that is more suitable for your appliances.