Best Generac Portable Generators

Top-notch services are what you need as a buyer; it is your right. You’re indebted to high expectations as a result of your ambitiousness to get the best. Right?

Indeed, that’s what all buyers thirst after, though it’s quite unfortunate that some buyers’ expectations often fall out of plans. However, the only proven way of buying a top-quality product is by buying from a top brand with proofs of inimitable 360-degree qualities.

Definitely, this is why Generac generators are your best bets in the marketplace. Generac has standby generators and portable generators. It’s such a big gig that supports its products with a 3-year warranty. The renowned brand has been relevant in the industry for decades, so there is virtually nothing to worry about with their services.

Besides, buyers have been patronizing vendors for Generac portable generators for different purposes, and they’ve always come out relished. You can use the generators in homes, campsites, hotels, recreational centers, and so forth in any weather.

They are such portable units that you can ignite through recoil means and electrical means. Check these three products out of the Best Generac Portable Generators making waves in the marketplace and envision their respective prospects to your immediate and future needs.

It’s not surprising if you’re looking for the best Generac portable generator for outdoor or home use. It’s a well-established brand with a great reputation, and they do have a wide range of generators to choose from.

If you do your research right about the best portable generators reviews, you will usually find the Generac brand mentioned as one of the best. This is because of Generac’s long history of making generators since 1959.

The company was the one that came up with an engine that was specifically for generators, and ever since they’ve excelled in research, development, and production.

Top 10 Best Generac Portable Generators:

1. Generac Portable Generator 17500

Every home and workspace deserves the use of a Generac generator. And if one has got heavy-duty loads, such as power tools, refrigerators, industrial sewing machines, and tons of air conditioners, then this is for one’s interests.

The 992cc engine on this is OHV. This has pneumatic tires and a handle that makes moving it around easier. It doesn’t emit annoying sounds like some products. The low level of decibel on this makes it usable indoors and outdoors.

It has a 16-gal tank, which could last 10hrs at 50% load. The starting wattage of this generator is 26250W, while the running wattage is 17500W. The savable unit has studs underneath that augment its ergonomic structure.

Obviously, it’s one you can use and save anywhere. The unit has exceptional auto-oil shut-off, hour meter, and idle control features. It’s made of steel, so you can be sure of its longevity always.

2. Generac Portable Generator 6500

This works for tailgating, camping, hiking, and all sort of exploration activities. So, you’ve really got to start considering the multipurpose use of this generator. It even has a low-tone muffler that douses the turbulence sound it’s susceptible to release.

Furthermore, the circuit breaker makes this workable in all weather conditions. Nevertheless, you can use this 120V power generator to power a mini-refrigerator, electric bulbs, coffee maker, blender, mini microwave, television, and sensitive electronic gadgets.

The starting wattage is 8000W, while the running amperage is 6500W. It has one 240V DC and two 120V AC power outlets.

The ports all have their respective covers to maximize incomparable safety where it’s used. The 389cc engine is eco-friendly. This won’t emit toxic soot at an annoying rate to the environment. Yes, it’s just quite safe to use.

3. Generac Portable Generator 8000

It’s just so satisfying to buy a top-notch and incredible power generator from a leading brand like Generac. The reliable services and the prospects this company brings to the table make a customer be assured. This model is not an exemption either.

The lugging around of this one is more accessible with its design. Though it weighs 214 pounds, the pneumatic tires and a 2-hand rubberized handle make it movable with ease. This could last 11hrs on a full tank.

It comes with a battery, which makes the electric start of the generator so fantastic to use. There are five receptacles on it with their cover lids on them. The starting wattage of the generator is 10000W, while the running watt is 8kw.

The electric start toggle and the recoil starting option maximize the usage advantage of the generator. It’s constructed of steel, so it’s absolutely weatherproof.

4. Generac dual fuel portable generator 7500 watts

If portability and quiet operations are your main concerns, but you still want ample wattage, you should go with iQ2000.

That’s because you still get 1600 running watts, which is a lot more than the paltry 300 to 500 watts that other small generators are offering.

This super Quiet Small Generator can still work as an emergency backup power for homes.

In case the wattage is insufficient for your needs, you can always get another one and connect the two to double your available watts.

  • This can work very quietly, compared to other generators. That’s because it uses a special alternator.
  • You have 3 modes of operation (Turbo, Standard, and Economy) depending on your needs.
  • At 50% load, this can run for almost 6 hours. At 25% load, this extends to almost 8 hours.
  • It’s quite portable as it’s designed like a bag and it only weighs 46 pounds.
  • It’s very easy to use, with a simple dial and various status indicators.

5. Generac 5939 GP5500 Best 5500 Watts Portable Generator

Now with 5500 running watts, you have enough to power a long list of appliances at home if you ever have a power outage.

You can use this for really fun tailgating parties and camping trips, and this can even be used for power tools at a job site.

This comes with wheels and handles, so it doesn’t have to stay in one place indefinitely.

The fuel tank can contain 6.7 gallons of gasoline, and at half load this can run up to 10 hours. That makes it great for night use when you’re sleeping.

When you check up on it during the day, you can look over the hour meter and maintenance alerts. Other safety features include circuit breakers and auto low oil shutoff.

All these features demonstrate how long this generator can last as most people can use it with no trouble.

  • With 5500 running watts, you can get very comfortable at home during a power outage or at a campsite.
  • The run time can be long enough for the generator to run overnight while you sleep.
  • With plenty of safety features, this should last a good long while.

6. Generac 7117 GP2200i Top Rated Portable Inverter Generator

Sometimes you want to use a generator for your fan just to make you feel comfy overnight. Or maybe you just don’t want to deal with constant refueling.

This is the best Generac portable generator for you. At 25% load, this can run for about 10 hours and 45 minutes.

Many people don’t really need all that much power in their portable generator when they only want to power a handful of appliances.

This does give you 1700 running watts along with 2200 starting watts. That’s more than enough for many campsites and beach parties.

It’s compact as well, and it is lightweight too. It shouldn’t be hard to bring it with you, unlike the huge and heavy home generators.

  • The power is stable enough to let you recharge laptops and smartphones. You also have USB ports for this purpose.
  • If the 1700 running watts aren’t enough, you can get another one have them both work in parallel for double the watts.
  • There’s a simple to use dial to start it, along with status lights for overload, power, and low oil alerts.

7. Generac 5982 GP3250 Portable Generator Gas Tank

With 3250 running watts and 3750 starting watts, this is not really a small generator.

It has more than enough watts for home backup use and all your small appliances at a campsite.

What’s great about this is that even at half load, you can get close to 10 hours of run time. The fuel tank does have a gauge so you can tell when you’re running out of gas.

It’s still a portable model, as the wheels and the handle make it easy to move around.

It’s also easy to start, with a simple on/off switch to get it started. It comes with features that you don’t find in basic portable generators, yet it remains affordable.

  • With 3250 running watts, this is great for home use or for outdoor events.
  • It can run while you sleep without having to worry about refueling.
  • This has circuit breakers protecting the outlets from overload.
  • It also has an automatic low oil shutdown.

8. Generac 5734 GP15000E Portable Generator

It’s sometimes mind-boggling to realize that a monster of a generator like this is still considered a portable generator.

You have convenient handles and wheels to enable you to easily maneuver this around a campsite, worksite, or home.

But the fuel tank is huge with its 16-gallon capacity. This is a monster, alright. It offers 15000 running watts and 22500 starter watts.

This is fit for a mansion, and for a regular household it’s as if there’s no power outage at all. It’s the best portable generators over 10000 watts if you want to get as many watts as you want.

This is quite heavy, so you may need a ramp if you’re going to transport it. But at a worksite or a home, you can easily move it around.

  • The special engine is designed for high performance and low maintenance.
  • With 15000 available watts, you can probably run all your appliances at once.
  • You can also use this for various outdoor events like concerts.
  • The outlets are protected by a circuit breaker, along with many other safety measures.
  • It has a muffler that reduces the noise level considerably.

9. Generac 17kw Portable Generator

Larger homes have more appliances. That means you need more watts from your generator.

Generac knows this, which is why they have a generator with 10,000 running watts and 12500 starting watts.

This uses a special engine meant specifically for generator use. It doesn’t seem big though, and in fact it can still be considered a portable generator.

That’s primarily due to the wheels and the fold-down handles. The fuel tank is actually quite large at 10 gallons, and you can get 10 hours of run time while using up 5000 of the running watts.

This comes with all the advanced features you normally get from Generac, with convenient features and safety protections. You can also use this generator for construction sites, as you’re able to use the watts for your power tools.

  • With 17,500 watts of available power, it can run just about any and all of your appliances at once.
  • You get 10 hours of the run tome at half load.
  • The foldable handle makes it easier for storage, while the wheels make the generator easy to move around.
  • It has an illuminated LED panel that lets you monitor your power usage.
  • The single start button lets you start it at once.

10. Generac 5941 GP6500E Portable Electric Generator With Electric Start

This offers even more watts that can truly take care of many of your home appliances as well as the various lights and appliances you may want to run at a campsite.

It’s easy enough to use this outdoors, as it has folding lockable handles and huge wheels.

In fact, it’s easy to use it at home too. There’s a single touch electric start feature, and a large fuel tank that can give you 10 hours of running time at half load.

This also has the standard Generac safety features like automatic low oil shutoff and circuit breakers. The 5 sockets here are also protected by covers so rain and debris can’t get in.

  • The 6500 running watts should be able to power all the appliances you need to use. These include all your bedroom air conditioners along with yours security systems.
  • This can run for 10 hours at half load.
  • It’s easy to use, and it has electric start.
  • Safety features include circuit breakers and auto low oil shutoff.

How Does a Generac Portable Generator Work?

Generac has generators in the form of portable and standby modes of design. However, most portable generators made by Generac have two ignition modes. Operators could either use recoil or an electric start option. You could identify them right from the control panel by merely checking the inscription stated on each function.

Once you switch on the ignition power, you can do that by merely pressing the toggle; the battery transfers the spark to the alternator, which by the aid of the engine, initiates the mechanical force of the rotor after its reaction with the stator to produce electricity.

The size of the engine in a Generac generator determines its capability to produce a certain amount of electricity per hour. Generac generators often consume engine oil, which serves as the lubricant to the rotatory parts of the engine.

Are Generac Portable Generators Any Good?

Yes, it’s of immense benefit regardless of one’s purview of needs. Generac backs its products with a 3-year warranty. In fact, the engines used in the production of the generators are OHV. In other words, they are durable and produce an eco-friendly power generation.

The frame of the generators is steel. The luggable ones have pneumatic tires and a handle on them. Apparently, numerous features make Generac portable generators a sought-after product.

Generac Portable Generator Parts:

Generac portable generators are powered by gasoline, and they use an electric start. They have numerous models with diverse sizes of tanks, but the minimum time a typical Generac portable generator can offer you is 10hr.

The models that the Generac Company has to vary in size. Indeed, that’s a result of the different sizes of engines that they have. The control panel for each model is found at the side, obviously at the most visible part of the generator.

Every function has its own inscription, either through diagrammatic depiction or lettering. Generac portable generators are what you can operate with absolute ease.

Generac Portable Generator Repair:

Proper maintenance is essential when using top qualities such as a Generac generator. Servicing the generator in due time will prolong the effectiveness of the generator. Whether you like it or not, you’d need to document the servicing records.

But ensure that this is executed by a savvy. Normally, Generac has got you covered with upgraded features such as an automatic stop for low oil and weatherproof designs that preserve the unit from spoilages often.

How Far Does a Generac Portable Generator Need to be From the House?

Not too far, if at all you’re considering that in the first place. Generac portable generators don’t destabilize the peace of the environment. There are some models with built-in mufflers, and you can choose to build sound absorbers for many; it’s all left to your choice.

Meanwhile, the noise rate that Generac portable generators release is between 50db and 62db. So, if you’re looking for the most appropriate distance that will be safe, then nothing more than 1.5ft should be considered, except in rare factors such as the unavailability of enough spaces and the rest. Besides, it’ll be awesome if a specialist puts you through with the installation by doing the task for you.

How Much Does a Generac Portable Generator Cost?

Generac has a wide range of portable generators, and they all come at different prices. However, the prices depend on their capacities and functionality. To get the prices of Generac generators, we visited, the official website of the brand. We found the following prices.

  • Lowest price – $439
  • Highest price – $3,969

Benefits of Generac Portable Generators:

So why should you insist on Generac generators? There are many good reasons for this:

  1. The brand has been around for more than 60 years now, and that’s virtually forever in the home generator industry. Not very many brands have been around that long. Generac has managed to thrive and rise to the top echelons of the industry by providing what consumers want and by producing generators that bolstered the brand’s reputation.
  2. These generators are often very simple to use. That’s always a good thing with any device that involves electricity and fuel. You can’t add complications that can lead to rather unfortunate accidents.
  3. Generac generators are also very well made. That’s why you may find that their warranties are often longer than your standard 1-year warranty.


At least with these 8 options, you may now find it a bit easier to find the best portable generator for your needs. It’s not a coincidence that we’ve set up the list according to the available wattage, because this is the prime consideration. You need a generator that provides the wattage you need.

Just remember that the more watts you get, the more you pay. You also have to endure greater bulk and weight, but you also will have to deal with the noise. The bigger ones will be the noisier ones.