SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter

Are you planning to change your inverter because you are not getting your money’s worth from it?

Or are you planning to get an inverter because you are facing power outage issues? The solution you are looking for is here.

The inverter we are reviewing is your best bet. We also searched the market for several months and even checked numerous inverters before we came across it.

Honestly, when you start enjoying this amazing inverter, you’ll wish you had come across it a long time ago. Once you install it, you won’t spend any dime on it for maintenance except when your power consumption increases, and you are planning to upgrade it.

Durability is another quality of this inverter. It can last for 20 to 25 years or even longer. That is why it comes with a 12-year warranty. Isn’t a 12-year warranty amazing? However, the irony of it is that the product is so tough and strong that users hardly ever make use of the warranty.

You already understand that you can only take advantage of your warranty when the product develops a fault. What happens if there’s no problem with the product?

That is the exact case with this SolarEdge inverter. For those that have been using the device, power outage is no longer a problem.

We bet, its output of 7,600 watts can easily power all your tools and appliances. You will also love its 99.2% peak efficiency. Well, that is because the inverter is usually installed with power optimizers. Enough of introduction – now, let’s dive into the real review of the product.

What is HD Wave?

HD Wave inverter is a different type of inverter that uses HD waves instead of magnetic waves. This makes it up to 16 times less magnetic than regular inverters. This also makes it much cooler. The product became popular because of its advantages over regular inverters.

The inverter is also relatively smaller than others. Also, a weight of 25 pounds makes it lighter than many others. You can install it indoors or outdoors, but make sure you have a little roof over it if you choose the latter. It is a recent technology that took the world by storm with its attractive features.

SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter Review | 5 Major Features

1. It outputs 7,600 wattsHD-Wave Inverter

We understand that you need power for your appliances and tools, and we are sure that 7,600 watts is enough to power all the appliances you want to power.

In fact, it is more than enough to power all home appliances like the refrigerator, air conditioning unit, TV set, microwave oven, and others.

We also assure you of its consistency. The inverter will supply the wattage consistently for several years. So, when you buy the inverter, you will have consistent power and peace of mind.

If you think 7,600 watts is enough to meet your power needs, what are you waiting for? Why not order it from Amazon straight away?

2. The inverter comes with a 12-year warranty

How many appliances in your home or office came with a 12-year warranty? It is probably none. Yes, only very few brands can offer that. This brand will replace or fix your inverter if anything happens to it within the first 12 years of purchase.

Promising a warranty is one thing, and fulfilling the promise is another. Many brands offer warranties that they don’t fulfill.

So, we tried to investigate if SolarEdge has been fulfilling the warranty, and we found out that many users don’t get to make use of the warranty because the inverter hardly has any issue.

So, you will agree that the 12-year warranty offered on the inverter is an indication of the confidence that the manufacturer has in the product.

3. You will get 99% efficiency

The inverter makes use of all the power captured by your solar panels. That is why its efficiency is high. However, the main reason for its efficiency is the installation of power optimizers.

When you install this inverter or any other string inverter, you will need to support it with power optimizers. The power optimizers bring in additional costs, but they are worth the costs, and here is why.

The inverter is connected to solar panels, and they work in series. The problem with the series connection is that when the power output of a single panel drops, the others will also drop to that level too.

For instance, if you have four panels giving out 250 watts, each and one panel gets shielded from the sun and its output drops from 250 watts to 150 watts, this will drop the output of the other panels to 150 watts too.

So, instead of suffering a drop of 100 watts, the system will suffer a drop of 400 watts (100 watts x 4). Power optimizers prevent this anomaly. That is why it is necessary to support the inverter with optimizers if you want consistency.

4. The device has a high Amazon rating

Currently, this inverter has an Amazon rating of 5 stars out of 5. This means that users have no problem with the appliance. They feel it is perfect. If you have been purchasing appliances from Amazon, you will understand the importance of a high Amazon rating. We feel that the rating confirms the quality of the inverter.

5. The inverter is durable

This inverter is expensive, and that is fine because quality does not come cheap. The product gives value for every dime you pay on it. This is why durability matters.

You can’t spend so much money on an inverter and have it pack up after a couple of years. That is unacceptable. This is why we confirmed the durability of this unit.

So, we are happy to tell you that it can last for more than 20 years. Even if your power consumption increases, you can easily upgrade it.

Product Benefits

  • The inverter gives an output of 7,600 watts.
  • It comes with a 12-year warranty.
  • You will enjoy its 99.2% peak efficiency.
  • The inverter is durable. It can last for decades.
  • Its input voltage is 400V DC.
  • An Amazon rating of 5 stars confirms its quality.
  • And its output voltage is 240V AC.
  • It weighs 25.3 pounds.
  • The device is compliant with NEC 2014 690.12 rapid shutdown requirement.
  • The system runs a safety check automatically before supplying power.

The Negative Things

  • You need power optimizers to enjoy this inverter and other string inverters.

Micro-inverter VS. SolarEdge – Which Is Better?


When it comes to Micro-inverter vs. SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter, it is not correct to state that one is better than the others. They both have their pros and cons. It is your situation that will determine which one is more suitable for you.

In terms of cost, SolarEdge inverter is more cost-effective because you need only one device to work with a series of solar panels. But a single unit of micro-inverter can only work with a single solar panel. So, if you have four panels, you will need up to four micro-inverters.

In spite of that, it is not correct to conclude that SolarEdge inverter is better, and here is why. It works with solar panels in series. The problem with series connection is that the problem of a single panel will have an impact on the performance of the other panels.

As explained above, if the power output of a single solar panel is caused to drop by any issue, the other panels will also drop theirs so that they will all give out the same amount of power.

To avoid that, you will have to install power optimizers, and that makes SolarEdge inverter more expensive to use than micro-inverters. So, our opinion on Micro-inverter vs. SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter is that none is better. Your choice depends on suitability.

If your solar panels are not facing the same direction or if any of them can be shielded from the sun by chimney or other structures, you need to go for the SolarEdge inverter and support it with optimizers.

Also, if all your solar panels are facing the same direction and their location is devoid of any obstruction from having a direct view of the sun, you are better off with micro-inverters.

Are SolarEdge Inverters Any Good?

Yes, they are great inverters, and we’ll tell you some of their features now. They come with optimizers that boost the current generated by the solar panels. Normally, solar panels work in synch with one another. They all generate the same wattage with the weakest of the panels.

Let’s quickly explain that. Let’s assume that your SolarEdge inverter is connected to 10 panels and all of them generate 330W each. When a tree casts a shade on a particular panel and its wattage drops to 250W, other panels will also drop their wattage to 250W.

This will multiply the problem. However, the optimizers of SolarEdge inverters will prevent that. They will isolate the affected solar panel. As such, the other 9 panels will continue to generate and supply 330W each.  This is why optimizers are mandatory for HD-Wave inverters.

In addition, optimizers can boost the voltages coming from the other 9 panels to make up for the drop in the affected solar panel. This is why it can boast of up to 99.2% efficiency.

In addition, it has a great safety feature that prevents electric shock and protects your electrical appliances. The SolarEdge inverter runs a check on itself before supplying voltage. If the installation, configuration, or wiring is incorrect, the inverter won’t supply any voltage. This makes it safe. That’s why it is ideal for people looking for DIY installation.

The system also offers automatic shutdown. When there’s a power outage, it will shut down automatically too.

How Does the SolarEdge HD Wave Work?

After installing the inverter, you need to place the solar panels and link each panel to its optimizer. Ensure every panel has a great orientation and nothing is obstructing them from the sun. There must be a line of sight between the sun and each of the solar panels.

Connect the panels to the inverter. When the inverter is turned on, it will receive DC current from the solar panels and convert it to AC current before sending it to your main supply. Most electrical appliances support only AC current.

When the sun is shining, some of the current sent to the inverter is stored inside a battery. When the sun goes down, the battery will begin to supply current until the next day when the sun will rise again.

How Do You Turn on SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter?

It takes only 3 steps to turn on the inverter.

Step 1 – Go to the circuit breaker. Open it and look for the black switch at the bottom of the box. When you locate it, flip it to “on.”

Step 2 – Go to the inverter itself. At the base, you’ll see the power knob. Flip the knob to “on.”

Step 3 – This is the final step. Move to the switch. Slide it to 1s.

After the third step, the inverter will come on. The LCD display unit will light up. This confirms that the inverter is on. However, in some cases, the LCD unit may not light up even if the inverter is on. In that case, you’ll have to manually switch on the display unit. Locate the green button under the LCD screen and press it. The screen should come on.

If, after pressing the button, the display unit still does not come on, it means the inverter is not on. Check its connection.

You may be able to install the inverter because it comes with a guide, but we don’t advise you to position the solar panels yourself. Mounting the solar panels on your roof is quite risky. Let professionals handle the task. In whatever you do, safety should always come first.

Final Verdict

Based on what we discussed in this SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter review, we will advise you to go for the inverter. As a reminder, here are some of the features of the device.

You will get up to 7,600 watts to power your tools and appliances consistently. Also, there’s a 12-year warranty to back up your purchase. We know that only very few inverters can match that warranty.

Also, we will like to remind you of its peak efficiency of 99.2%. You will use this inverter for decades because it is very durable. Some of its users have already confirmed that to us.

It takes an input voltage of 400V to supply an output voltage of 240V. Also, the device is compliant with NEC 2014 690.12 rapid shutdown requirement. Most importantly, the system runs a safety check automatically before supplying power. So, there’s nothing you are looking for in an inverter that this machine does not offer.

Having an Amazon rating of 5 stars out of 5 is an indication that it is a perfect product. So, it is highly recommended. We will advise you to purchase it from Amazon, where you will get it at a competitive price.