SUAOKI Portable Power Station

Are you an avid survivalist, backpacker, hiker, or camper who wants a portable power station from a 7-star brand with reliable services? If yes, then regardless of who you are, SUAOKI is a brand that has got you covered.

There are different models at high wattage that suit precinct and outdoor gamers. Meanwhile, each of the models is unique on its own. Indeed, that’s why SUAOKI Portable Power Station Review is set to get you right on track.

You see, despite the differences that you could find among the top models, there are valuable features that are common to all. First off, SUAOKI uses lithium-ion batteries, and all products have UL certification. Obviously, this is a safe unit you can envision using for a long time.

Compactible and complimenting features, such as pure sine wave that gives steady power supply through the outlet and the renowned Battery Management System (BMS), are all incorporated in the features, making them top-notch. Notwithstanding, you can check out six products that we’ve made available here and choose the best for your needs.

Our Top Picks of 6 Best SUAOKI Portable Power Stations:

1. SUAOKI Portable Power Station 150Wh

This prolific portable power station is 100% lightweight. It’s a 150Wh power station that suits outside purposes. Its Battery Management System (BMS) is what you’ve not experienced before in a petite size power station.

First of all, the UL-backed product is weatherproof. There are 10 USB ports of 5V, 2.1A on this. Regardless of where one is using it at a time, this would do the magic. Of course, the services that this would disburse would go round.

The 110V power outlet on it does a fantastic task, too. You can plug your coffee machine directly into it likewise. A converter works for it also. Nonetheless, it’s a product that anyone can operate instantly with the aid of its definitive multilingual guide.

Here are the specifications that come with the purchase of the product: 15V/2A AC adapter, 12V car charger, 30W solar panel, input DC 3.5 X 1.35mm, and a battery life of 500+. In addition, charging this is ample easy. The outcome would still be splendid, whichever one you prefer among the three charging options.


  • This savable power station is luggable. Two handles on it make it movable from one place to another.
  • The three charging options that work with this are solar panel, wall charger, and car charger.
  • You could use it to charge MacBook, iPhones, mini cooler, coffee maker, GoPro camera, lantern light, and co.
  • This uses a lithium-ion battery that works so powerfully.
  • This is a dependable powerhouse for all appliances that work with 150Wh power stations.

2. SUAOKI G1000 Portable Power Station

Don’t limit your efficiency and your capacity with power outages. Buy this SUAOKI G1000 power station that uses long life cycle batteries. It uses award-winning lithium-ion batteries of 1182.7Wh capacity.

Check out a capacity that maximizes your working space quantum here in this. The high battery capacity would enable you to power your electric drill, heater, pressing iron, coffee maker, refrigerator, bread toaster, and a host of others.

Indeed, it has got enough ports available that can meet the needs of both an individual and a family at the same time. You’d find an LCD screen that displays the battery level, and you’ll find an LED for each of the functions on the control panel of the power station.

The intriguing five USB ports would output the same amount of voltage simultaneously. Other features are indicated below:


  • The dimension is 13.7 x 13.5 x 12.4 inches and weighs 48.5 pounds.
  • This produces a 1000W in long-term use.
  • This is rechargeable by solar panel, 110V power outlet, and car battery.
  • There is storage space at the top, which you can use to save electronic gadgets.
  • This product comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • It’s a luggable power station with magnificent functions that could work in all kinds of weather.

3. SUAOKI Portable Power Station G500

This SUAOKI G500 has UL certification. Its aluminum structure makes it resistant to rust. Invariably, it’s quite a dependable one that suits camping, hiking, and tailgating. At one complete charging attempt, you could use it to power your iPhone 42X, mini-fridge, drones, Xmas light, and so forth.

The 500Wh battery pack is all-weatherproof. You could use the renowned 100W solar panel for recharging it. Users can easily access three USB ports at the flank – two 5V, 2.1A USB ports, and one Type-C port.

Also, there are two 110V power outlets beneath that you can use likewise. The handle on this is built-to-last. The handle makes moving it freely from one mountain top to another easy. Nevertheless, its weight is 15lb with an incredible ergonomic structure. This one would give you no stress using it at all.


  • The battery life for this lasts. This is recommended for CPAP backup in hospitals because of the lasting time it offers.
  • This works for hikers, campers, and potential indoor users.
  • The sleek design is a complementing one that retains its originality always.
  • A power switch enables users to on and off at convenience.
  • Though it doesn’t come with a solar panel, it comes with an AC adapter, MPPT solar charge controller, and a PV cable all come with it.
  • This is a SUAOKI G500 power station with an LCD that indicates the functionality of the power station.

4. SUAOKI 300W Portable Power Station

Personalize your comfort anywhere with SUAOKI 300W Portable Power Generator that’s best used individually. Take it on road trips, don’t be scared of the weather, and keep your solace in this when there is a power outage. This won’t disappoint you at any time.

Of course, you’d be enthused by the pure sine wave inverter that this features. This iteration enables the unit to power your heavy-duty equipment at high voltage without constituting nuisances at any point.

This works reliably for refrigerators, coffee makers, pressing iron, and low electrical units. Inasmuch as the electrical property indicates that 300W could power it, then you’re good to go with this.


  • The 14 power outlets on this are four AC power outlets, four DC power outlets, one car charging port, two USB ports, two quick-charge USB ports, and one type-c port.
  • This is rechargeable through the type-C port, wall AC power outlet, solar panel, and car battery.
  • This 300W power station has a dimension of 9.65 x 6.02 x 6.06 inches and weighs 7.2 pounds.
  • A manual comes with it that users can expressly read to operate the unit.
  • This comes with an adapter and cables one could use for its recharge in all aspects.
  • Two flashlights are on its fore. They make it usable at any time of the day also.

5. SUAOKI S270 Solar Panel

Avoid playing hanky-panky when thinking of buying a decent solar panel. Whatever the model of the SUAOKI unit you’re using, this one would work. Furthermore, this works for other RV, tent, and instant charge purposes.

The manual would definitely guide on the better use of the solar panel. The panel is waterproof and could be mounted easily, even by a newbie. It has a portable structure with an adjustable aluminum frame. In fact, a rope comes with it that you can use to support the frame.

Meanwhile, this foldable 160W solar panel’s accessories are a 10A solar charge controller and solar connectors. The dimension of the solar panel is 20.9X20.6X2.6 when folded. Obviously, this is the best choice if you seek a product that you can travel around with always because of its built-to-last design.


  • This waterproof solar charger is a collapsible unit that’s usable anywhere.
  • This could power a 12V car battery.
  • The unit weighs 18lb and has an aluminum frame.
  • The solar charging conversion efficiency for this one is high.
  • SUAOKI Company provides good customer services, including the return policy.

6. SUAOKI 220Wh 20000mAh Portable Generator

This goes well with those on a budget. It doesn’t feature an LCD to indicate a power gauge, but this also uses a high-density lithium-ion battery. This compact portable power generator has two DC power outlets, two USB ports, two AC power outlets.

Also, five LED lights on it indicate the power level of the portable power generator. You can check the LED lights as they flicker to know if the power station is completely full or not when recharging it. Indeed, you could use and recharge this anywhere.

This luggable power generator works with solar panels, AC power outlets, and cars. This has been tested and approved. You won’t encounter overcharging, overheating, and over-voltage with this at any point. The waterproof power station also features Battery Management System (BMS) like others.


  • The dimension of this unit is 9.84 x 6.3 x 3.39 inches and weighs 5.5 pounds.
  • There is a handle on this with studs that can be mountable anywhere.
  • The wattage description for this is 220Wh and could charge a laptop four times.
  • The accessories include a manual, charger adapter, cigarette socket, AC cable, and car charger.
  • This is a dependable one that you can use for a long time.

How Do You Charge SUAOKI Power Station?

SUAOKI Power Station is rechargeable in three different ways. Indeed, this maximizes the flexibility that potential buyers get when they opt for any of the products. This aspect of the design is shared among the models that SUAOKI has. Nonetheless, we’ll be discussing the three separate ways of recharging SUAOKI Power Banks.

1. How to Power SUAOKI Power Station with the Car

  • Grab the manual of the SUAOKI power station and read about the design of the model that you’ve just bought. In fact, read about the manner of doing that.
  • Identify the cable that’s allotted as the cigarette lighter. Check if the cable is good enough for use.
  • You can make the connection instantly in their respective ports. Check where the LED light is sited to see if it’s actually charging.
  • Ignite the car’s power to get the current flowing from the vehicle to the power station.
  • Ensure that the battery is completely full before removing it. Don’t forget to save the accessories when you’re done with charging the SUAOKI power station.

2. How to Charge SUAOKI Power Station with an AC Power Outlet

  • Use the manual that comes with the power station to identify the cable that serves as the charger for AC power outlets.
  • Plug the prongs into the 120V power outlet and the other end’s tip into the designated spot on the unit.
  • You don’t need to power on the power station. Leave it off to make it become fully powered.
  • Avoid overcharging the power station. So, endeavor you remove it from the power outlet whenever you’re done.

3. How to Charge SUAOKI Power Station with a Solar System

Read the manual and identify the part that emphatically buttressed the use of the solar panel. Make the proper arrangement while extending the charging tip into the power station for a charging start.

How to Use SUAOKI Portable Power Station?

  1. Read the entirety of the manual before you start using a product.
  2. Read the inscriptions on each of the functions that you can find on the portable power station.
  3. On the power switch, insert your equipment’s connector plug into the designated port on the portable power station.
  4. Make sure that there’s an inflow of power in the recipient. If there isn’t, adjust the cable or change the connecting cable.
  5. Always switch off your unit whenever you’re done and save the power station in a relaxed and friendly place for longevity use.

Final Words

Now, you’ve seen the best of SUAOKI Portable Power Stations that suits diverse demands and wants. This review has been able to help you to differentiate them. Therefore, we beseech you to go for the best to experience the ultimate services from the manufacturer. Buy now!