Kohler Generators VS Generac Generators

Generac is perhaps the best brand in the generator manufacturing industry. We are comparing it with different brands one by one.

In this article, Generac will be compared with Kohler, another leading brand in the generator industry. In all the comparisons that we have been doing, Generac has been winning.

Let’s see whether Generac will have the upper hand here too. The idea is to promote the brand to our teeming readers and clients.

After going through this article, they should be able to decide which brand to purchase. Sometimes the better brand may not be the most suitable for you. In that case, you ought to think about your suitability first.

To look at the two brands, the primary factor we considered is upkeep. We accept that everybody needs a generator that is less expensive and simpler to maintain. We also considered the sort of fuel the two brands of generators use.

By and large, generators run on gas, diesel, propane, or gasoline, yet we urge individuals to purchase a generator that uses propane or natural gas. They are better and safer than diesel and gasoline.

Aside from the two factors, we likewise viewed the rate of fuel consumption, toughness, costs, noise level, warranty, remote monitoring, diagnostic tests, and after-sale support.


As clarified before, simplicity of upkeep and cost of support are vital in picking a generator. Indeed, the expense of support is a higher priority than the expense of procurement since you’ll just buy the generator once.

However, you’ll continue to maintain it as long as you use it. Luckily, both Kohler and Generac generators are not difficult to maintain in light of the fact that they are solid and strong.

They hardly break down. Additionally, their parts are easily accessible. There’s no winner between the two brands here.

Fuel Type

You definitely know why we favor propane and natural gas to gasoline and diesel. It is better for you to purchase a generator that uses propane or natural gas.

The uplifting news is, numerous generators use both fuel types, and you’ll need to pick which one of the fuel types to go with.

Also, the better news is, both Generac and Kohler have generator models that are fueled with both liquified propane and natural gas. Thus, there’s no winner here. Kohler is truly giving Generac a tough competition.

Rate of Fuel Consumption

You certainly need a generator that will conserve your fuel, right? We need it as well. Most modern generators are fuel-efficient, butsome generators conserve fuel more than others.

We can tell you in the wake of testing four different Kohler generators that they are fuel-efficient. Then again, Generac generators also conserve fuel like Kohler generators.

Since propane and natural gas don’t burn as quickly as gasoline and diesel, you should focus on propane or natural gas. As per the consistent choice, Kohler and Generac have a tie in this region. None of them is superior.


This is another region where we can’t separate the two brands. We met the users of Generac generators and the users of Kohler generators and they all concurred that their generators are tough and durable. Truth be told, large numbers of them have been using their generators for quite a while.

We can’t test the generators long enough to confirm their durability since it will require years, yet we bank on what the users say. To end this part, we’ll consider it a tie between Kohler and Generac.


Whatever your budget is, you’ll find a suitable generator among Generac generators and you’ll also discover a suitable generator among Kohler generators. When you compare the prices of both brands, you’ll agree that Kohler offers more competitive prices than Generac.

Based on their power output, the prices of Generac generators are slightly higher. For instance, when you compare a 20KW Generac generator with a 20KW Kohler generator, you’ll find out that Kohler’s pricesare lower. It is the same for all categories of generators. Kohler wins here.

Availability of Parts

One feature that is often overlooked is the availability of parts. It is equally as important as the other features. When any part of your generator packs up, you need to change it as quickly as possible.

What happens if the part is not readily available? You may not be able to use your generator until the part is shipped to your location. This might take weeks or even months.

If the parts of your generator are readily available, you’ll be able to change its parts easily. When it comes to the availability of parts, no brand can match Generac.

This is because it has numerous distributors all over the United States. To end this section, we’ll state it clearly that the parts of Generac generators are more readily available.

Low Noise Level

There’s no punishment worse than using a noisy generator. You and your neighbors (if any) will have to cope with the noise. And when it becomes unbearable, your neighbors may report you to the appropriate authorities.

So, you must consider the noise level of your generator. Never buy any generator whose noise level is higher than 72dB at 23 feet away from your home.

Fortunately, the noise levels of Kohler and Generac generators range between 59.5dB and 72dB. Their noise levels are okay and there’s no distinction between them on this.


Although variety is one of the least important features of a generator, it’s still worthy of discussion. While some critics believe that if you’re able to get a generator that meets your needs, it won’t matter how many models the brand has.

However, we are averred to this. How good your choice is, depends on the number of options at your disposal. Generac is the winner in this category because it offers a wider variety of models than Kohler.


This is another area where both Generac and Kohler have dominated. Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on a machine without enjoying some level of warranty.

That’s why we’re glad to inform you that both Kohler and Generac offer warranties on their products. While Kohler gives 2-5 years of warranties, Generac offers a 10-year limited warranty.

Don’t forget to find out what the warranty covers. It is important. Let’s end this section by making it clear that Generac is the winner here.

Remote Monitoring

Another distinguishing feature of Generac generators is the ability to monitor them through a mobile app.  Once you install the mobile app on your phone, you can monitor your generator with the app even if you’re in Africa.

The app will give you the battery status at any given time. You’ll also be notified through the mobile app whenever the generator is due for maintenance. While you’re on vacation enjoying yourself somewhere, you can still monitor your generator through the mobile app.

Unfortunately, Kohler generators do not offer this feature. That’s why we’ll crown Generac on the aspect of remote monitoring. Generac is the clear winner here.

Diagnostic Tests

It is mandatory for standby generators to run a diagnostic test on themselves. Generators need to work regularly to be in perfect condition.

This may not be possible if power hardly goes out in your location. Remember, you’re already paying electricity bills. So, you may only get to use your generator when there’s a power outage.

This is why many generators have now been designed to start up and run for about 20 minutes every 7 days.

The test keeps them intact and it also checks if no component has broken down. Both Kohler generators and Generac generators run diagnostic tests on themselves. So, it is a draw here.

After-Sale Support

Both Kohler and Generac offer great after sale-support. You can reach either of them through email, online contact form, and voice calls. When you contact any of their customer care teams within official hours, your call will be picked at the very first attempt.

And when you shoot either of them an email, you’ll get a reply the following day. We can’t determine a winner here. We’ll give it to both brands.

Summary of The Comparisons

  • Maintenance – There’s no clear winner here.
  • Fuel type – There’s no clear winner here.
  • Rate of fuel consumption – There’s no clear winner here.
  • Durability – It’s a tie. No winner here.
  • Prices – Kohler offers more competitive prices.
  • Availability of parts – Generac is the winner here.
  • Noise level – There’s no clear winner here.
  • Variety – Generac wins here.
  • Warranty – Generac is the winner here.
  • Remote monitoring – Generac is the winner here.
  • Diagnostic Tests – It’s a tie. No winner here.
  • After-sale support – It’s a draw here.

Final Word

Generac has continued to dominate the industry. Based on the summary of comparisons above, it is crystal clear that Generac won in more categories.

This report makes it clear that Generac generators are a better choice than Kohler. However, Kohler is a good choice too.