Kohler 20kW Generator Vs Generac 20kW

Kohler and Generac are two of the best generator brands and we often get questions from prospective buyers who want to know which of them is better than the other. So, we decided to compare them with their highest-selling generator models. In all categories of generators, 20KW generators sell faster than other categories.

So, we have decided to compare Kohler 20KW with Generac 20KW. We compared them with the most important factors that buyers look for in a generator.

We compared the two models using their weights, warranty, remote monitoring, rate of fuel consumption, power output, noise level, ease of maintenance, fuel type, diagnostic test, availability of parts, and durability. Before the comparison, we gave a little information about each of the generators.

Kohler 20RES – 20kW Home Standby Generator

This generator will give you an output of 20KW.  This is enough to power your whole home. You’ll also love the fact that it comes with a 2-year limited warranty. According to some of its users, the warranty only covers parts of the generator. It does not cover the cost of labor.

That means if the fault of your generator is covered by the warranty, you won’t pay for the replaced parts, but you’ll pay the technician that will fix it.

To maintain its condition, this generator does a weekly diagnostic-check. And each checking session runs for up to 20 minutes.

If you don’t put on your generator regularly, this weekly self-check will make sure the generator remains in perfect condition. Also, its noise level isn’t bad. By virtue of its material, this generator can withstand all weather conditions.

This model of Kohler generator weighs 525 pounds. Kohler has great after-sale support. It runs on both liquified propane and natural gas. It’s left for you to pick the one that suits you and stick with it.

Generac 20kW

What will attract you to this generator first is its visual appeal. It is smooths and sleek. You can’t possibly catch a glimpse of it and not take another look.

Like the generator above, this one also runs on propane and natural gas. It starts automatically. All Generac generators, including the one in the review, have been certified by UL, CUL, and EPA.

The generator comes with a 5-year limited warranty. As its name implies, this generator generates 20KW. And it weighs 515 pounds. It is rugged, tough, and durable.

In fact, it is the toughest generator among Generac’s products. Its noise level is commendable. A noise level of 59.5dBA is a winner always. We also found its rate of fuel consumption very low.


1. Weight

Kohler 20KW weighs a little more than Generac 20KW. The former weighs 525 pounds while the latter weighs 10 pounds less (515 pounds).

Since a standby generator is meant to be stationed on a particular spot, weighing less does not make Generac 20KW a better choice than Kohler 20KW.

2. Warranty

Generac 20KW is the clear winner here. It offers a 5-year limited warranty, while the Kohler 20KW generator comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Of course, a 2-year warranty is a good deal too. It’s just not as good as a 5-year warranty. And both warranties only cover the replacement of parts. You’ll bear the cost of labor.

Here is a note of warning. Never hire an unqualified technician to install or fix your generator. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get your warranty voided.

You can’t hide it. Once an incompetent technician tampers with your generator, highly experienced engineers will find out. You don’t want to lose the warranty on your generator.

3. Remote Monitoring

This is another feature that puts the Generac 20KW ahead of Kohler 20KW. Once you install Generac’s mobile app, you’ll be able to monitor the status and performance of your Generac generator wherever you are. Kohler does not offer this feature. So, we’ll give this one to Generac again.

4. Rate of Fuel Consumption

We all love generators that conserve fuel because they save us a few bucks. Generally, all modern generators conserve fuel. Nevertheless, some of them conserve fuel more than others. Kohler and Generac are some of the most conservative brands of generators.

We can only tell you that both Kohler 20KW and Generac 20KW generators conserve fuel, but we can’t determine which of them conserves fuel more than the other. So, it is safer to call it a draw.

5. Power Output

This is another draw. From their names, you’ll realize that both of them generate 20 kilowatts (20,000 watts). This one requires little or no explanation. It’s a clear draw.

6. Noise Level

The two models of generators make low noise. This is one of the reasons why they are among the highest-selling generators.

The noise level of Generac 20KW is 59.5 dBA and Kohler 20KW has about the same noise level. If a low noise level is a top priority for you, then both of them are good buys.

7. Ease of Maintenance

The two models of generators are tough and rugged. They hardly develop a fault. All you need to maintain both of them is the cost of engine oil.

This is because you’ll need to change their engine oil regularly. Apart from that, there’s no other maintenance cost. You can easily maintain both Generac 20KW and Kohler 20KW.

8. Fuel Type

We have said it time and time again that the best fuel to use is liquid propane and natural gas. Do you want to know why? These two types of fuel give fewer fumes, unlike gasoline and diesel.

Thankfully, both generators run on either propane or natural gas. Pick one of the fuel types and stick with it. On fuel type, there’s no winner.

9. Durability

According to the users of both generator brands, they are tough and durable. Many of them have been using these generators for several years, and they only keep changing the engine oil of the generators.

That’s because the generators hardly break down.  In terms of durability, we’ll call it a draw because neither of the generators is more durable than the other.

10. Diagnostic Tests

You know your generator is a backup. You don’t get to use it until there’s a power outage. Backup generators are like spare tires. They’re only put to use when a tire is damaged.

If you don’t have a power outage in six months, your generator won’t work. Unfortunately, generators don’t like this. They want to be used regularly.

That’s why some generators now run a self-diagnostic test. They’ll start up automatically and run for about 20 to 30 minutes.

When there’s a problem with the generator, this test will make it obvious. Also, starting up every week puts them in optimal condition always. Both generators have this feature, so there’s no winner here.

11. Availability of Parts

It is advisable to buy a generator whose parts are easily available. So, when a component of the generator goes bad, it will be replaced easily.

Although both Kohler 20KW and Generac 20KW generators have readily available parts, Generac’s parts are more readily available.

This is because it has more distributors in the United States than any other generator brand. So, we’ll give it to Generac 20KW.

Summary of The Comparison

  • Weight – Kohler 20KW weighs 525 pounds while Generac 20KW weighs 515 pounds.
  • Warranty – Generac offers a 5-year limited warranty while Kohler comes with a 2-year warranty. Generac has the upper hand here.
  • Remote monitoring – Only Generac offers this feature. So, Generac is the winner here too.
  • Rate of fuel consumption – They are both fuel-efficient. It’s a tie.
  • Power Output – As their names imply, both of them generate 20,000 watts. So, it’s a draw here.
  • Noise level – The noise level of Generac 20KW is 59.5dBA, while Kohler also has a fair noise level. It’s virtually a draw here too.
  • Maintenance – They are both easy to maintain. It’s a draw.
  • Fuel type – Both models of generators run on both natural gas and liquified propane. There’s no winner here.
  • Durability –They are both durable. There’s no clear winner here too.
  • Diagnostic Tests – Both of them offer this feature. There’s no winner here.
  • Availability of parts – Generac has more distributors in the United States, so the parts of Generac 20KW are more readily available.

Final Word

We compared them in 12 areas, and Generac 20KW won three of them. Kohler won none. So, we have adjudged the Generac 20KW generator to be a better generator than the Kohler 20KW generator.

Nevertheless, the latter is also a fantastic product. So, we’ll end this article by recommending both of them.