How To Use Halo Jump Starters

Halo jump starters have been the fav of many. Whether you’re obsessed with the search of Halo Bolt jump starters or Halo jump starters, you’re still referring to the same thing.

They are obviously affordable. If you need a jump starter that’s impressively designed and features quality functions, then you can always think of those made by Halo.

The budget-friendly power banks are portable, and you can lug them anywhere around the world with ease. Just as you can use the jump starters for jumpstarting a car’s battery, likewise, you can use them for charging your smartphones.

The stylish design facilitates the easy operation of the units made by Halo. There are several indicators on each model that specify each function on the jump starter.

Although Halo has several options to offer in terms of battery capacities, yet the fact still remains that the structure and the qualities are somewhat the same.

If you ever doubt then, then check out the Halo bolt of 44000mWh, 58830mWh, and 57720mWh battery capacities and make comparisons. Apparently, this is one of the few brands that you can use a technical principle of one for the rest of the models.

The basic similitude among the models is that they are portable. You can use them for jumpstarting vehicles, lawnmowers, and so on, and you can also recharge them.

They come with the whole accessories needed to have the immediate use of the unit. Having known the basics, learn how to use Halo jump starters impeccably. Check the points below to do that.

5 Things to Use about How to Use Halo Jump Starters:

1. Notable Features

Halo jump starters are always rectangular. The functions can be at the front or by the side. LED lights that indicate the battery power levels also are often found at the front of the encasement.

You’ll see a button for putting the power of the unit on/off. There is another round button that enables the transfer of stored charges from the power bank to the dead battery. This button, however, is primarily for jumpstarting and nothing else.

You would even see the inscription “jump start” on it. This button is even situated by the side of the jumpstarting port.

Furthermore, USB port(s) and charging inlet(s) are other features that complement the design of jump starters. Every component is at the conspicuous part of the jump starter, and they are easy to locate with/without the use of the manual.

2. How To Jumpstart with A Halo Jump Starter

  • The alligator clamps for Halo jump starters are detachable. They are jointly connected to a connector that rightly suits the jumpstarting port on the Halo jump starter.
  • Get the connector that comprises the two alligator clamps and insert it into the jumpstarting port on the power bank. There is a cover lid that you’d need to remove before accessing the port.
  • Switch on the power of the Halo jump starter – the switch is just by the flank. There should be an indicator that the jumper cable has been properly fixed. If yours doesn’t give indications, then you might need to proceed.
  • Allow the red alligator clamp to clip on the positive terminal. Most car batteries and all sorts have symbols that depict the positive and the negative sides. You can use that to navigate the proceedings.
  • Ensure you clip the black alligator clamp at the top of the negative terminal. After that, press the jumpstart button on the jump starter to get the charges fluxing to the dead car battery’s terminals.
  • Enter inside the car immediately and probably wait a minute or so before turning on the ignition switch. Put a 50sec interval as you press on in cranking the car’s engine.
  • Make sure you quickly reach out for the removal of the clamps once you’ve successfully jumpstarted your car’s engine.
  • Repackage the whole components back to where they belong except if you want to continue using the Halo jump starter for other things.
  • You can apply these methods principally when jumpstarting your lawnmowers, motorbikes, and the rest.

3. How To Recharge Halo Jump Starters

Using an AC or DC power charger is not the issue; the issue is getting it right. Nevertheless, most products come with DC chargers, and however, you can get an AC adapter for it.

Plug the pins in the appropriate places on the AC adapter while you plug the AC adapter in the power outlet itself. Don’t hesitate to plug the power cord into an AC power outlet directly if you’ve got an AC charger for your Halo jump starter.

It takes the jump starter eight good hours before it becomes fully charged. You could see the LED power level indicator right at the front that shows the power gauge. Once the power bank’s battery is fully charged, you’ll see that the LED bars will stop moving linearly but remain still.

4. How To Save Halo Jump Starters

The favorable weather conditions at which you can store your Halo jump starter is between -20 degrees Fahrenheit and 170 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s not meant to be carelessly displaced. Nevertheless, just as you can store it in your house, you can store it in your vehicle.

You can simply store the petite gadget inside the trunk or the glove. Make sure it’s away from direct sunlight. In addition, don’t store your Halo jump starter without disconnecting the jumper cable first and refixing the lid.

The power of the jump starter has to be put off before one store it. Nevertheless, users can jump their cars with any of Halo’s products for at least, 25times or so on.

5. How To Use The Functions On Halo Jump Starters

  • There is a power level gauge that is always by the side that you can use to know when the battery drains.
  • Some models have a flashlight by the side. There is a button that has an inscription of its usage. Each time you press the button, you can always off/on the switch light.
  • You can use the ports without pressing any button. The only button you need to push is the power button to flow through the outlets.
  • Don’t cover the vent when you’ve already switched on the power of the jump starter. Rather, allow ventilation to circulate the jump starter for long-term purposes.
  • Study the manual of the model so well to learn about other features that your Halo jump starter has.

How Do You Use The HALO Jump Box?

There are multiple tasks you can use a Halo jump box for. You can use it to jumpstart vehicle batteries, charge smartphones, and illuminate every corner of your home and vehicle. Consequently, its portability is of massive significance because you can use it to do quite a vast task. You can use the sub-headings here to maximize the use of the model you buy eventually.

How Many Times Can A HALO Jumpstart A Car?

The type of model you buy is what will predeterminate the usage duration. For example, the Halo Bolt jump starter that uses a battery capacity of 57720mWh can be used to jumpstart an SUV car 97 times and 217 times for standard cars. Now, envisage how many times you’ll use it to jumpstart your lawnmowers, motorbikes, and the rest.

Can You Charge A Car Battery With A Halo?

Halo company has a Halo BOLT portable car charger. The charger is different from the jump starter. The essence of the jump starter is to surge the car battery back to life when it suddenly loses its charge. The Halo car battery charger, on the other hand, is to recharge the car battery when it’s done for recharge.

Meanwhile, you’ll know when to recharge your car’s battery when the performance of your car becomes slow. When you notice the start of the car has become deteriorated, and its movement on the highway has become sluggish all of a sudden, recharge the battery. Then, you’ll need to use a HALO BOLT portable car charger to get it recharged.

How Long Does A Halo Charger Last?

Halo charger can last for years if it’s well managed. At least prospective users should be able to use a HALO charger for 7yrs, at least if one takes good care of it. Nevertheless, completely recharging a HALO charger will take six months before one charge becomes lost, even if you never switched on the unit’s power. Nonetheless, it’s expedient that users learn the proper way of using their units before buying them to have the best use of them at the end.

Final Thoughts

You’ve just learned how to use Halo jump starters, as you ought. The exquisite points that we’ve stated here are the very ones that will determine the longevity use of the jump starter after purchasing it. The issues here are not generic, and they are substantial ones that anyone can practice. One shouldn’t be left out for another, and all should be considered as prerequisites so that one can have splendid use of the unit. Albeit, we hope you’ve got all the needful here in one way or the other.