How To Use A Beatit Jump Starter

We believe that you’re on this web page because you want to find out how to use a Beatit jump starter to jumpstart your vehicle. Yes, you are on the right web page. We will first start with a quick review of the product before we explain how to use the product. In addition, we will also explain how to charge the device.

One feature that attracted us first to the jump starter is its super hard carrying case. The case is not only hard, but it has a zipper and a carry handle. When the jump starter drops, the case will bear the impact and keep your jump starter intact.

As expected, it comes with a pair of jumper cables. Also, you’ll get a wall charger in it. You can use the charger to charge the jump starter and your smartphone. It has a super bright LED light that can be used for an SOS signal and as a flashlight. It might also interest you that it has a pair of USB ports for charging portable devices. So, it doubles as a power bank.

You can use its USB to USB-C cable for charging. Its large display unit will display its battery level. The best feature of the jump starter is its ability to charge a smartphone wirelessly. Lay the jump starter flat on a table and place your phone on it, with its screen facing up. Once you power it on, and your phone will start to charge automatically. Unfortunately, not all smartphones are compatible with the feature. It works for iPhones, some models of Samsung devices, some models of LG, and a few others.

How To Use A Beatit Jump Starter? 7 Easy Steps

Here’s the most important part of the article. This is the main reason why you clicked the link that brought you to this page.

Step 1 – Charge It To 100%

When we received our jump starter, it was 81% charged, but we had to charge it until it hit 100%, as the manufacturer recommended. With an 81% battery level, it would still jumpstart a car, but we needed to follow usage instructions.

The battery level of your jump starter may not be up to 81%, or it may be more than 81%. The figure varies. Whatever it is, make sure you charge it before you use it the first time.

Step 2 – Open The Hood Of Your Car

With your jump starter fully charged, head over to the hood of your car and open it. Locate the battery terminals.

Step 3 – Identify The Positive And Negative Battery Terminals

Find out which of the terminals is positive. It usually has one of the following labels – P, POS, or +. In addition, it could be covered with a red piece of rubber flap. If you’re still not sure, seek assistance on the identification. Once you’re able to identify the positive terminal, you already know that the other terminal is negative.

Step 4 – Connect The Clamps

Bring out the detachable pair of jumper cables. Connect the one with the red (positive) clamp to the positive battery terminal and connect the other black (negative) clamp to the negative terminal. You can then plug the cables into the jump starter and power it on.

Step 5 – Start Your Car

Go into your car and start it. We believe that it should start immediately. However, our SUV started on the second attempt. In case your car does not start the first time, don’t crank your engine longer than 5 seconds before you stop it. Let it rest for up to 3 minutes before you crank it again.

If your car does not start after the fourth attempt, it is not likely to start. Your car starter could be the problem. On the other hand, if it starts, let it run for at least 15 minutes before you move it away. This allows the alternator to charge the battery and prevent you from having to jumpstart it again.

Step 6 – Power Off The Device

Power the device off and disconnect the black clamp first. Disconnect the red clamp after. Remove the jump starter and close the hood of your car.  Don’t forget to keep the jump starter inside its case.

Step 7 – Charge The Device

When it is fully charged, it can jumpstart vehicles about 30 to 40 times before the battery gets weak. Nevertheless, it is advisable to charge it after every jumpstarting session. You need the juice to be up to 100% always if you have to use it as a power bank.

And if you don’t use it regularly, it is necessary to charge the device every three months.

How Do You Charge A Beatit Jump Starter?

This is quite easy. To charge it, remove the wall charger and the USB – USB-C cable from the case.  Connect the USB-C end to the jump starter and connect the USB end to the charger. Plug the charger into your outlet and switch it on. When it starts charging, the jump starter will indicate. Charging will take about 4 to 6 hours.

Why Is My Beatit Jump Starter Not Working?

When your jump starter isn’t working, the first thing to check is the battery. Is its battery operational? Plug it into a charger and see if it’s charging. If it is charging, wait until it is fully charged. Plug your phone into it and see if it will charge.

If the phone charges, it means the battery is fine, but if it does not charge, the battery may have packed up. Get it replaced. If the battery is fine, but it can’t jumpstart your car, you may have connected the clamps wrongly, or they are not firm enough. Reconnect the clamps.

Is A 1000 AMP Jump Starter Enough?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, it is enough to start a car. In fact, you can jumpstart your car with an amperage as low as 150 amps. But the device isn’t enough to jumpstart heavy commercial vehicles. It takes 1500 amps to 2000 amps to start a commercial vehicle.

As explained above, your choice of jump starter should depend on the type of vehicle you want to use it for. If money isn’t a constraint, you can purchase the highest-capacity jump starter. You’ll be able to use it for every type of vehicle.

Final Thoughts

When you use your Beatit jump starter according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it will last for several years. Remember, always charge it after every use. Also, if you don’t use it regularly, make sure you charge it every three months. And most importantly, don’t store it anywhere the temperature is too low or too high.