How To Charge An Audew Jump Starter

Do you know how to charge an Audew jump starter? Do you want to find out? We’ll put you through, but before we do, let’s do a quick introduction of the product. The Audew jump starter comes with a great zippered case with a handle. This makes it easier to take around.

The jump starter also doubles as a power bank, which means you can charge your phone and smaller devices with it.

It comes with a 2-mode LED light. You can use the light as a regular flashlight and you can use it as an SOS signal for which it will be blinking. It has two USB ports for you to charge your phone and tablet, and it has a single USB-C port for being charged.

You’ll find two USB cables in its pack. One of the cables is for charging other devices with the jump starter while the other is for charging the jump starter through its charger. In addition, you’ll also find a car charger in its pack. The car charger can be plugged into the cigarette lighter port.

Its LCD screen is very wide. It displays the battery level. The device prevents a wrong connection. When you connect its clamps to battery terminals and the connection is correct, a green light will flash and a beeping sound will follow. If you connect it wrongly, a red light will flash.

The jump starter’s pair of clamps are detachable, which is cool. We also need to talk about the portability of the device. It is very light. Now, let’s go into deeper details.

How To Charge An Audew Jump Starter?

Although the device comes pre-charged, but it is not usually 100%. You’re advised to charge it to 100% before using it the first time. It is possible that if you start using it without charging it, the battery may no longer charge higher than the point it was when you unboxed it.

Charging the device is quite easy. There are two ways to charge it. You can charge it in your car with the car charger, and you can charge it directly from an outlet at home. Of course, the latter is much faster. To charge your Audew jump starter, follow the steps below.

Charging An Audew Jump Starter In The Car

Step 1 – Pull out the car charger from the case.

Step 2 – Connect one end of the charger to the USB-C port on the device.

Step 3 – Plug the charger into the cigarette lighter port in your car.

Step 4 – Start your car. Your engine has to be running while charging the jump starter. If you don’t turn your engine on while charging it, your car’s battery could be drained.

That’s all on charging the jump starter in your car. Now, let’s talk about charging it at home.

Charging An Audew Jump Starter At Home

Step 1 – Bring out the charger and the USB to USB-C cable.

Step 2 – Connect the USB end of the cable to the USB port of the charger.

Step 3 – Connect the other end (USB-C end) to the jump starter.

Step 4 – You can plug the charger into an outlet and switch on the outlet.

Step 5 – Keep checking the battery on its large display unit. Disconnect it when it is 100%.

That’s all about charging the device.

How Long Does An Audew Jump Starter Take To Charge?

This depends on two factors. It depends on your charging method and the battery level. As mentioned above, charging it at home through an outlet is faster than using a car charger. Hence, if you want it to charge faster, charge it home.

The battery level also determines how long it will take to charge. The higher its battery level, the faster it will charge. For instance, if the battery level is 70%, it will charge faster than if its battery level is 65%. And that’s because the former is higher than the latter.

Generally, it will take about 16 to 20 hours to charge from zero to 100% when you charge it in your car. And if you decide to charge it from an outlet, it will take about 9 to 12 hours, from zero to 100%. One good thing about the device is that it works with the charger of your smartphone. So, if you misplace the charger of the device, no worries. You can charge it with the charger of your smartphone.

How Do You Use An Audew Jump Starter?

We used this device to jump-start a truck with a 5.0-liter V8 engine and it worked like magic. And the battery of the truck was flat dead. Here’s how to use it to jump-start your car, SUV, or truck. Before using the Audew jump starter to jump-start your vehicle, it must be charged. Its battery level should be at least 50%.

Step 1 – Open Your Hood

Open the hood of your vehicle and go straight to the battery. Find out which of the terminals is positive and which is negative. The positive one is usually labeled +, P, or POS. Now, the positive terminal is covered with a red piece of flap.

Step 2 – Connect The Clamps To The Battery Terminals

Switch on your jump starter, and attach the clamps to your jump starter. Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal. Then connect the other clamp to a metal frame in the engine of your car. This is known as grounding. It is necessary to place the jump starter properly on your engine. Don’t let it drop when your engine is being cranked.

When the connection is correct, a green light will flash and a beeping sound will follow. On the other hand, if the connection is wrong, a red light will flash and you won’t hear any beeping sound. After connecting the clamps, if you don’t hear any beeping sound, swap the connections.

Step 3 – Start Your Car

Now, you can start your car. It should start after a couple of attempts. There are a few things to note, though. In case your car does not start, don’t crank it longer than 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, wait for 3 minutes before you crank it again. If it does not start after three attempts, it means there’s an underlying problem that you must fix first.

And if the car starts, let it run for up to 15 to 20 minutes before you zoom off.

Step 4 – Remove The Jump Starter

Now that your car is running, the jump starter has done its job. It’s time to remove it. Disconnect the black clamp first. Then you can remove the red clamp. Remove the jump starter, switch it off and put it inside its case. You can drop it inside the trunk of your car. Close the hood of your car.

Step 5 – Charge The Jump Starter

Although your Audew jump starter will still continue to jump-start vehicles until its battery level falls below 50%, it is advisable to charge it after every use. And if you won’t use it for a long time, make sure to charge it every three months.

That’s how to use the device to jump-start your car.

Why An Audew Jump Starter May Stop Working?

There are several reasons why your jump starter may stop working. If the battery is dead, the device will be useless. Try and see if the device can charge. If it charges, there may be another reason why it is not working. But if it does not charge, you may have to charge the battery.

Then again, you need to be sure that the chargers are working. It is unlikely for both its main charger and car charger to pack up at the same time. Try to charge the device with both methods. If none works, then you can be sure that the problem is the battery. Change it.

Some stores sell jump starters with warranties. You’re in luck if your jump starter is still under warranty. You can contact Audew’s customer care team about it.

How Do You Use An Audew Jump Starter As A Power Bank?

The device has two USB ports. If your phone goes down and you’re far away from home, you can charge it with the jump starter. Use one of the USB cables. Pick the USB to USB-C cable. Connect the USB end to the USB port of the jump starter. The USB-C end should be connected to the charging port of your phone. You can now switch on the jump starter, and charging will begin immediately.

Final Thoughts

With an Audew jump starter, you’ll no longer be frustrated by a weak battery anymore. If you try to start your car and it does not come on, pick your jump starter and follow the steps above to jump-start it. The whole session should not take up to 5 minutes. If you keep jump-starting your car regularly, it may be time to replace its battery.