Best Jump Starter Under $100 Review

Everyone needs a jump starter for one purpose or the other because of the enormous features it consists. Campers love it; hikers and all car owners are not left out.

The advancement in technology is improving the design of jump starters constantly. Gone are the days you strictly used jump starters for minute needs.

Right now, you can use jump starters to inflate your car tires, charge phones, illuminate the vicinity, assist contraption devices, and carry out so many activities distinctly wherever you are in the world.

Of course, who says you can’t get a quality product at a cost rate less than $100. Use this Best Jump Starter Under $100 Review to make the right choice today.

You see, there are countless products out there with different fascinating features, and they come at fair price tags. However, what you tend to gain with our expertise are the quality aids you deserve.

The products here are savable ones with different unique features. Nevertheless, they all possess tremendous fundamental qualities that could assist anyone at any time.

The fundamental features are 3-mode lighting options, power outputs of different capacities, and digitalized qualities, which could help you manage your resources such as time and the potential unit capacity efficiently.

Let’s save you the stress. Buy any of these latest jump starters under 100 products and make a safer purchase now. So, what are we waiting for? Hop in, now!

Top 10 Best Jump Starters Under $100:

1. GOOLOO Jump Starter 1200A Peak Car Starter

A pocketable jump starter like this is not replaceable. This feature eases the lugging around of the jump starter. Indeed, it’s a space-saver because of its aesthetic design.

The accessories are very much detachable from the unit. It comes with a jumper cable, which is detachable from it.

At a cost below $100, you can jumpstart heavy-duty vehicles such as those using up to 7L gas and 5.5L diesel engines. Of course, the battery lasts.

It uses a 18000mAh battery capacity, which can jumpstart vehicles for 30times. It has LED lights that evince the battery level, and they are on as long as the unit’s power is on. There are two USB ports at the sides, which you can use to power your electronic gadget.


  • This is a savable jump starter that comes with a removable jumper cable with clamps on it.
  • The jump starter is a rechargeable one that you can trust in all kinds of weather.
  • The peak amperage of this is 1200A.
  • This has two USB ports, a 12V 10A port for the cigarette lighter socket that comes with it, and a charger.
  • The functions on the unit maximize the ease of use of the unit in all aspects.

2. SOLVTIN S6 Jump Starter 1200A

Buy a product that you can trust. Buy this jump starter with eight upgraded protection systems, right from the design to the nibble feature—no overcharging with this nor overheating.

You can jumpstart your vehicle always at one push of a button. It comes with the necessary accessories you need, including the renowned PD18W type-C.

Obviously, you can see that you can use all android phone chargers to power it. Away from that now, it could interest you to know that the 1200A can jumpstart vehicles that use 7.5L gas and 6L diesel engines. And, it does that impeccably.

There are 200 lumen LED lights on it, and the LED lights notify you about the consumption level of the internal power capacity.

There is even a flashlight on this, too. You can enjoy the whole of this with an amount less than $100.


  • The three lighting modes on it make the 200 lumens LED light controllable. The three modes include flashlight, strobes, and SOS.
  • This comes with a 2-year warranty, a cigarette lighter adapter, one jumper cable, and the likes.
  • It’s a handy jump starter that users can use to charge their phones. There are two USB ports on it.
  • The lightweight jump starter uses four lithium-ion batteries internally.
  • It comes with a pocket bag that makes it easy to lug around.

3. FOXPEED 2500A Car Jump Starter

Get more than enough at a cost rate less than $100 by purchasing this jump starter. This product comes with all you need to make a splendid jumpstarting impact.

You are exposed to no risk with the purchase of this. The modern technology that this possesses augments its value in the marketplace. There is an LCD on both the jump starter and the jumper cable.

Meanwhile, the jumper cable is detachable and ought to be removed from the unit after using it. The peak amperage for this is 2500A.

There is no vehicle you can’t jumpstart with this. The high amperage is good for vehicles that use 8L gas engines and 6.5L diesel engines.

The long-lasting battery life is another tangible significance it has. This uses a 21000mAh battery that could hold charges for so long and boost your phone. Moreover, there are multiple functions that you’d want to learn further about.


  • The functions on this include a USB Type-C cable, DC cigarette charger, wall charger, and a manual.
  • There are minimal functions on it for you to gain mastery of its use so quickly.
  • The unit has hundreds of LED lumens that coherently serve as a flashlight, strobe, and SOS.
  • This is its full characteristic to meet the US safety standards in all aspects.
  • This jump starter is usable for charging laptops, phones, and the rest.

4. TOPVISION Battery Starter For Car

Opt for this product that can withstand high temperatures. Buy this product that can fall repeatedly and won’t get spoilt easily.

In fact, if you’ve got kids to worry about, then this one with quality encasement is what to buy. It has the qualities with the QDSP Technology on it, and the peak amperage for this is 2200A.

It’s very capable of jumpstarting 12V vehicles lucidly. Users can use it for jumpstarting vehicles with 7L gas tanks and 6.5L diesel tanks.

It’s a handy power bank, but it can perform quite a lot of things. There is a flashlight on this, and it has a button that powers the flashlights and can switch between SOS and strobe mode. It doesn’t consume too much power.

Besides, there is an LCD screen at the top and a jumper cable. You can easily read the battery condition with that feature. Buyers are raving about this already because of its durability and features, such as those below.


  • There are multiple functions on this. The functions include 3-mode for using the LED lights lumen, overload and overcharging protection, USB ports, and type-C charging port.
  • The jumper cable is removable. There’s an LCD digital display of power usage.
  • The weatherproof design makes it usable at any time.
  • This lightweight battery saver is easy to save in any part of the car.
  • It’s usable for hours, and it won’t become hot.

5. Jump Starter, SUNPOW 1500A Peak

What SUNPOW 1500A brings to the table is maximum qualities. At a cost less than $100, no resentment, agitation, or whatsoever would emerge.

Rather, you’ll relish the benefit of being an amiable customer to SUNPOW. This jump starter has a 1500A peak amperage, and it’s quite so potent that it can jumpstart an SUV car or vehicle of 8L gasoline and 6L diesel engines for 20times with it.

This doesn’t have an LCD, but you can bank on the LED power indicators on it. The jump starter has LED lights, and so likewise the jumper cable.

The jumper cable even possesses a button together with the LED lights. The LED lights on the jumper cable enable users to know if the fixation of the jumper cable is correct or not. The accessories it comes with are below in the features.


  • The dimension of the jump starter is ‎3 x 2 x 7 inches and weighs one pound.
  • The accessories include a case, one USB charger, a micro-USB charger, a Type-C cable, and a USB cable.
  • There is a built-in alarm that notifies users about the status of the 16000mAh battery it has.
  • The eight safety protections include a built-in dousing effect. Whenever there’s a wrong connection, the safety measure prevents hazards that could likely occur.
  • This product is affordable and reliable to use.

6. VIDOKA Portable Car Jump Starter

How magnificent would you want to use a jump starter that can pacify your eminent desires even when you’re far away from home? Moreover, if you’re going on hiking, camping, or whatsoever, you need a petite space-saver like this.

It does a better job than your generator. You can use this to jumpstart, illuminate, charge, and preserve charges on your electronic gadgets. And it does all those things with the functions on it.

There is a power switch at the top, a flashlight switch by the side, and accessories. Meanwhile, the removable jumper cable is an essential accessory you’ll find with this jump starter.

It’s from the cable the clamps’ wires protruded from, and they work distinctly. The jump starter and its jumper cable cab can work at a range of temperature between -20 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius.


  • The peak amperage for this is 1000A, while its battery capacity is 12800mAh.
  • The petite gadget weighs 1.5 pounds. It’s savable anywhere in your car.
  • This has two USB ports, one type-c port, flashlights, and LED lights.
  • The consecutive pressing of the power buttons would yield the transition from flashlight to strobe to SOS.
  • The jump starter and the jump cable are savable separately.

7. SOLVTIN S6 Jump Starter

This is the jump starter customers have been talking about ever since. Enjoy maximum safety with the use of this. It has been certified by the US ‎UL 2743 and UN38.3 already, so there is nothing uncertain about this.

From the exterior encasement to the interior design, you can be sure of the safety it provides. The type-c feature makes charging it with phone chargers lucid.

In fact, it’s so built in such a way that users don’t need manuals before using it. Every part of the unit is recognizable. Moreover, there are inscriptions on every function on it.

Hence, users can use their initiatives to operate the unit distinctively. Save the risk and buy this that comes with a 2-year warranty. The warranty covers both the unit and the jump starter. You can attain this of maximum benefits at such a low price, which has a peak amperage of 1200A.


  • This product of 1200A peak amperage can jump cars that use 7.5L gasoline engines and 6L diesel engines.
  • The commissure cover aids in giving the unit an aesthetic look. The covers are removable by merely pulling them outward.
  • The commissure rubber covers all the ports and the flashlight screen.
  • There are LED lights at the frontside, which detail the battery level of the jump starter.
  • This works with the cigarette lighter adapter it comes with to enhance its multi functionalities.


Do you need a jump starter that costs less than $100 and has an air compressor feature also? If yes, then we’ve got you covered with this anyway.

This features a 120PSI air compressor, which you can use as well as your jump starter. There are three USB ports on this, and they are located right at the top of the unit.

It’s got a bendable flashlight and cleats at both sides for saving the cords of the clamps. It’s such a valuable unit with a peak amperage of 700A and a cranking amperage of 350A.

Just as you can use it to inflate floating boats, toys, balloons, and car tires, you can use it to jumpstart your car’s engine as well. It has a 120V power outlet.

A formidable design on this gives it an ergonomic structure. Three built-in chargers are on it already. You only need an extension cord, and it will become charged.


  • There are LED lights on it in their numbers. They all have various functions, which you’ll learn about as you continually use the unit.
  • There is a storage compartment and cleats on the jump starter.
  • Its ergonomic structure is premium. It makes it easy to use anywhere.
  • You can see a handle at the top that users can use to lug the unit around.
  • Recharging this unit won’t exceed 6hrs before it becomes fully charged.

9. JF.EGWO Portable Car Jump Starter With Air Compressor

Here comes this product that you’ve been expecting. Here comes a product that will provide you with maximum usage flexibility. It’s a jump starter that features a 150PSI air compressor.

Aside from that, users have two charging options for this. It’s either they use the 110V AC adapter or the 120V DC adapter to charge it in their cars.

Two flashlights will satisfy your bounty needs. There are two USB ports inclusive and an LCD that indicates the battery level of the unit.

Invariably, it comes with the full option to use it for both jumpstarting and inflating on its first delivery. 3-mode light is not excluded in this either. This product is a brilliant jump starter with a peak amperage of 100A.

It doesn’t only come with the hoses for inflating but also adapters. The internal battery saves charges so well. It could jumpstart your vehicle 30times if fully charged. Albeit, it works for all vehicles that use 7L gasoline engines and 5.5L diesel engines.


  • This comes with a free storage bag and the accessories such as adapters needed to inflate.
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty.
  • This uses three lithium-ion polymer batteries for its fundamental internal battery.
  • There is a pressure gauge that reads the level of air pressure transferring through the hoses. It has an LCD screen that gives details about the battery level.
  • Although it’s slightly heavy, yet one can easily save it.

10. Kinverch BatteryJump Starter

Get a 120V AC power outlet, 900A peak amperage with flashlights and USB ports,150PSI air compressor distinction by buying this product.

Enough vents prevent overheating in this. You can find a handle at the top of the jump starter and likewise the rest of the functions at the conspicuous part of the unit.

No lagging of the clamps’ cords as the cleats will keep them safe always. It uses a sealed lead-acid battery on its inside, and you can depend on its effectiveness. You can save the unit anywhere. It has a built-to-last design that could mesmerize anyone.


  • The dimension is 11 x 7.3 x 8.4 inches and weighs 10 pounds.
  • This is a jump starter that features a 150PSI air compressor.
  • The turn of the dial regulates the rate of the unit’s jumpstarting effect.
  • It has enormous power outlets, including a 120V AC power outlet and several USB ports.
  • This has an ergonomic structure.

Are Jump Starters Bad For Your Car?

They are good when the car battery is in a safe condition. i.e., in a condition whereby it’s not leaking, or the battery hasn’t spoilt. Jump starters would revive the car battery within minutes of touches. Just apply the clamps correctly, and that’s all. On the other hand, it’s risky using jump starters when the battery is leaking sulfuric acids it comprises. A spark of light hitting the acid could lead to an explosion.

Why Don’t You Connect The Negative When Jumping A Car?

Obviously, it’s to prevent reverse polarity or sparks that could ignite the flaring hydrogen gas. Meanwhile, reverse polarity in its real sense can instigate the explosion of the battery. It’s common when one is jumpstarting a dead car’s battery directly with that of a good-working car.

The act ought to be discreet, or else one could endanger one’s property. Aside from that, connecting the negative clamp to the chassis instead of the negative post of the dead car’s battery is to ascertain safety.

How? You see, hydrogen gas flares each time a car’s battery is charging – it does it all the time – and hydrogen is highly flammable. So, not attaching the negative is another way of preventing battery explosion during charging.

Final Thoughts

These are the best jump starters you can get at a rate less than $100. People have been buying it, and they hardly find its unpleasant characteristics, and yours won’t be an exemption. Therefore, we encourage you to buy wisely by following this guide so that you can make your purchase worthwhile.