How Much Does a Generac Standby Generator Cost

A standby generator is a profound power backup. Indeed, Generac is a famous brand specializing in the making of standby generators, and their influence is worth evaluating when skewing brands to buy from.

Their generators are built-to-last, reliable, and efficient to serve high demands. Generac generators are of various capacities, which enlarges the scope of wants.

Buyers frequently leverage this opt for the model that would serve them right. Basically, this is what prompted the question, How Much Does a Generac Standby Generator Cost – they want to have a proper layout budget plan before invading the marketplace. If that’s likewise the situation with you.

First off, know that the least you can get a Generac generator is $2,000. Just as you’re aware that the prices vary, the shape, capacities, fuel usage, and relevant features are different also. In one way or the other, these factors typically decide the cost of a Generac standby generator.

Notwithstanding, the generators are incredibly unique at their best. You can procure Generac standby generators from 7kw capacity to 50kw capacity upward.

Meanwhile, bear in mind also that for Generac generators to feature the same power capacity doesn’t necessitate their prices to be the same. Why? This is because Generac designs its standby generators into three categories.

The categories are home, business, and commercial purposes. Nevertheless, the range price you can get Generac generators is from $2,000 to $50,000. Check for more information below.

How Much Does a Generac Standby Generator Cost?

1. Under 30kw Price

Generac standby generators of under 30kw could have price tags ranging from $2k to $15k, though the power capacity range could be from 7kw to 30kw. Mostly, sellers consider the taxes and the shipping costs while giving it a new price tag.

The model you’re buying would determine the cost also. However, provided you aren’t vying for those with sophisticated features, then your estimations at this baseline should work.

There are types designated for business environment and domestic advantages. Learn about the prospects of a standby generator before you buy to have an extended view of its features.

The estimation could still aid you to pay for installations and transfer switches if the seller isn’t offering them as an extra package to the generator.

2. Under 40kw Price

The price estimation of Generac generators with 40kw on a neutral basis is from $7k to $26k. This size is used in industries where high power is demanded immensely. The cost rate could be factored by the model and probably the time you’re showing interest.

Sellers are fond of increasing Generac generators’ prices during economic challenges such as inflation around the globe. This is an evergreen estimation regardless of the model. You could use this estimation to buy some modernized models with mouthwatering features.

In fact, it’s more economical procuring this than to use two at once. It saves space and enhances environmental energy conservation.

3. Under 50kw Price

Budget from $19k to $62k. The fuel type a generator uses would determine the cost also. Normally, Generac standby generators use either diesel, natural gas, or liquefied gas to generate power. Generators that feed on diesel fuel aren’t as costly as those that consume liquefied gas and natural gas.

Generac has its presence across the globe and mostly in every state in the US. The cost is bound to vary as per sellers’ effect on prices. However, Generac standby generators have an excellent stat rate in cost effects.

W/Without Wi-Fi & NFPA 110 Capable

The upgrades in innovations have compelled Generac to stay active in the game. Some generators cut across all models and power capacity, which use Wi-Fi. Some work with automatic transfer switch while some don’t.

Download the app and specify the model you’re using as you configure it to your phone. Once that is done, you can control the operation of the generator from anywhere in the world. This technology hikes the price of generators by 5% from the conventional ones of the same capacities.

Another determinant that influences a generator’s price is the NFPA 110. This signals the generator to initiate its operation without electrical power. It is common in hospitals and most healthcare centers that use standby generators. Also, transfer switches determine the high cost of a generator.

Is a Generac Standby Generator Worth It?

Of course, it does. Buying a Generac standby generator is buying from a renowned brand with an excellent customer policy. Generac offers a 5year warranty to all customers. The customer-friendly policies boost the confidence of buyers. They have been running the business for years, and hundreds of thousands have grown to trust their services.

Can a Generac Generator Power a Whole House?

Yes, the house’s size and the generator’s capacity would determine if the Generac standby generator can power the whole house. Make your calculation and get the overview power rate that you’d need for your home. Generac has generators in various sizes and capacities in portable and standby shapes. You need to know what you rarely need and immediately launch out for a Generac generator.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Generac Standby Generator?

Depending on the model, location, installer, and the generator’s features. Typically, installing a Generac standby generator in the US costs between $5,000 and $12,000. Negotiation is still the most decent thing to do to save expenses.

How Much Does a 22kw Generac Standby Generator Cost?

It often costs less than $5,000 if Wi-Fi and transfer switch doesn’t come with the delivery of the standby generator. An installation fee sometimes comes with the payment charge of a 22kw Generac standby generator. It all depends on the vendor you’re buying from at a point in time.

Final Words

That’s the estimation of what you should prepare when you’re on the move to buy a Generac standby generator. You can use this piece any time you wish. This budget could go a long way to getting you the best options in the marketplace.