AUDEW Jump Starter Vs. NOCO Jump Starter

Take an enthralling look at these two jump starters that evince a dynasty of quality. Check out the contrasts between AUDEW jump starters and NOCO jump starters. Obviously, the two are made by different brands, yet you can tell the inimitable qualities they are made of by merely seeing them alone.

Wait a minute, what makes these two top products? Could it be that top brands make them, or are they overhyped jump starters? Well, neither of the suppositions is correct.

Take out time and check out the discrepancies and the similarities between the two. Although the two have many substantial models in their respective standard production lines, yet that’s nothing to compare with the value they add to the marketplace.

You’ll learn all those as you read through the phases of this article. Howbeit, they are jump starters that come with the essential accessories needed to jumpstart one’s car battery at any time.

The model you buy from either of the two is what would eventually justify the efficacy of the result. Each model is segmented to the peak amperage on them, and you can find models with 400A, 600A, 1000A, 2000A, and so more.

Meanwhile, obscurity emerges from knowing the contrasts between products of the same model from the two brands. Indeed, that’s what you should look out for as you read the points below. So unreservedly check the whole points below.

7 Things To Consider About AUDEW Jump Starter Vs. NOCO:

1. AUDEW Jump Starters

AUDEW has lookalike models that are jump starters. If you aren’t informed earlier enough about the peak amperage of an AUDEW model, you probably may have one mistake for another.

Nonetheless, these are portable jump starters that feature modern designs, and they are easier to save because their respective jumper cables are removable.

Users can use other accessories with ease since the instruction manual that comes with it is very much readable. AUDEW uses the upgraded Intelligent IC Technology for the design of their products to prompt effective use.

Irrespective of the model you choose, you can be pretty sure of qualitative performances on every aspect of its use. Moreover, AUDEW is a top brand in the industry. Therefore, nothing is to be worried about with the quality of their services at all.

2. NOCO Jump Starters

One significant feature about NOCO jump starters is that they are all built to last. The case is strong and absolutely weatherproof, and the waterproof encasement makes it usable at all times.

It’s petite too and very savable anywhere because of the removable jump starters. Furthermore, you can find premium accessories like a detachable jumper cable with the delivery of this.

They are so powerful that you can use them for 24V car batteries if there is an avenue to doing it (check the manual to ascertain this). But that depends on the model you purchase.

There is one with a dial that you can use to switch between the 12V and 24V power functions. Besides, NOCO brings quality to the table. You can see inscriptions on every operation of the jump starter for easy navigation anytime.

3. Similarities

  • They are jump starters made by different brands.
  • Each has its jumper cable removable for the easy storage of the components.
  • Neither of the two uses jumper cables with long cords. Rather, they use small cords to decrease resistance in the flux of the charges and make the whole accessories easy to save.
  • Aside from jumpstarting, prospective users can use either of the two to charge phones and illuminate dark regions around them.
  • The two have power gauge indicators that notify the users about the condition of their jump starters at a point in time.
  • They use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to propagate their charge storage and disperse charges across all power recipients connected to them.
  • The two brands offer a 1-year warranty for their products.

4. Differences

  • AUDEW jump starters use the well-recognized Intelligent IC Technology to construct their products, while NOCO uses UltraSafe Technology.
  • Their designs are different. AUDEW uses an LCD to project the digital battery gauge in percentage, while NOCO uses LED lights.
  • NOCO products all have a built-to-last construction and are heavier than models made by AUDEW, though those made by AUDEW are easier to lug around.
  • NOCO jump starters have a reflective rubberized top that prevents the unit from scratches and even elongates its lifespan, but AUDEW jump starters are exposed to a vulnerable limit.
  • Almost every port on a typical NOCO jump starter has a lid cover, but AUDEW has its ports exposed.
  • AUDEW has a 15V DC output while NOCO jump starters scarcely do.

5. Multifunctionalities

The top products have the same features to a large extent. They have LED lights that serve as a flashlight, strobes, and SOS. Switching among these options is easy between the two, and you can use the designated functions on them to execute that impeccably.

Additional features you’ll find are type-c port, jumpstarting port, USB ports, and the rest. Just as you’ll find on any of the AUDEW products, you’ll also see on NOCO products.

The two have several products in their models that are differentiated notably by their peak and crank amperages. In this stance, AUDEW has variants with minimum amperages but more effective capacity than NOCO.

Nonetheless, just as you can see some products with high peak amperages with NOCO are also the same with AUDEW. The very type you buy will determine the number of mouthwatering prospects you’ll get on the delivery, so it’s expedient to do deep research before buying a product from any of the two brands.

6. Safety: Best Customer Services

Whether one uses the jump starter that’s made of Intelligent ICT or UltraSafe technology, the result would still be the same. Both AUDEW and NOCO jump starters feature weatherproof cover.

You can use either of the two in weather conditions close to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Although either of the two shouldn’t be placed on hot surfaces, they are characterized by durable designs.

The two manufacturers support the purchase of their products with a 1-year warranty. They also sell the spare parts of their products in case a buyer sees a need for replacement.

Indeed, that’s why the two are currently having their customers raving about the value they give to them at all times.

7. Price

NOCO jump starters are pricier than AUDEW. However, the type that one wants is what determines the rate at which one would buy a product.

Also, where one is buying either of the two products from matters a lot. Nevertheless, the two are quality built-to-last jump starters that are dependable to use at any time.

The jump starter that one is buying at a point in time also predetermines the cost of the product. But when making the comparison of the two, NOCO is still costlier.

Obviously, NOCO is more popular than AUDEW for one reason or the other. Still, the two are top-notch jump starters.

How To Use The AUDEW Jump Starter?

AUDEW has its power switch right at the top and the USB ports. The DC output is at the top likewise. There is also a flashlight that can illuminate the region you are in. You can quickly identify the functions with the aid of the inscriptions on the jump starter. And when it comes to jumpstarting your vehicle with the AUDEW jump starter, get the jumper cable first.

Fix the jumper cable to the designated point on the jump starter while the power switch is on. Clip the claps in their respective place on the terminals. Allow the red (positive) clamp to clip on the battery’s positive terminal (the one with the red cord protruding from it). The other clamp should do the same to the second. Activate the starting point so that you can get the charges moving from one end to another. Notwithstanding, ensure that keep the accessories of the jump starter so safe.

How Much Is The NOCO GB40 Jump Starter?

NOCO GB40 Jump starter is one of the numerous models that the company has and is doing well in the marketplace. Its price is about $128. In other words, you can’t get the product at anything less than that in the marketplace. The peak amperage for this product is 1000A. Apparently, the price is fair for anyone seeking a quality product.

Where Is The NOCO Jump Starter Made?

It’s a product made in the US, and the distribution is across the entire federation. Regardless of the state, you reside in the US; the NOCO services can still reach you. Moreover, NOCO now renders services across the globe with capable representatives. Indeed, the brand is trustworthy.

Final Thoughts

Having learned the differences and similarities between the two, you can see that there is no one that you buy but won’t get an excellent result from it. The products are what several buyers around the globe are raving about. Besides, they’ve met the US requirements, so they are already approved. In short, these are what you’ll use over and over again for a very long time.