How To Use Gooloo Jump Starters

How so desperate do you want to use your GOOLOO jump starter correctly? Is it so deep that you’d like us to help you through? If yes, then you’re good to go with this article.

First off, GOOLOO Company has produced several models of jump starters and car battery chargers. You can’t use one user manual for the other because of the slight differences that distinguish them.

You need to get the original formula for getting the visceral and the nuance difference among them. However, if care is not taken, the wordiness of the pages could bug down your interests. So, why not learn how to use GOOLOO jumper starter with this?

We’ll definitely be highlighting some renowned models from the company. We’ll also be using their respective futuristic to explain the systematic procedures of using them.

Nonetheless, every model of GOOLOO jump starters possesses notable features: portability, accessories, and a 1-year warranty. These alone would integrate your experience into enjoying a modernized gizmo.

Long-lasting components such as the lithium-ion battery they use will trigger your sensitivity to excellent customer-friendly service – the industry hasn’t experienced such before for years. You can tell even from any of their deliveries.

Just learn the usage formats here, and you’re good to go on the long-term using spree. So, let’s get down to the whole thing now:

4 Things To Consider About How To Use Gooloo Jump Starter:

1. How To Use GOOLOO Jump Starter 1200A?

  • This lightweight jump starter works for 12V car batteries, especially those using a 7L gas engine and 5.5L diesel engine.
  • It comes with accessories such as the jumper cable with the two clampers. It has a flashlight torch, which the switch button is at the side. The power button is at the top part of the jump starter.
  • You can use the functions as you desire. However, the power button propels the five LED lights to glow in response to the stored power level per time.
  • Just at the flank of the two USB ports is the designated spot to insert the jumper cable. The jumper cable has two ports at its tail and two LED lights. Put each clamps’ connector in the “portholes” at the tail (do that with the correspondence of the colors on the two components).
  • After that, insert the head of the jumper cable inside the allotted spot on the already switched-on power bank. If the LED of the jumper cable turns green, it means it’s well fixed. But if the red light turns on, that means the clampers’ cables at the nadir need a re-fix. So, correct that!
  • After that, you can lay the clampers’ teeth on the battery terminals in your hood. Whether you hold the power bank in your hands or save it around the engine bay, wait for some minutes until charges are well transferred to the battery. Once that’s done, you can hop into the car to check the ignition power. Do it until it turns on.
  • It has a peak amperage of 1200A. So, it’s one that you can use 30 times to jumpstart your vehicle before recharge, except you also use it to charge your electronic gizmos.
  • How to Use GOOLOO Jump Starter G1500
  • This works with 12V car batteries also. The accessories that come with this are a cigarette car adapter, charger, jumper cable with two distinct clampers, one USB cord, and the power bank itself.
  • To get started, identify these accessories first so that your exercise can be flowery. The GOOLOO jump starter itself has functions with obvious significance even from mere seeing any of them.
  • So, coupling the pieces such as the two clampers into the jumper cable, the jumper cable into the GOOLOO power bank. After that, you can turn on the switch of the jump starter.
  • Check the LED on the jump starter at the flat body top and see if they are all glowing. Check if the green light on the jumper cable is on also.
  • Having executed that, you can then put the clamps on the terminals of the car battery. Fix the red clamper on the positive terminal of your car while the black color clamper grips the tip of the negative terminal.
  • All the handles of each clamp are to face upward while the teeth bit their respective terminals. However, ensure that none of the terminals is rust at the top, else clean it to make sure it’s rust-free.
  • Turn on the ignition power of your car to know if the jumpstarting has worked out so fine. If successful, disconnect the clampers from the terminals to get your vehicle moving.
  • There are two USB ports on it that you can use to charge your electronic gadgets.

2. How To Use GOOLOO 600A Jump Starter?

  • This has a simple but quality design. It won’t occupy spaces, and it’s usable for jumpstarting vehicles of 6.2L gas and 3.5L diesel engines.
  • There is a flashlight at the top with its button at the side. The switch is at the top, close to the LED lights.
  • It has a rubberized enclosure that you can insert the jumper cable. The USB two ports by the flank and the 15000mAh are what you can use optimally.
  • Aside from the prerequisites, the accessories this comes with are eight laptop connectors, a battery charger, a car charger, a 3-in-1 cable charger, and a manual.
  • Connect the clampers to their spots on the jumper cable that comes with the product. Afterward, insert the connector on the jumper cable inside the designated port. It’s after that you can turn on the power of the power bank. If its fixation is positive, you’ll see right from the indicators on the jumper cable.
  • Fix the clampers on their respective terminals. You can use the wire’s hue connecting to each of the terminals to navigate. Connect the red terminal to the positive and black to the negative terminal accordingly.
  • Step 3: Ignite the car after some time to see if the charges have successfully been transferred to the car battery for jumpstarting. Once that’s done, disconnect the components from each other while you save them afterward.

3. How To Use GOLOO 4000A Jump Starter?

  • This works for cars, vans, tractors, SU, just name them. Also, it’s viable for charging phones, camcorders, Bluetooth headphones, and many more.
  • It’s so efficient that it works for jumpstarting all gas engines and 10L diesel engines. It’s pretty heavier than other models the company has. It weighs approximately 4lbs.
  • LED lights are close to the power switch, which brightens once you switch on the power bank. As long as the LED lights still glow, it shows the power bank will work. All you need is to fix the cord of the clampers inside the nadir of the jumper cable.
  • It’s afterward that you can connect the clamps straight to the terminals of the dead battery. Allow the positive of the clamper to grip the positive terminal, and the same is applicable to the negative sides.
  • Check the flat top of the power bank to see if the charges are actually moving. There is a boost function beside the two LED lights by the side of the jumper cable. Press it to allow the suction of power from the bank to the dead battery.
  • Wait for two minutes or more before hoping/mounting inside/on your vehicle/bike to reignite the power.
  • Once that’s done, disconnect the clamper from both the car battery terminals and the jumper cable. Disconnect the jumper cable from the power bank to ideally disconnect the components.

4. How To Use GOOLOO 2000A Jump Starter?

  • This can work for vehicles that use 9L gas and 7L diesel engines. It has an ergonomic structure and can be placed anywhere.
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories to have immediate use of the jump starter. This comes with a bag, cigarette lighter adapter, USB to Type C Cable, quick charge wall, jumper clamps, and the super-safe portable jump starter.
  • The jumper cable has no specification on where to put the two clamps’ connectors. You can just insert them inside the two spaces. Fix the tip inside the designated spot of the GOOLOO 2000A Jump Starter.
  • Switching on the power bank while the jumper cable is already fixed into it will show whether you’re ready to jumpstart by turning green on the jumper cable. If the red LED light turns on instead, then it means you need to make some manual adjustments until the green light glows.
  • You can use the inscriptions and the symbols to operate the jump starter perfectly. Clip the terminals correlating to their corresponding clamps using the charge indicator as a determinant – a positive to positive and a negative to a negative relationship between the two.
  • Use the manual to see the diagrammatic depictions by the manufacturer. Once you’ve noticed that the charges are running on the terminals, then you can go and put on the ignition power of your car. It’s when you’re done, i.e., successfully switching it on, that you can start disconnecting the wires and the clamps.
  • Ensure that you don’t switch off the engine even after the dead car engine has come back alive.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Gooloo Jump Starter?

As you can see, GOOLOO has series of models, and their charging duration is a factor of their battery capacities. However, according to our researches, GOOLOO jump starters become fully charged between 4hr-6hr of charging period.

How Do You Jump Start With A Gooloo 1500A?

We have indicated that already here. Nonetheless, it comes with a manual that specifies the five steps in doing the jumpstarting. Nonetheless, the fundamental connections that would have to be done still have to be the clampers to the jumper cable with the light on the jump starter clarifying positive connections. Then, clipping each of the clampers to their corresponding terminals using identical (electrical) signs. The red clamp goes to the positive terminal while the black goes to the negative.

Afterward, the user is expected to kick-start the car to see if the jumpstarting has worked. Repeatedly doing that would help one to surge the battery back to life. Once everything (the vehicle) has turned on, the hood of the car should be closed while one disconnects the clamps from the jumper cable and the jumper cable from the power bank as well.

How Do I Charge My Gooloo Car Battery?

You don’t use a Gooloo car jump starter to do that. Instead, you use a Gooloo car battery charger. It will work with an AC power outlet. Place the clamps on each of the terminals they belong to and power it. When the green light shows, it means the car battery is fully charged. This may take between 20hrs to 24hrs.

Why Is My Portable Jump Starter Not Working?

Quite a lot of circumstances may thread with this. It could be that the jump starter is faulty, but you’d need to really be sure by taking out enough time to jumpstart your car. Nevertheless, make sure that you buy a product that’s the best suit for your car battery.

Check the potentials and the peaking amperage to know with specialist’s recommendation. If that doesn’t work even after the rigors at the end of the day, you might need a local professional’s assistance to check out the condition of the battery.

Final Thoughts

Use the formats we’ve illustrated here to use your GOOLOO Jumper starter intuitively. Regardless of the model you’ve bought, you can use the structure here to operate it. Nonetheless, we want to assure you that purchasing a GOOLOO jump starter is a safe way of starting good use of one’s battery. It could be solace in the time of need, especially if you buy one with high peak power.