How to Use Tacklife Jump Starter

When one buys a new accessory, there’s this ecstasy that expresses the unexplainable intrigues. The same happens when you buy a Tacklife jump starter.

The petite shape and the customized designs are enough to excite your fantasies. As a car owner, you want to be careful as you use the jump starter, regardless of the Tacklife models you buy.

Besides, you want to use the best avenue to learn about the features of the model you’ve got and how to operate them. Thus, that’s what you’ll get if you learn how to use Tacklife jump starter with this article.

Here, we’ll be presenting you with the four major jumpstarting models that the company has. The substantial difference among them exceeds beyond their amperages. Tacklife jump starters use lithium-ion batteries, which are capable of saving a full charge for a year. Their products all come with a 2-year warranty. Truly, you have a better chance of using any of the Tacklife jump starters.

Although each series has a peculiar shape and design, yet two of the basic determinants are the starting and the peak amperages. Peak amperage, in a nutshell, is the maximum charges a Tacklife model can store, while the starting amperage is the amount of charges the same model can discharge in half a minute.

Once that’s noted, you can be sure if a model is apt for jumpstarting your car battery or not. Therefore, choosing one with higher peaking amperage maximizes multipurpose use and reduces frequent recharging of the jump starters.

Obviously, this article will help you choose the one that’ll absolutely aid you in using a Tacklife jump starter to your comfort. You can check the points out below:

8 Things To Consider About How To Use Tacklife Jump Starter:

1. Tacklife T8 800A Car Jump Starter

This renowned model comprises two USB ports, which you can use to charge an external electronic gizmo. The two USB ports are just by the side of the handy Tacklife jump starter.

Still at the side, you’ll find an LCD of the power’s percentage. While its peak amperage is 800A, the lithium 1800mAh battery can save charges for a complete year without losing a charge.

Recharging the jump starter takes 4.5hrs only. However, users would have to switch off the power by the side before they can recharge it. Just as it has the power switch, a button for the flashlight is beside it. It’s a great addition to maximizing users’ conveniences.

2. How To Use Tacklife T8 800A Car Jump Starter?

  • Identify the battery under the bonnet while you remove the components from the delivered box.
  • Identify the jumper cable and the power bank. Switch on the power of the power bank by the side as you insert the tip of the jumper cable inside the designated port.
  • Check the side of the jumper cable and see if the green LED light turns on. If it does, you can respectively connect the red-head clamp of the jump starter to the positive terminal’s head where the connector of the outgoing red cable is placed.
  • Do the same to the other black clamp from the jumper cable to the respective negative side of the car battery’s terminal.
  • You can see the digital display of the power transferred to surge the car battery.
  • Once the charges are transferring, it’s high time you go inside the car to turn on the ignition power of the car.

3. Tacklife T6 800A Jump Starter

This compact jump starter weighs less than 2 pounds. It has LEDs, about five of them tinted with blue already. The peak amperage of this jump starter is 800A.

Once you fully power the jump starter, the LED lights will glow each time you power on it. You can use the LED light to know the residue of the stored charges and when charges are being transferred from the power bank to the car batteries.

Nonetheless, the accessories it comes with are a luggable purse, a charger, one USB cord, jumper cable, cigarette lighter, and an adapter. Users can assemble and disassemble the accessories from the Tacklife T6 jump starter.

4. How To Use Tacklife T6 800A Jump Starter?

  • This works with all car batteries, including SUV batteries. Vehicles with 7L gas engines and 5.5L diesel engines can use it awesomely.
  • At this point, we believe you’ve identified the battery already. You can go on with inserting the clamps to their respective spots on the jumper cable connector.
  • Power the jump starter by turning on its switch as you clamp the two terminals to each battery booster protruding from the jumper cables. Do it as you ought to; it’s safe to use.
  • Tacklife T6 features a distinct spark-proof technology that makes it usable in all weather. However, users would still need to wear hand gloves before using them.
  • Once that’s done, you can go into your car to turn on the ignition power. Do it continuously until the power of the car starts.
  • Allow the charges to transfer for 10minutes to the car battery before turning on the ignition power in the car.

5. Tacklife T6 600A Jump Starter

This uses a 16500mAh lithium battery, which is lesser than the 18000mAh battery capacity that Tacklife T6 800A features. The weight of the model is 1.16 pounds.

The power switch is by the side of the five LED tinted screens at the top. It becomes fully charged 5hrs from the charging time. And, once it’s completely charged, users can use it 25times or more to jumpstart and more than 18times to charge phones.

Among the accessories, this comes with are the female cigarette lighter adapter and charger. It has a rectangular shape, and every function on it has inscriptions indicated on it so that potential users can use it easily.

Just like most other models from Tacklife Company, this has a flashlight at the top likewise. Here is how to use it below.

6. How To Use Tacklife T6 600A Jump Starter?

  • The cranking amperage that this gives is 300A, which is enough to surge car batteries generally.
  • Surging battery charges with this is easy. Connect the jumper cable to the designated point first. Do this before switching on the power of the power bank.
  • After that, make sure that the clampers are connected to their respective spots on the jumper cable before mounting their teeth to the car batteries’ corresponding terminals.
  • Ensure that everything is set before you switch on the Tacklife T6 600A power bank.
  • Ensure there is a transfer of charges from the power bank to the car battery for some minutes. It’s afterward you can turn on the ignition power of your car.
  • Remove the clampers from the tip of the terminals once you’re able to start your car absolutely well.

7. Tacklife T8 PRO 1200A Jump Starter

This is heavier than the previous ones – it weighs over 2 pounds. Nevertheless, it’s a savable gadget that you can use for jumpstarting your car battery and electronic gadgets.

Like other models, this works for 12V car batteries also. It comes with one wall charger, USB cable, storage case, a manual, and a jumper cable. There are two LEDs on the jumper cable with a button.

The red light shows the jumper cable is not set correctly. The green LED, on the other hand, indicates that you’re ready to go.

That orange button is a control button to permit the transfer of charges from the power box to the car battery. It has an LCD that displays the percentage of the battery when it’s on.

Every function on the Tacklife T8 1200A jump starter has an inscription for easy identification. The ports on the jump starter have removable covers that users can comfortably use anytime.

8. How To Use Tacklife T8 PRO 1200A Jump Starter?

  • This works for vehicles that use a 7.5L gas engine and 6L diesel engine. However, you’d need to have charged it for 4.5 hours to get it fully charged before you start using it.
  • There is a big switch button at the flat top you can use to switch on the flashlight. You might need this if you’re about jumpstarting the battery in the night.
  • As usual, connect the clampers’ cord to their designated spots on the jumper cable first. Let the red clamp’s teeth grip the car battery’s positive terminal while the other engages the negative terminal.
  • Press boost on the jumper cable connector once it turns red to get the charges moving.
  • The case of this Tacklife jump starter is waterproof. Regardless of where and when you’re using it, it will function.

Where Is Tacklife T8 Made?

It’s distributed in every state in the US. Besides, it’s not only in the US that it’s been sold, and you can buy it outside the States. Therefore, you’re correct if you say it’s a US product because it meets all customer standards to keep winning.

How Long Does It Take To Charge Tacklife?

It depends on the model that you buy. As you can see, the Tacklife T6 series charge for 5hours before they can be fully charged, and the Tacklife T8 series takes 4.5 hours before they become fully charged. Meanwhile, all the series work with 12V car batteries absolutely well.

How Do I Know When My Jump Starter Is Charged?

Tacklife T6 series uses LED screens at the flat tops. The five LED glows and stops flickering once any of the Tacklife T6 series is fully charged. On the other hand, the Tacklife T8 series feature LCD screens that show the digital percentage of the battery.

How Do You Turn On The Flashlight On Tacklife?

There are designated positions. In fact, the position of the round button that has a switch button on it determines the type of Tacklife jump starter you’re using. Tacklife T6 series have their flashlight switch button at the sides while Tacklife T8 series have their buttons at the flat tops. Press the button once, and the flashlight will glow.

Tacklife Jump Starter Price

Depending on the seller of the products. However, they all cost less than $100, and the Tacklife T6 series are cheaper compared to the Tacklife T8 series. Just contact the vendor/distributor around you and find out the price – it should vary.

Final Thoughts

That’s how to use Tacklife jump starters. We’ve been able to illustrate the systematic means of using each of the best-selling models in the marketplace. Just follow the formats as we explained, and you’ll see that you’re on the right track. Nonetheless, ensure that you indicate each of the accessories after buying. You can order some accessories if you think there will be a continual need for them.