How to Start a Portable Generator

A portable generator is a multipurpose machine. It provides power for you when there’s no readily available electrical source nearby. Portable generator plays a great role for running your basic appliances at home. When there’s a power outage, and life at a campsite is more comfortable with a generator. Just you have to know how to start a portable generator safely, as it may not be as simple as you think.

It’s true that in most cases the best portable generators are extremely easy to use. They’re very simple, really. But still, you need to take certain steps so that you can start and use the generator safely. It’s not just a matter of flicking a switch each time.

Put It in the Right Location

It should be far enough away that its noise doesn’t bother you at all. Keep in mind that a generator’s rated decibel level is often measured at 23 feet away. Place it nearer to you, and it will sound much noisier.

If you’re using a gasoline home generator, you also should think about proper ventilation for the fumes. The exhaust pipe must be leading away from your house or camp. The exhaust must be kept away from doors and windows. You really don’t want to risk carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fill Up the Tank

It’s always best if you fill up your tank right at the start. That’s so you can have a better idea of the run time before you need to refuel again. So check your tank and fill it up.

Don’t fill it to the brim. Instead, you should have about 1.5 inches of space from the top of the fuel line. This space prevents the accumulation of too much pressure inside, and it also can prevent accidental spills.

Just make sure that you’re using the manufacturer’s recommended type of gasoline. Some may specify the use of unleaded gasoline or 87-octane gasoline. And don’t pour in gasoline if it uses diesel.

Check the Oil

Take the oil cap off and lift the dipstick. Wipe away the old oil. Now put the cap back all the way on and then lift it up again.

You can then check the oil level. It must be filled with enough oil that even if you didn’t have a dipstick you can still touch the oil with your finger.

Starting the Engine

Now turn the fuel valve to the ON position. This is usually the vertical position. Pull the choke to the ON position all the way out.

It’s time now to start it. With a recoil start, you pull on the cord to start the engine. But many modern name generators now come with an electric start option by adding electric start to a generator.

This allows you to just push a button or flick a switch or dial to start the generator. Moreover, if you don’t want any trouble regarding how to start a movable generator, this is the more convenient option.

Once the engine runs, push the choke back in. You can now plug in your generator cords or appliances and you can power the appliances you need.