How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Portable Generator?

Buying doesn’t have to be the center of perplexity in all cases. The quicker you begin to appreciate renting basic necessities, the better you’ll become more frugal in your spending.

At times, you rarely need some necessities to execute short-term projects. In such cases, why not borrow? Renting goes for everything in the US, including portable generators.

Rental services are available visibly in every state in the US. So, rent a portable generator with preferred sizes and capacities that could meet immediate needs for a specific time.

Rental services give out portable generators to customers for hours, weeks, and months, depending on the terms and agreements. How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Portable Generator in the US is a subject line you should consider if you’ve not been in the scene before.

Indeed, that’s what this article would be doing, and enthusiasts can roll in this also. You see, you’ll be learning the estimation that rental services offer for portable generators all across the US. The points here are what you should bank on at any time in any state in the US.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Portable Generator?

1. Daily Services

Portable generators are of different voltages, outlets, and amperages. This is what causes the discrepancies in the cost of the rental services.

The site’s distance from the rental venue is another factor that could predetermine the cost rate. Nonetheless, the cost rate often falls between $65 and $550. Generators with low amperage that generate less than 12.5kw power could cost between these prices.

Different service providers have their terms and agreement. The potential customers often fuel the generator while the service providers handle the maintenance.

Find the nearest service provider and inquire how their policies run. Some offer discounts to first-timers, while some offer upgraded discounts to nominal customers.

2. Weekdays Services

This is primarily for customers who need a portable generator from Monday to Friday. The price is a little bit pricier because of maintenance.

The price range for this is between $300 and $3000. The location and the capacity of the generator that a customer is vying for will determine the price eventually.

It’s costlier when the generator won’t be lugged back to the service provider until the time elapses. This could even attract some documentation and all sorts that would serve as the confidence to the service provider that the customer is reliable.

This service is only offered to business owners with their companies registered and a building where they operate their enterprises. The process here has to be consensual legally.

3. Weekend Services

This costs a bit higher also because the demand is often high on weekends. However, some rentals permit customers to book earlier to save costs.

Booking earlier saves the cost better than rumbling for it as a contingency and booking on time costs between $100 and $1000—the latter’s cost range between $250 and $1,900.

The capacity and the unique characteristics of the generator would determine the variableness in the cost. While some service providers give room for negotiations, some really don’t. Therefore, one must follow the proper protocols.

4. Monthly Services

The price differs, and it is not constant. You could get portable generators between $500 and $3600. Most businesses that offer such services are registered companies.

They would definitely need some empirical documents to serve as the guarantor on your stead while the generator is on lease. Nevertheless, where you reside in the US also determines the price of the product you are about to rent.

Taking this contract requires a lot of diligence and carefulness. You’d need to check the generator to ascertain that it’s capable of serving your needs. Ensure that the mechanical and electrical components function adequately before you sign your part of the contract.

Should I Buy or Rent a Generator?

It all depends on your supposition at a point in time. If buying a generator is expensive, then consecutively renting a generator within the brevity of time can be costlier.

The time of use and the core essence of the amperage at that time may not be needed for long-term purposes; then, this case warrants renting. Also, ceremonial events could impugn people to rather rent than buy.

In a nutshell, it depends on one’s preference per time. You can opt for the two options; it would save even better. In other words, improvising on what to opt for between the two depends on one’s discretion at a point in time.

Portable Generator Rental Rates in Lowes:

Lowes is a multinational retail business that has its headquarters in the US. It has branches in North Carolina, California, Canada, etc. Their rental rate for portable generators is between $65 and $185 per day.

The capacity of the generator and the region you’d be using it are what determine the price rate of the generator. The price is not consistent, though. Lowes rent out generators from various brands.

The brand you’re vying for also determines the price of the renting rate. Lowes offer services to customers who demand generator for weekly use. However, the price rate of the portable generator has been between $300 and $500.

Portable Generator Rental Rates in Home Depot:

Home depots are available across the US. Visit the ones close to you and check their prices. This would enable you to choose the best suit for your budget. Nevertheless, the range of prices you’d find them is between $61 for four hours, and it could be more. All you need is to carry out your findings to get adequate results.

What to Consider Before Renting a Portable Generator?

1. Budget-Friendly:

Rent from a service provider whose cost rate is pleasing to your budget. Make inquiries from the home depot closest to you and ask for their cost rate. This would help you to save more money.

2. Amperage

Check the amperage of the generator. Check if it could meet your needs and you wouldn’t regret reaching the venue. You can use the overall wattage to find out the amperage or vice visa.

3. Available Space

Measure the space you’ll be using the generator and the size of the generator. Choose one which size suits the space. The generator’s sound is another factor to consider when choosing a generator.

4. Mechanical and Electrical Components

Check the generator by running tests on its ports and features before paying for the rent. This would make you enjoy the best services from companies.


  • Rents make emergency needs comfortable as people can always reach out to what they need at any time.
  • Rent is an economical option for some businesses. They prefer it over buying generators, especially those on short-term businesses.
  • Provided the price is fair, it is pretty advisable if the environment has a standby power supply and the generator only serve as a power supply to secondary needs. You might only occasionally require the generator, which is a brilliant idea.
  • Rented generators could be used together with your generator.
  • Obviously, renting has low maintenance demand compared to owning one.


  • Renting is costlier than owning a generator on their usage par.
  • There is no perfect budget for renting a portable generator. The expenses will always surpass the budget at the end of the day.

Final Words                                

That’s the estimations for renting a portable generator. This works in every circumstance. You can bank on these tips to make a lasting impact while you’re on the quest to get what you desire.