How to Secure a Portable Generator from Thieves

It’s fun when it’s a hit summer night, and even when there’s a power outage you have a portable generator to keep you cool. You even have a 10-hour running time generator to make sure you can sleep through the night knowing that you don’t have to refuel until morning.

But if you don’t know how to secure a portable generator from theft, you may wake up sweaty and find out you no longer have a generator.

Tips & Guides

So what can you do about it? Here are some tips on how to secure your best portable generator so it doesn’t get stolen:

1. Don’t brag about your generator to people you don’t really trust. Word may spread throughout the neighborhood, and they may plan to steal your generator. It’s less likely for your generator to be stolen if no one knows that you own one.

2. When you’re using the generator, you have to put it out of sight of potential thieves. Out of sight, out of mind—you don’t want to give anyone out there any funny ideas. If you put your generator in plain sight, you’re telling everyone you own a generator. In this way the thieves will know about this too.

3. It’s best if you have a gate or a security fence around your property if you’re going to be using a generator. That means even if they know there’s a generator around, the thieves can’t just get into your property to look for it.

4. Put in a home or onsite security systems. These systems are now much more affordable and they do more than protect your generators. The security system can raise an alarm to make thieves think twice.

5. Use chains to secure the generator to a bigger and more permanent structure. It’s like chaining a bike to a lamppost. Secure the chains with a padlock and always keep the key safe. But a professional thief may have tools to break the chains, but in conjunction with the security camera system the thieves may again look for more vulnerable homes.

6. When you’re not using the generator, keep it secure in a locked garage or storage shed. Don’t leave them outside. Once it’s inside the garage, take the extra precaution of covering it with tarp or a sheet.

Generator Security Accessories

There are several effective actions you can take to secure a generator but these measures can secure after you buy small generator.

Image Product Feature Price
how to secure a portable generator

Generator Box

  • New improved
  • Made with aluminum
  • HAPS for pad locks

Privacy Screen
  • Maximum privacy
  • Crafted with Premium PVC

how to secure a portable generator Security Fence
  • Easy to setup
  • Crowd control
  • Safety protection
  • Quality construction

how to secure a portable generator Theft Deterrent

Bracket (Honda)

  • Honda metal guard
  • safely run a chain
  • cable through the handle
  • Genuine OEM Honda Part

how to secure a portable generator Security Camera
  • Waterproof
  • high resolution Images
  • Full HD video quality
  • First-class night vision

Lock Cable
  • 15 ft. cable length
  • indoor and outdoor use
  • Securing large items
  • Strength and flexibility
  • protective vinyl coating


The key to securing your generator is to make them understand that it won’t be easy to steal your generator. It will be too risky for them, which may convince them to rob other people instead. If they do, that’s not your problem—you have your own home to protect!