Best Diesel Home Standby Generator Reviews

Power outage is a common problem in different parts of the world. Natural disasters make it worse. Whenever there’s a storm or hurricane, it usually affects the power supply. It could lead to a long period of outage.

Imagine not having power for up to 72 hours. There’ll be no heater, no TV, no refrigerator, and you won’t be able to charge your smartphones and tablets.

With a standby generator, you may never lack power supply again. Whenever there’s an outage, you can switch on your generator. So, the generator is in high demand. We understand that there are so many brands and models of generators in the market and it might be difficult for you to make a choice.

So, we have reviewed the top diesel home standby generators for you. They are ten in number and we mentioned their major features, so you can easily make a choice.

More importantly, the reviews are based on what we found out about each of the generators. We tested each of them before coming up with this report. So, you can count on it. Let’s get started right away.

Our Picks of 10 Best Diesel Home Standby Generators:

1. Generac 7043 Diesel Home Standby Generator

The first thing that you’ll love about this generator is its tough body that can withstand all weather conditions. This is because of its aluminum enclosure.

Although it weighs 515 pounds, its power output of 22kw is a great tradeoff. It is designed and built in the United States, so you can be sure that its quality is high.

The appliance operates with a low noise level. Its LCD display unit gives battery status and maintenance intervals.

Through its app, you can monitor its performance on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, it comes with a 5-year warranty and it has an Amazon rating of 4.6 stars.


  • The generator weighs 515 pounds.
  • It operates with a low noise level.
  • Its body is made of aluminum, so it can withstand tough weather conditions.
  • Users will enjoy a 5-year warranty.
  • Having an Amazon rating of 4.6 stars is impressive.
  • You can monitor its battery status from its LCD display unit.
  • You can also monitor it through its app, installed on your phone, regardless of where you are.
  • Its power output is 22kw.

2. Generac 6864, 5000 Running Watts/5500 diesel home standby generator

This generator gives a total output of 5kw and it is quite portable for the huge power. With a tank capacity of 12 gallons, you’ll use it for several hours before it runs out of fuel.

There’s a fuel cut-off feature that stops the generator when either its engine oil is low or when its diesel is low.

It weighs 254 pounds. Unfortunately, we found its recoil start a little difficult to use, but its electric start works perfectly. The noise level of the generator is relatively higher.

With a full tank, at 50% load, you’ll use this beast for 32 hours and some minutes. That means you can use it for over one day. This is great.

As long as you service it regularly, this appliance will serve you for a long time. It has an Amazon rating of 3.6 stars. One more thing – It does not come with a battery.


  • The generator has a fuel tank capacity of 12 gallons.
  • It will run for over 32 straight hours with a full tank and half load.
  • The device weighs 254 pounds.
  • Its wattage is 5kw.
  • The appliance is portable.
  • It comes with a super-convenient electric start.
  • You can be sure of its durability.
  • Its Amazon rating of 3.6 stars is a pass mark.

3. Champion 8.5-kW Diesel Home Standby Generator

What we found most attractive about this gen-set is its Amazon rating of 5.0 stars. All the users that rated it gave it a 5-star rating.

And when we tested it, we found out that it deserves the rating. With an output of 8.5kw, you’ll be able to power your appliances easily.

The generator weighs 460 pounds. Unlike the others, it uses either natural gas or propane gas. Also, it is one of the quietest generators in this category.

Its noise level is 59.5 dBA. Another distinctive quality of this device is that it performs weekly self-diagnostic tests. We’re sure that its 10-year limited warranty is one of the reasons why it got a very high rating from users. The generator can withstand all weather conditions and it is durable.


  • The generator has a 5-star Amazon rating.
  • It weighs 460 pounds.
  • Its noise level is 59.5 dBA.
  • Users will enjoy a 10-year limited warranty.
  • Its power output is 8.5kw.
  • It runs on either propane gas or natural gas.
  • The generator does weekly self-diagnostic tests.
  • That’s why it is quite durable.
  • The generator is easy to maintain.

4. Pulsar G12KBN-SG Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator

This generator gives an output of 12kw and it has a weight of 209 pounds. The power generator has a tank volume of 8 gallons. It runs on either liquefied gas or gasoline.

You can start it conveniently with its electric start. With a full tank, the device can run for 12 straight hours at 50% load.

It has numerous outlets to power numerous devices. With a pair of super-strong wheels, you can push it around easily. It has a digital voltmeter and a low-oil sensor that shuts it down when oil is low.

The generator comes with a propane hose. Its drop-down handles aid mobility as well. The noise level of this generator is fairly low and it is said to be durable. Currently, it has an Amazon rating of 4.5 stars.


  • The generator has a total power output of 12 kw.
  • It weighs 209 gallons.
  • Its fuel tank has a capacity of 8 gallons.
  • The generator is powered by either gasoline or liquefied gas.
  • Its low-oil sensor shuts down the generator when its engine oil is low.
  • An Amazon rating of 4.5 stars is highly commendable.
  • With a pair of wheels, you can easily push it around.
  • It has a digital voltmeter.
  • You can be sure of its durability.
  • It can run for 12 straight hours at 50% load.

5. Generac 7127 iQ3500-3500 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Portability and visual appeal are the two qualities that attracted us to this generator. We later found out that it gives an output of 3.5kw and it weighs 109 pounds.

This weight makes it one of the lightest generators on our list. We also noticed that it is a little quieter than many other generators.

Its steel enclosure is resistant to rust and corrosion. You can leave the generator outside since it can withstand all weather conditions. Its LCD display unit shows the wattage, remaining run time, number of hours it has worked, and fuel level.

This generator is ideal for camping because it has a couple of USB ports for charging your tablets and smartphones. You can choose between its recoil start and electric start. Some of its users have testified to its durability. That’s probably why it has an Amazon rating of 4.6 stars.


  • This generator is quite portable.
  • Its weight of 109 pounds makes it one of the lightest gen-sets on this list.
  • You can charge your smaller devices with its USB ports.
  • Its large display unit gives a lot of information.
  • You can choose between its recoil start and electric start.
  • It has an output of 3.5kw.
  • The noise level of the generator is low.
  • Its steel enclosure is resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • That’s why it is durable.
  • It has an Amazon rating of 4.6 stars.

6. Cummins Onan 5.5HGJAB-6755 Gasoline EVAP Generator

The noise level of this generator is very low. Although we didn’t use it long enough to confirm its durability, some of its users have confirmed that it is durable. We also noticed that its fuel efficiency is high.

It weighs 310 pounds and it has a wattage of 5.5kw. The generator runs on gasoline. The appliance is big enough to power one or two 15,000 BTU air conditioners.

It also runs self-diagnostic tests regularly and it is approved by California Air Resources Board (CARB).


  • The generator has a low noise level.
  • Its fuel consumption is very low.
  • Its durability has been confirmed.
  • Users have given it a high rating.
  • The generator weighs 310 pounds.
  • Its output is 5.5kw.
  • The generator is powerful enough to power up to two 15,000 BTU air conditioners.
  • It is certified by CARB.

7. Briggs & Stratton P3000 Power Smart Series Inverter Generator

This generator gives out 3kw. With a weight of only 96 pounds, you can easily move it around. The capacity of the fuel tank is 1.5 gallons. The generator is capable of running for up to 10 hours at 25% load.

Its fuel consumption is low, as well as its noise level. It has four AC outlets and a single USB port. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

The bold digital display screen of the generator shows important performance statistics and maintenance reminders. You can be sure of its durability. Finally, its Amazon rating of 4.2 stars says it all.


  • The generator gives out 3kw of power.
  • It weighs only 96 pounds.
  • With a 25% load and a full tank, it will run for up to 10 straight hours.
  • It has four AC outlets and a USB port.
  • The tank capacity of the gen-set is 1.5 gallons.
  • Its LCD unit shows important statistical information.
  • Buyers will enjoy its 2-year limited warranty.
  • It is durable.
  • The Amazon rating of the generator is 4.2 stars.
  • Its noise level and fuel consumption are low.

8. Cummins Onan Quiet Series Gasoline Generator 0KY-FA/6747

This heavy-duty generator dishes out 4kw. It runs on gasoline. Its enclosure is tough enough for all kinds of weather. The device can power a rooftop air conditioner easily.

We also noticed that it is quieter than many other generators of its size. It has an hour meter. The generator is durable and easy to install. We discovered that it is fairly durable and its Amazon rating is fair.


  • This generator gives out 4kw.
  • It can power a rooftop air conditioner.
  • You can monitor its run time through its hour meter.
  • Its enclosure is resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • We can tell you that it is fairly durable.
  • Its noise level is low.
  • The generator is easy to install.
  • It runs on gasoline.
  • You’ll love its low fuel consumption.

9. Generac 7683 GP6500 Diesel Home Standby Generator

Although this generator is meant for outdoor use, if you mistakenly use it indoors, its CO sensor will shut it down if the CO level is higher than a safe level.

It gives out 6.5kw and it has a weight of 172 pounds. Its low-oil sensor can shut it down when its oil level is low.

The generator has a pair of wheels for easy mobility. We also found its fuel consumption and noise level to be very low. That’s why its Amazon rating is 5.0 stars. One more thing – It is very durable.


  • The generator has a wattage of 6.5kw.
  • It has a CO detector for indoor use.
  • Its low-oil sensor will shut it down when its oil level becomes low.
  • The generator weighs 172 pounds.
  • It comes with a pair of wheels for easy mobility.
  • The noise level of the appliance is fairly low.
  • Its fuel consumption is low too.
  • The generator is durable.
  • Having an Amazon rating of 5.0 stars is awesome.

10. DuroMax XP4400EH Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator

The rated wattage of this generator is 3.5kw. With a weight of 128 pounds, you can rely on its pair of wheels for mobility. It runs on either gasoline or propane.

The tank capacity of the generator for gasoline is 3.96 gallons. It has been certified for safety by CARB and EPA.

This is another generator with low noise and low fuel consumption. We believe that its durability level is high. Finally, it has an Amazon rating of 4.4 stars.


  • The generator gives out 3.5kw.
  • It weighs 128 pounds.
  • Its pair of wheels aids mobility.
  • The gasoline tank capacity is 3.96 gallons.
  • It is certified by both EPA and CARB.
  • It has an Amazon rating of 4.4 stars.
  • We were able to confirm its durability.
  • The noise level is low.
  • Its fuel efficiency is high.

Can a Diesel Generator Power a House?

Yes, there are several diesel generators that are big enough to power a whole house. However, this type of generator consumes a lot of diesel, and they make a lot of noise. Most importantly, they are quite expensive to run.

People prefer generators that run on either liquid propane or natural gas because diesel is quite costly. To power your house with a diesel generator, you may need to get a diesel tank to store your diesel supply.

Does Generac Make a Diesel Generator?

Yes, of course, Generac makes several capacities of diesel generators. They have the following capacities.

  • 15KW
  • 20KW
  • 30KW
  • 48KW
  • 50KW

How Much is a Whole House Diesel Generator?

The factors that determine the cost of whole house diesel generators are capacity and brand. The higher the capacity of a generator, the higher it will cost. In addition, the brand also plays a role in it. Generators from more popular brands seem to cost more than generators from no-name brands. This is probably because popular brands are seen to have been tested, and they are trusted.

Do you Need A Permit to Install A Standby Generator?

It depends on your location. Many generators are very noisy and they will disturb people living around them. That’s why it is not allowed in several communities. In some areas, it is not totally banned.

Instead, the specifications of the accepted generators are given. And in some counties, you don’t need any permission to install a standby generator. It is better to find out from the authorities in your community before buying a generator.

Is A Standby Generator Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it. You need power for virtually all the appliances that make your home conducive. Your TV, microwave, heater, smartphone, tablet, fan, air conditioner, refrigerator, and lights all need electricity to function.

Can you imagine how uncomfortable you’ll be without power? A standby generator will kick in when there’s an outage. Even if it does not work for more than five days in a year, a generator is worth it. The appliance saves you from the pains of a power outage.

How Long Can A Standby Generator Run Continuously?

There’s no single answer to this. How long a generator can run depends on the strength of the engine, its fuel tank capacity, the amount of fuel in it, and the amount of load on it. The more fuel in its tank, the longer it will run.

Also, the smaller load on it, the longer it can run. Generally, with a full tank and 50% load, standby generators can run for about 8 hours to about 32 hours. A few generators can even run longer than 32 hours.

How to Install A Standby Diesel Generator?

Here are the steps involved in installing a standby generator

Step 1 – You need to install the generator at least 5 feet away from your house because of its vibration and noise.

Step 2 – Place it on a pre-casted concrete floor.

Step 3 – During installation, you need to fasten it in place with at least four bolts at the four corners.

Step 4 – Run a line-voltage cable to the generator. We’ll advise you to let an electrician handle this.

Step 5 – Finally, install a transfer switch beside your electrical meter.

A lot of things can go wrong in the installation of a standby generator. That’s why you should allow a certified technician to handle the installation.

Final Word

To wrap up this article, we will reiterate that the products reviewed above are the latest diesel home standby generators in the market now. They dish out huge power, they are durable, their noise level is low, and that’s why we recommend them all.