Which Generator Is Better - Champion or Firman

We all understand the importance of a generator in our homes. The cases of power outages are increasing, while the need for a constant power supply is also increasing in the United States. The only way to bridge the gap is to get a portable generator. So, when the power goes out, you’ll start your generator immediately.

The increasing frequency of power failures has led to an increase in the demand for generators. That’s why many generator brands keep springing up. This makes it difficult to choose a particular brand. For instance, some of our readers have asked us which generator is better- Champion or Firman?

We had to test both brands and compared them before we came up with this comparative review. We have also answered some of the frequently asked questions about both brands. Let’s get down to business right away.

Champion or Firman – What’s The Difference?

1. Fuel Type

Both Champion and Firman have several models of generators. Some of the models run on gasoline, some of them run on propane, while others run on both. And this gives you the flexibility of fuel type. In other words, some models of Champion generators are powered by gasoline, some of them run on propane, and some of them are fueled by both. Firman offers the three fuel options as well. The two brands are the same here.

2. Noise                                 

Champion generators are generally quieter than Firman generators. For instance, Firman 7500-watt generator has a noise level of 74 dBA, which is considered loud. And this Firman generator is louder than all Champion generators. So, when it comes to noise, Champion is better since Firman generators are louder and noisier. Champion is the winner here.

3. Size

We can’t really differentiate between both brands on the basis of size. This is because Champion has several models of generators and they all come in various sizes. The same is applicable to Firman. So, some Firman generators are bigger than some Champion generators and some Champion generators are also bigger than some Firman generators. There’s no clear winner here.

4. Price

It is also difficult to differentiate both brands with prices. Similar to our explanation above, some Firman generators are more expensive than some Champion generators, while the opposite is true for some other generators. There’s no clear winner here too.

5. Customer Reviews

According to customer reviews, generally, Firman generators can work a couple of hours longer than Champion generators. This is a big edge. In addition, Firman generators come with extra features like remote control and a gauge that shows operating hours, voltages, and frequency. Champion generators do not have these features.

In addition, Firman generators can start faster than Champion generators in cold weather conditions. So, Firman is the clear winner here.

Where are Firman Generators Made?

Firman generators are made by Kohler Engines in China. The generators of Firman are being used all over the world. At the moment, the brand is generating more than 150 million watts of power all over the world. Firman is recognized as one of the best brands in the industry. The headquarters of the company is in Nanjing, China. However, Kohler Engines is a subsidiary of SUMEC Group of companies.

Are Firman Generators Reliable?

Yes, the generators are reliable and durable. They work longer than Champion generators. In addition, they have some safety features. When the level of engine oil is low, the generator will shut down and never start again until you top up the engine oil.

Some of the models of Firman generators come with remote control. According to some of the users of the product, Firman generators are durable and fairly priced.

How Long Do Firman Generators Last?

This question is a little ambiguous. If you are talking about how long they can work, Firman generators can work one or two hours longer than Champion generators. And different models have different operating durations. Generally, we can tell you that Firman generators can work for 7 hours or above.

Secondly, if you are talking about durability, we can tell you that Firman generators are some of the most rugged and durable generators. They can last for 5 years or above. However, the way you maintain your generator can either extend its lifespan or shorten it. In other words, you have a role to play in the durability of your generator. Take proper care of it, and it will last so long.

Is Firman 7500-Watt Generator Loud?

Yes, the generator is very loud. If it is not properly placed, you can constitute a nuisance in your neighborhood because of the noise of your generator. The noise level of the generator is 74dBA. According to experts, any noise that is above 70dBA is higher than the safe level. Since the Firman 7500-watt generator’s noise is above 70dBA, we will conclude that the generator is too loud.

Firman Generator Common Problems:

The peculiar problem with Firman generators is the high noise level. Many of them are noisy. You’ll have to position your Firman generator several meters away to reduce its noise. In addition, below are some other common problems with generators.

  • Bad spark plug – The generator won’t start if the spark plug is bad. You’ll have to change it.
  • Battery is dead – The electric start won’t work if the batter is dead. You either use the recoil start or recharge the battery.
  • Carburetor is clogged – Your generator won’t work perfectly if the carburetor is dirty or clogged. It may even consume much more fuel than it should. You have to clean the carburetor.
  • Choke is too open/closed – Get the right position for the choke.
  • Dirty air filter – If the filter is dirty, it will affect the performance of the generator. You need to change the air filter each time you change your engine oil.
  • Low oil sensor is malfunctioning – This will lead to false positives. When the low oil sensor begins to malfunction, it may trigger a shut down even when the level of engine oil isn’t low. You need to fix the problem before you can enjoy yourself.
  • Low on fuel – When the fuel level is low, the generator will shut down.
  • Low on oil – The same applies to low engine oil. The generator will shut down and never start until you top it off.

Firman Generator Parts List:

This is the list of the major parts of a Firman generator.

Engine – The engine is what does the job of converting mechanical energy to electrical energy.

Alternator – This is the part that sends out the electrical energy as electricity.

Fuel System – It takes and directs fuel to the part of the generator where it will be used to power the generator.

Voltage Regulator – This component helps to regulate the voltage of the generator. It makes sure that the generator either gives out 120 volts or 240 volts.

Lubrication System – This part accepts the engine oil and sends it to all the areas that need to be lubricated to prevent friction.

Main Frame – This is the frame of the generator. It is often made of strong steel. So, it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Does Champion Generator Have Electric Start?

Yes, of course. Champion has several models of generators. Some of them have electric start, some of them have recoil starts, and many of them have both. Very small generators usually have only the recoil start. Medium-sized generators have both, but heavy-duty generators usually have only an electric start.

Can Champion Generators Run in The Rain?

Yes, Champion generators can work in the rain and in all weather conditions, but it is better to build an enclosure for your generator. In the long run, rainwater can damage its body part. Also, water can find its way into the sensitive parts of the generator. You know water conducts electricity. It is possible for water to bridge some parts together, and it could damage your generator and all the appliances plugged into it.

Which Generator Is Better – Champion or Firman?

None is better than the other because they both have their pros and cons. It’s a matter of selecting the one that suits you more. Champion is quieter than Firman generators. So, if you don’t have a lot of space in which you can place your generator far away, Firman’s noise might be an issue for you. This makes Champion a better choice for you.

Firman, on the other hand, works longer than Champion generators. In addition, Firman generators will start faster in the cold days of winter. Aside from these two differences, other features are the same for both brands. So, it is left for you to choose which one suits you more.

Final Words

To wrap this article up, we’d like to remind you that Champion and Firman generators are some of the best generators around because they are rugged, durable, and very easy to use. That’s why we recommend both brands. However, we’d also like to warn you that Firman generators make a hell of a noise. If you have to buy a Firman generator, you should place it far away from you to r