This article gives the necessary information on Viking jump starter vs Noco. In case you want to know which jump starter suits you between Viking and Noco, you’ll learn how they stack up in this article. To find out their features, we tested both brands separately. And we have reviewed each of them separately, but now we want to compare them.

Viking Jump Starter copyIf you’ve been reading our posts, you’ll know that we don’t always say one product is better than the other. Rather, we’ll compare their features and allow the readers to make their choice based on our comparisons. So, we will compare both brands on durability, variety, ease of use, additional features, and capacities.

In the end, you should be able to pick the one that suits you more between the two. After the comparisons, we also answered a few frequently asked questions about the two brands of jump starters. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

5 Differences Between Viking Jump Starter and Noco:

Here’s how the two brands stack up.

1. Amperage

We will give kudos to both Viking and Noco because both of them have several models of jump starters with various capacities. Noco has different models of jump starters with the following amperage.

  • 500 amps
  • 1000 amps
  • 1250 amps
  • 1500 amps
  • 1750 amps
  • 2000 amps
  • 2500 amps
  • 3000 amps
  • 4250 amps
  • 5250 amps
  • 6250 amps

NocoOn the other hand, Viking has the models with the following amperage.

  • 450 amps
  • 630 amps
  • 750 amps
  • 1700 amps
  • 3400 amps

Since Noco has 11 models against Viking’s 5 models, you may want to proclaim Noco as the winner with more varieties. The question is, does variety really matter if you’ve seen the model that suits you? It doesn’t. If a buyer needs a 1700-amp jump starter and Viking has it, the buyer won’t really care how many models other brands offer.

2. Ease Of Use

Both brands of jump starters are quite easy to use. To jumpstart your vehicle with either of them, you’ll follow the same procedure. Connect the red clamp to the positive battery terminal and connect the black clamp to the negative battery terminal, switch on you the jump starter and crank your engine. It is as easy as that.

So, in terms of ease of use, both brands are great.

3. Charging Speed

Of course, the number of hours it takes to charge a jump starter depends on how weak its battery is. If the battery is still high, it won’t take long to charge it fully. To find out how long each of the jump starters will take to charge, we drained both batteries to zero.

And we timed the charging of both brands. It takes about 3 – 4 hours to charge Noco jump starters from zero to 100%, but it takes about 6 – 8 hours to charge Viking jump starters. So, it is safe to say Noco jump starters charge faster.

4. Additional Features

Many jump starters have other features apart from their ability to jumpstart batteries. And both Viking and Noco also have additional features too.

LED light: Both of them have an LED flashlight. You’ll need the light when you want to fix something in your engine in the dark. You may also need the light for camping.

USB port: Another feature that is common to several jump starters is a USB port.  We’re glad to tell you that both Noco and Viking jump starters have USB ports too. You can charge your smartphone, tablet and other smaller devices through the USB ports.

5. Durability

We can’t really confirm the durability of the jump starters because we only tested them for a few weeks. Nevertheless, we checked the reviews of the products. Based on the reviews, we can assure you that both of them are durable. You only need to store them in a place where the temperature is neither too high nor too low.

Also, you need to charge either jump starter every three months if you don’t use it often. Once you take good care of both brands of jump starters, you’ll use them for long.

Now that you have seen how they stack up, you can pick anyone that suits you. As far as we’re concerned, both of them are good products, and you’re good with either of them.

Is Noco A Good Jump Starter?

Based on our findings, we can tell you that all Noco jump starters are great products. They are easy to use and they are durable. Noco jump starters charge very fast. It takes a maximum of 4 hours to charge a Noco jump starter. In addition, all Noco jump starters have LED lights with which you can work in the dark.

They all have USB ports to charge your tablet and smartphone as well. Furthermore, all Noco jump starters are protected from reverse polarity. This means that when you mistakenly connect the clamps to the wrong battery terminals, you’ll be notified through both the reverse polarity alarm and error indicator light. Once again, Noco jump starters are good, and we recommend the brand.

Who Makes Viking Power Pack?

Viking power pack is made by Harbor Freight. Power packs and jump starters aren’t the only things Harbor Freight manufactures. The company manufactures the following tools and jump starters belong to the automotive category.

  • Air Tools & Compressors
  • Automotive
  • Building & Construction
  • Electrical
  • Generators & Engines
  • Hand Tools
  • Hardware
  • Home & Security
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Lighting
  • Material Handling
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Power Tools
  • Safety
  • Tool Storage & Organization
  • Welding

How Do You Use A Viking Jump Starter?

To use a Viking jump starter, you have to open the hood of your car and locate the battery. Find out which of the battery terminals is positive and negative. The positive terminal is usually labeled P, POS, or +. However, if you’re not sure, don’t guess. Seek assistance.

When you take a good look at the jump starter, you’ll discover that it comes with two jumper cables. One of them has a red clamp and the other has a black clamp. After finding out the positive and negative terminals, connect the red clamp to the positive battery terminal and connect the black clamp to the negative terminal.

Switch on the jump starter and head over to your ignition. Try to start the car. If after cranking it for 5 seconds, it does not start your car, stop it. Allow it to rest for a minute before you make another attempt. If after four attempts, the jump starter does not start your car, there is another problem. Find out the problem and fix it.

Remember to charge the jump starter after every jumpstarting session. We understand that Viking jump starters can jumpstart batteries multiple times before they get weak, but we still insist that it is better to charge your jump starter after every jumpstarting session.

How Do I Charge My Viking Compact Power Pack?

Charging your Viking power pack is easy. The device comes with a charger. To charge your power pack, connect the charger to the USB-C port on the unit. Plug the charger into your power outlet and switch it on. The device will start charging immediately. When it is full, it will indicate.

As explained above, it takes about 6 – 8 hours to charge the device from zero. Fortunately, if you charge it after every use, it won’t take that long to charge.

How Does The Noco Jump Starter Work?

The Noco jump starter works exactly like the Viking jump starter. It has an in-built battery from which it boosts your car battery. When you connect its clamps to the terminals of your car battery and you switch it on, the device will send a burst of current to boost your car battery.

With the current, your car will start. It happens in a few seconds. Contrary to what many people think, jump starters can’t charge a battery. When your car starts, the alternator of the car will take over. It is the alternator of the car that will charge the battery. That’s why you need to let your car run for about 15 – 20 minutes after jumpstarting it before you drive it off.

Also, when you plug your smartphone or tablet into the USB port of the Noco jump starter, it will begin to charge it with the juice in its battery. Furthermore, the jump starter has an LED light. It powers the light with the same internal battery. When the jump starter is fully charged, it can power an LED light for more than 24 hours.

Finally, when the battery is weak, a red indicator light will come on. This light tells you that the battery of the jump starter is low. You have to charge it. And when the jump starter is fully charged, a green light will come on.

Final Thoughts

Based on our findings, we’ll say both Viking and Noco jump starters are good jump starters because they are easy to use, durable, and effective. They can jumpstart motorcycles, boats, cars, SUVs, vans, and even trucks. We really can’t say one brand is better than the other. We’ll only advise you to pick the one that suits your needs.