SUNGZU 1010Wh Outdoor Mobile Solar Generator

Portable battery and solar generator is very necessary things now a days and it’s been widely used for camping and outdoor parties. You can bring sungzu 1000 watt portable generator to outdoor parties at the beach or at campsites, and during power outage you can power appliances at home.

Though sungzu isn’t exactly one of the most popular brands in the portable generator industry but people have become more aware of their products in solar power. Sungzu 1000 watt portable solar generator review will show, the product actually deserves to be more popular beside others.

It is flexible to charge for different equipment with its 273000mAh/1000Wh large capacity. This portable power station solar features is multi-functional so that You will be able to charge a regular smartphone, or power a laptop, various small appliances (mini refrigerator, speaker, projector).

By inserting it into a wall socket or a solar panel, Charging can be made immediately. It featured with 4 USB ports for mobile devices and present computers. You can use AC wall outlets and a solar panel (not included) to charge this Portable power station generator.

In fact, the product is smoke-free, quiet, fuel-free, and environment-friendly! Besides, it’s a gas-free source of portable power station.


  • 2 ways for recharging
  • Versatile DC output.
  • LCD display to observe the charging status
  • High-strength aluminum alloy enclosure.
  • Easy recharging option
  • High capacity portable power station 1000W
  • Finally, Have 18 months product warranty.


You should use this 1000 watt portable solar generator so that you can power your maximum home appliances during a power outage. But that’s not enough actually. in addition to, a portable power station generator is mainly for outdoor use.

These types of portable electronic devices are very much important for powering smartphones and laptops. Find the best portable power station for you, and hope our reviews will help you of choosing your best portable power station generator.