Simadre Plasma Cutter ReviewIf you have been searching for a plasma cutter that will suit your needs, you may need to go through this Simadre Plasma Cutter review. We have discussed all the important features of the tool in the review. After reading it to the end, you should be able to take a decision on it right away. You either go for the product or look for another plasma cutter.

Here is what you’ll get in this review. First off, we have listed and discussed five major features of the cutting tool. We believe that the features are enough to convince anyone to try the product. Also, for beginners and hobbyists, we gave some tips on how to use the cutting machine.

In addition, we have also listed some of the reasons why you should choose this plasma clutter over others. You’ll also find some of the benefits of the product and a few things that you may not like about it. That’s because we have to balance the review.

One distinguishing feature of this tool is its dual functions. It is a welder and a plasma cutter. This makes it twice as useful as other plasma cutters. Both cutting and welding are the most important parts of metalwork. As a metalworker, you must always deal with both.

Simadre Plasma Cutter Review | 5 Major Features

1. This is a 2-in-1 Device

Whether you’re a beginner, a hobbyist, or a professional metalworker, you will be cutting and welding regularly. So, instead of having to buy two separate tools for welding and cutting, you can buy this for both tasks.

That way, you’ll enjoy two advantages. The first one is that it saves you the cost of two appliances. You only have to buy one – this plasma cutter.

The second advantage is portability. If you have some metalwork to do in a location outside your base, you’ll only have to carry this plasma cutter instead of carrying two (a plasma cutter and a welder). Based on the two advantages, you could also conclude that the plasma cutter offers convenience.

2. It Runs on Dual Voltage

Another interesting feature of this tool is its dual voltage. It supports both 110V and 220V. So, you don’t have to worry about tweaking your power outlets. Since electric outlets in the United States give either 110V or 220V, you can use this cutting machine anywhere in the United States as long as there’s electricity.

After testing many plasma cutters, we can tell you that many of them support either110V or 220V. So, we appreciate the dual voltage feature of this cutting tool.

3. The Machine is Energy-Efficient

Even though it handles heavy tasks, this machine consumes relatively less power and gives more. Its power efficiency is 85%.  This is a great figure since you can’t possibly see any cutter with an efficiency of 100%. So, using this device will save you a few dollars in your monthly electricity bills.

4. It has a High Amazon Rating

We always include the Amazon rating of the product that we’re reviewing because of its significance. If we have to judge a product by only one factor, we’ll pick the Amazon rating over other factors.

The rating is given by users of the products. Who can assess a product better than its users? Nobody! Amazon algorithm only finds the average of the ratings given by users.

We have been using the rating for several years and we’ve never been wrong. All the devices with a high rating have turned out to be fantastic products indeed.

And on the other hand, products with low ratings haven’t been impressive. It Makes Smooth Cuts

Although we have listed this feature last, it is not the least. Everyone that used this cutter was able to make clean and smooth cuts. In addition, we also found out that it makes great welds with little or no slag.

You don’t have to be a professional to be able to use this machine. More importantly, you can use it to make complex and artistic cuts. We love its cuts and we believe you’ll love the cuts too.

How to Use a Simadre Plasma Cutter?

As usual, it is advisable to start by protecting yourself with the necessary protective gear. You should also take the time to read the user manual. Many people have damaged their electrical appliances by making mistakes they could have avoided had they read the manuals of those appliances. We don’t want you to experience the same issue.

To use the plasma cutter, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Plug in the plasma cutter.

Step 2: Hook the ground clamp.

Step 3: Put the metal you want to cut in the right position. It is necessary to clamp the metal plate in place to prevent it from moving while cutting it.

Step 4: Switch on the unit, set the current, and press the button near the torch.

Step 5: Begin to cut slowly.

Don’t forget to unplug and pack it up after use. Always use it in a well-ventilated place because plasma cutters radiate a lot of heat. If you’re using a plasma cutter for the first time, you may want to do it under the supervision of an expert. Also, never use this device in the rain. It is not resistant to water and could get damaged.

Why Should You Use Simadre Plasma Cutter?


1. The Device Makes Great Cuts

You need a plasma cutter because you want to cut metals and this device will get the job done to your satisfaction. You’ll definitely love the cuts of this tool.

Every other feature is secondary. In addition to its cutting ability, it also welds perfectly and you’ll definitely need this feature too. The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert to make use of this device.

2. It is Versatile

You can use this cutting tool to cut any kind of metal. It cuts through steel, stainless steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum, brass, and other metals.

Of course, you’ll have to deal with different types of metals in metalwork. So, you need this cutting machine. Its versatility is one reason why many of its users bought it.

3. It is Well-Ventilated

Remember, we mentioned earlier that it radiates heat. That’s why its casing is well-ventilated. The casing has numerous ventilation slits for adequate airflow. In addition to that, it also has an in-built cooling fan.

Both of them work to keep the internal temperature of the machine low. Nevertheless, there’s another safety feature. If the temperature of the tools gets too high, it will automatically shut down to prevent it from getting destroyed.

It is possible for the cooling fan to stop working suddenly. When that happens, you may not know since you may be busy with it. A surge in the internal temperature could follow. Thankfully, its auto-shutdown feature will kick in to prevent a further rise in the temperature.

4. There are Other Safety Features

This device is also protected from high voltage, low voltage, and short circuits. If any of them occurs, it will automatically shut down. Hence, if you buy this cutting tool, you’re paying for performance and peace of mind.

5. It Weighs Only 28 Pounds

This plasma is relatively lighter than others. It weighs only 28 pounds, and that makes it easy for you to carry it around, especially when it comes with a strong carry handle.

Product Benefits
  • This appliance is a welder and a plasma cutter.
  • It weighs only 28 pounds.
  • It comes with a strong carry handle.
  • The casing of the device is well-ventilated.
  • It is protected from high voltage, low voltage, and short circuits.
  • You can use it to make great cuts.
  • It cuts through all kinds of metals.
  • We were able to confirm its durability.
  • It has 85% energy efficiency.
The Negative Things
  • Having a price of $454.99 makes it quite expensive. However, doubling as a welding machine is a great tradeoff.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is its cost?

Answer: It sells for $454.99

Question 2: What is its special feature?

Answer: It is a welding machine as well.

Question 3: How many pounds does it weigh?

Answer: It weighs 28 pounds.

Question 4: What is its energy efficiency rate?

Answer: It is up to 85% efficient.

Question 5: What is its input voltage?

Answer: It supports both 110V and 220V.

Final Verdict

We will end this Simadre Plasma Cutter review by recommending the product to everyone.  First of all, it is a plasma cutter and a welding machine.

So, it gives you two products at the price of one. Also, its cuts are fantastic. Most of all, it is easy to use by anyone. Since all these are what people look for in a plasma cutter, we recommend the product.