How Much Is A Jump Starter


Gone are the days that people afford to be stranded on the highway. These days, vehicle owners are never caught unprepared! Instead, they get jump starters beforehand.

Jump starters serve as a life resuscitator to their dead car batteries each time it switches off its function abruptly. The mishap is bound to happen at any time, and getting it ready earlier enough is an excellent idea.

Most of the time, what causes disruptions in car battery functions could either be the atmospheric condition of the region, or it has been long-way parked.

In exception of those instances aforementioned, suppose the car battery has expired or requires a recharge, then you’d need to rectify these before you are definitely going to be able to get your vehicle back on the road.

If your car battery reads less than the estimated (12/24) volt on your voltmeter, then it needs a recharge. You recharge a car battery with a car battery charger and not a jump starter. In other words, the two can’t substitute one another.

At least, you can now see that buying a jump starter is not an option at all; it’s a necessity. Buying it is easy, but you’d only need to ask: How Much Does a Jump Starter Cost to get yourself underway.

Possibly this article is a notable one that would assist you in purchasing wisely. A newbie can be predisposed to the essentials and features in portable jump starters with this one. It would help to create a wont among your wants. In short, it’s going to be educational. So, check it out below:

How Much Does A Jump Starter Cost? 5 Things To Follow

1. Portable Jump Starters

This is a matter of choice because they come at various prices. Just as you can find some in less than $100, so likewise you can find some at a cost over $100. Probably as you continue the reading of this article, you’ll come to understand possible features that hike the cost of a product.

Normally, portable jump starters weigh between 1.4 pounds and 20 pounds. There are some with LED displays, which projects accurate digital results. It’s a feature that substitutes an external voltmeter, and you use it to check the voltage on your car battery before jumpstarting it. Such products could be pricey.

Unlike those weighing more than 20 pounds, those weighing less than 10 pounds cost less than $100 because anyone can decipher that they are basically essential for resuscitating car batteries only. If they are costlier, then they would feature those qualities we’ll be revealing in subsequent times.

2. Jump Starters With High Starting Amp

Take quick research whenever you want to get a jump start box for huge trucks. You’ll need a power bank that has a starting amp from 400amp to 200amp with a corresponding peak amp from 1000amp to 3000amp. Jump start boxes for heavy trucks tend to be costlier than those for small vehicles with low car batteries.

Therefore, the starting amp is essential to watch out for because it determines a product’s feasibility for trucks or other types. On the other hand, the peaking amp determines its longevity before it becomes due for recharge – the higher the peaking amps of products, the lesser the charging time.

Also, expect products with starting amps ranging from 400amps to 200amps to be costlier since prospective buyers can leverage their versatility.

3. Jump Starters with Accessories

Obviously, jump starters are different from car chargers. They are easier to lug around better than car chargers. Nonetheless, instead of bagging many accessories while traveling, buying a portable jump starter will save you space.

All you need is to charge your jump starter before you embark on your journey, and you can use it to charge your gizmos and support your other conveniences.

Some jump starters possess 12volt DC/AC ports, flashlights, extra clamps, USB ports, and so many more. Hardly would you see a jump starter under this category to be cheaper than $70. Besides, they are best bought between the range of $90 and $200. Of course, such have ergonomic design so that they can meet various types of requirements.

4. Jump Starter With Removable Batteries

Some manufacturers provide such an amiable service to their potential buyers by providing upgraded services. Such an enviable service involves the addition of easy removal of internal batteries in jump starters.

This is a luxury among several antique types that’s rare. It enables prospective users to save more money in the nearest future. How? Each time they see that the product is developing faults pertaining to the perfect storage of charges, they can easily remove and replace it with another, which would long-way save expenses.

Buying this luxury is somewhat expensive, especially if it has other features that could facilitate the buyer’s interest. The price is from $100 and above; it depends on the brand you’re buying from, though.

5. Criterion/Criteria For Buying Qualities

Buy a product that can meet your requirement. For instance, products with high peaking amps such as 2000amp could initiate a car battery for 9-liter gasoline.

Invariably, checking for products with high amps is a good determinant for choosing a jump starter but can be costly because they are usable for typically all vehicles and don’t drain pretty fast.

A product that peaking amp is less than 1000amp will only be great for charging and probably usable for cars only. You only have to filter the constellation of the features to get the most important ones, then capitalize on the essentials if you need such at a fair price.

Nonetheless, you can also buy the best as long as the primary objective is empirical in a prospective product. So, even with a reasonable budget, you can still shop absolutely well.

There are numerous brands, sizes, and models of jump starters and their prices vary widely. Certain factors influence the prices of jump starters. The factors that determine the prices of jump starters are:

  • Brand name
  • Additional features
  • Capacity

Brand Generally, known brands tend to cost much more than new or obscure brands. This is understandable. People would rather pay higher for a brand that has a proven track record. When you purchase a popular brand of jump starter, you’ll be paying for quality and peace of mind. In other words, jump starters of popular brands cost more than jump starters of new or unpopular brands.

Additional features – Another factor that drives the prices of a jump starter is the availability of additional features. As explained above, the jump starters with an air compressor usually cost more than the ones without an air compressor. Also, a jump starter with a single USB port will cost more than the one without a USB port and less than the one with two USB ports.

Capacity – The final factor is the capacity of the jump starter. Jump starters with higher capacity cost more than the ones with lower capacity, with other features equal. That being said, here are the prices of some of the jump starters whose prices are below $201. You can start with any of them.

1. Antigravity Xp-10 Micro-Start – $198

It has an amperage of 300 amps and a capacity of 18aH. The device weighs 18 ounces. It has two USB ports and a bright LED light. The jump starter costs $198.

2. Antigravity XP-10 HD Micro-Start – $198

This jump starter has an amperage of 300 amp and it weighs only 20 ounces. Its capacity is 18aH. It delivers 12 volts. The unit has two USB ports and an LED light. It also costs $198.

3. Black & Decker Power Station PPRH5B – $200

It also has an amperage of 300 amps. The jump starter weighs 20 ounces. It has an air compressor, AC inverter with two plugs, two USB ports, and an LED light. The unit costs $200. The capacity of the device is 17aH.

4. DeWalt Digital Power Station DXEJ14 – $159

The amperage of this jump starter is relatively higher. Its amperage is 700 amps and it weighs only 16 pounds. The device has a capacity of 21aH. It has an air compressor, two USB ports, and an LED light. It costs $159.

5. NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 UltraSafe – $100

This jump starter has an amperage of 350 amps and a capacity of 350 aH. It weighs 2 pounds. The unit comes with a single USB port and a flashlight. It delivers 12 volts like the others. The device costs $100.

6. Schumacher ProSeries 2250 Jump Starter – $198

This one has an amperage of 550 amps and a capacity of 22aH. It weighs 31 pounds. The device comes with a 400-watt inverter with 2 plugs. It has a single USB port. It costs $198.

7. Stanley Simple Start Battery Booster P2G7S – $80

This device has an amperage of 300 amps and a capacity of 2aH. It weighs 2 pounds. The jump starter has a single USB port and an LED light. It costs $80.

Are Jump Starters Worth It?

Yea, it really does. Jump starters can’t take the place of your car battery charger. In fact, its significance is far better than a trickle charger.  With a jump starter, you can comfortably travel anywhere without minding if the battery dies due to the weather or not. It also takes the place of a quick solution in reviving your car when it has been long dead.

Howbeit, if your car battery loses charges very fast, then now that the problem has gone beyond the jump starter. You should probably look out for other tangible solutions. Aside from that, it works just so great for your car battery anywhere.

How Much Does A Battery Booster Cost?

A car battery booster is likewise known as a jump starter. You can find them at both high and low costs. Everything depends on what you want. You can get those that cost below $100 and get others that cost more than $100. Invariably, you’ll find them budget-friendly.

You only need to check for those with premium features and provide you with the necessities wherever you are. There are secondary features that come with car battery boosters but are in oblivion in battery chargers. All these are what determine the costs of quality car battery boosters.

How Much Does A Jump Box Cost?

A jump box is the same as a jump starter. The names sound appealing to different customers, depending on what each depends on. Nonetheless, you can buy quality ones in the range of $50 to $300. The accessories and the futuristic that a product has are the fundamental determinants of its costs.

For example, some products come with a voltmeter. The voltmeter is an addition to the jump box, which users can use to check the condition of their dead car batteries before resuscitating them back to life.

How Long Does Car Jump Starter Battery Last?

Provided you choose a compatible product for your vehicle, you tend to use one between four and seven years. Check the cranking amp and the peaking amp of a jump starter before you buy it. Moreover, purchase a product with a much-supplying current if you own a heavy vehicle.

Why? That’s the only assuring way of preventing your jump starter from quick spoilage. Furthermore, buying a high peaking amp product is beneficial for those who don’t want to keep recharging their jump starters often. With a compatible and quality jump starter, you can jumpstart your vehicle 20 times or more before recharging the jump starter again.

Are Jump Starters Bad For Your Car?

Cautiously looking at it, it’s not bad. However, it can be dangerous if precautions aren’t adequately taken when jumpstarting car batteries. Car batteries consist of sulfuric acids, which are highly inflammable. Negligence in properly checking for leaks and exposure to the acid before surging the battery’s terminals could be disastrous. Therefore, users have to be extremely careful before jumpstarting a car.

Can You Mess Up Your Car By Giving Someone A Jump Start?

Yes, basically, this would cause two alternators to be working at the same time. Moreover, that’s quite bad because it could either lead to the damage of either of the two batteries or cause overvoltage, affecting the cars’ electrical setting.

Final Thoughts

If you ever ask how much a jump starter costs, this article gives the real deal. As you can see above, we’ve provided you with basic factors that contribute to the price of jump starters in the marketplace. Right now, you can buy a product that will profit you exceedingly because you’re pre-exposed already.