How To Use An Everstart Jump Starter

This article is meant to teach our readers how to use an Everstart jump starter but before we go into the issue, let’s quickly do a little introduction. Has your car ever refused to start when you wanted to drive it? If you’ve encountered an unpleasant situation, you’ll also understand how annoying and frustrating it can be.

That’s why jump starters are lifesavers. If the battery of your car can no longer start it, a portable jump starter will give the battery a boost to start your car. And when your car starts running, its alternator will charge the battery.

Right now, there are numerous brands of jump starters, but one of the most popular brands is Everstart. We have tested several Everstart jump starters, so we can tell you a few things about the brand. The device is resistant to a power surge. A sudden surge in current cannot damage it. Also, it is resistant to short circuits.

In addition, we noticed that the casing of the jump starter does not break easily. So, if it drops on a hard surface accidentally, it will remain intact. In other words, all Everstart jump starters are very durable. The model we tested weighed only 6 pounds, making it easy for users to move it around easily.

Furthermore, Everstart jump starters can jump-start cars and trucks, and we believe that’s why their Amazon ratings are usually high. Let’s dive into the real issue now.

How To Use Everstart Jump Starter? 8 Steps To Follow

Here are the steps involved in jump-starting your car with an Everstart jump starter.

Step 1 – Switch Off Your Ignition

To use the jump starter, you need to switch off your ignition and remove the key. The jump starter has to be off too.

Step 2 – Identify The Positive And Negative Battery Terminals

The next step is to identify the positive battery terminal and the negative one. Usually, the positive terminal is labeled as P, +, or POS, and the negative terminal is labeled as N, -, or NEG. And if you can’t find any sign on the battery terminals, get a professional to help you identify which of them is positive and negative.

You may want to mark or label them thereafter. It is necessary to check if the terminals are corroded. If they are, wash the corrosion off. As for the jump starter clamps, the positive one is the red one while the black one is negative.

Step 3 – Connect The Red Clamp To The Positive Battery Terminal

Connect the red (positive) jump starter clamp to the positive terminal and ensure it is firmly clamped. If not, it may shake loose while cranking your engine.

Step 4 – Connect The Black Clamp To The Chassis

Connect the black (negative) clamp to the body of your vehicle or a metal frame. Don’t connect it near any moving part. You should also ensure that the clamp is firmly connected.

Step 5 – Switch On The Jump Starter

Switch the Everstart jump starter on. Some jump starters may turn on automatically once you connect their clamps to the battery terminals.

Step 6 – Start Your Car

Now, you can crank your vehicle. The car should start within the first 5 seconds. And if it does not start, don’t crank it longer than 5 seconds. Leave it for 2 to 3 minutes before you crank it again. If it does not start after the 3rd attempt, it won’t start.

The jump starter needs to put out its peak amperage to be able to start your vehicle. After the third attempt, it will lose its charge and won’t be able to reach its peak amperage again. If its peak amperage cannot start your car, lower amperage won’t even come close.

The more you crank your car, the more your jump starter loses its charge. If an Everstart jump starter doesn’t start your car, the problem may not be the battery, or the battery may be down and out. You might need to boost the battery.

On the other hand, if your car starts, you need to wait and let the engine run for about 5 minutes before you zoom off.

Step 7 – Switch Off And Remove The Jump Starter

Turn off the jump starter. Remove the black clamp from the body of your car. Now, you can remove the red clamp. Wrap them neatly around the device and store it firmly in the trunk of your car. Don’t just drop it in your trunk, as it may dangle around when the car is in motion. It could get damaged that way.

You need to fasten it to a point in your trunk to prevent it from dancing around. You should also ensure that the temperature in the trunk is conducive. If it’s too hot, the jump starter will lose its charge to the heat. The same thing will happen when the temperature around becomes too low.

Step 8 – Charge Your Jump Starter

You need to charge the jump starter as soon as possible. You need to keep your Everstart jump starter fully charged all the time. It can only supply peak amperage when it is fully charged.

That’s all. You can quickly go over the steps again to be sure you understand them.

How Does Everstart Jump Starter Work?

Like other jump starters, an Everstart jump starter has a battery where it gets its power from. When the jump starter is fully charged, it will supply its peak amperage to boost the battery of your car as you crank it (car). Each time it supplies current to your car, the jump starter loses its charge.

The positive clamp of the jump starter must be connected to the positive battery terminal firmly for it to work. Everstart jump starter is strong enough to start even a truck. Don’t get it confused, jump starters don’t charge batteries. They only give batteries an instant boost to start cars.

Once the car starts running, its alternator will charge the battery. You must also understand that your car battery must have a little bit of charge before it can be boosted by a jump starter. If its charge is too low or it has zero charge, your jump starter won’t be able to charge it.

After using an Everstart jump starter to start your car, you need to charge it immediately you get home. Depending on how much power it has left, it takes about 12 to 24 hours to fully charge Everstart jump starters.

One more thing – If you hear a continuous beep sound as you charge your jump starter, it is an indication that the battery of the jump starter is bad. You have to replace it immediately or stop using it until you’re able to replace it.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Everstart Jump Starter?

The number of hours it will take to charge an Everstart jump starter depends on the charge left in it. If the charge is much, it will charge faster. However, if your jump starter has zero charges, it will take about 24 hours to be fully charged.

The good news is that Everstart jump starter has indicators. When it is fully charged, there’ll be a green light. Everstart jump starter can hold a charge for about 3 to 6 months before it loses it if it is stored properly. That’s why we will advise you to charge your jump starter every 3 months if not used.

You also need to understand that extreme temperatures can make your jump starter lose its charge faster. When you store it in a hot place, it will lose its charge. And it will also lose its charge when the surrounding temperature is too low.

How Do You Use The Air Compressor On The Everstart Jump Starter?

Take the jump starter near the tire whose pressure you want to compress. Connect the air compressor hose to the valve of the tire. Once you switch on the device, the display will show the current air pressure of the tire.

You’ll then keep pressing the pressure button until you get to the desired pressure level. Then, you press the “Air” button. The air compressor will begin to work immediately. Unfortunately, the air pressure is very noisy.  However, as it approaches the desired pressure level, its noise will keep reducing gradually.

Once it gets to the chosen pressure level, it will stop working immediately. At this point, when you check the figure on its display screen, it will be the desired pressure level.

Let’s assume that you want to increase the pressure in your tire from 25 Psi to 35 Psi. Follow the steps described above. As it gets to 34.5 psi, you’ll notice that the noise of the air compressor will reduce considerably. And when it gets to 35 psi, it will stop working.

One fantastic thing about Everstart jump starter’s air compressor is that when you remove the hose from the valve of your tire, the air in the tire won’t leak out.

Why Is My Everstart Jump Starter Beeping?

When your Everstart jump starter begins to beep, it is an indication that its battery has gone bad. If the beeping sound starts when you plug your jump starter into an outlet, its battery is bad and needs to be replaced. Remember, jump starters with a damaged battery can longer hold enough charge to start a car.

If your Everstart jump starter starts beeping when connected to the terminal of your car battery, it is an indication that your car battery no longer holds a charge. You need to fix it or replace it. If not, you’ll end up jump-starting it every day.

Why Is Everstart Jump Starter Popular?

The brand is popular among vehicle owners because it is very reliable. Here are some of the features that make it one of the best brands of jump starters.

It Has An Air Compressor:

As you may already know, in addition to its jump-starting feature, the jump starter has an air compressor with which you can regulate the pressure of your car tire. In other words, if you have this jump starter, you don’t need to buy an air compressor separately.

You can also use the air compressor to inflate an air mattress.

It Has USB Ports:

The jump starter has USB ports with which you can charge your laptop, notebook, smartphone, tablet, digital camera, and other small electronics. This makes the jump starter a great unit for camping.

It Weighs Only 6 Pounds:

Everstart jump starters weigh about 6 pounds, which makes them portable and easy to carry around.

There’s A Power Indicator:

It has an indicator that shows the battery level. When the battery level is low, you can easily charge it.

It Is Durable:

The device is resistant to power surges and short circuits. Also, its casing does not break easily. That’s why it is rated as one of the most durable brands of jump starters.

The Unit Has A High Amazon Rating:

The high Amazon rating of the device confirms it all.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this piece, here are a few things to keep in mind. Your Everstart jump starter needs to be fully charged to be able to supply peak amperage. And if after the third starting attempt, your car does not start, it’s not likely to start because the jump starter will no longer have enough charge to put out peak amperage.

You can monitor the battery level of the device through its battery indicator. Make sure the temperature around your Everstart jump starter is between 50 degrees F – 68 degrees F. Lower or higher temperature will make it lose charge.

Finally, we recommend the jump starter. It is a good product. We assure you that you’ll thank us later if you buy it.