How Much Do Portable Generators Cost

Portable generators are gas-powered generators that provide electricity for a limited amount of time. Unlike standby generators, portable generators are movable and not permanently installed. They can be taken from one place to another.

But unlike standby generators that start automatically when the power goes out, portable units need to be started manually and refueled often. Also, you need to be careful about the appliances plugged into a portable generator. The power produced by a generator is also limited compared to standby generators.

A portable generator has 5 main components: Engine, Alternator, Starter, Fuel tank & Outlet.

Among all the other generators, portable generators have proven to be the most convenient and popular option amongst people. But how much do portable generators cost? This article is going to tell us just that.

Are Portable Generators Worth It?

They are the best choice for you if you’re looking for a limited amount of power in an occasional power outage. It is basically the best backup option to have in case of an emergency power outage. It’s handy as it is movable and you can take it with you on the go. It doesn’t take up any permanent space.

It’s also the most cost-effective generator out there. It is also very handy to use on construction sites where they need to use electrical tools. A portable power generator is the most convenient solution in a setting like this. It is also useful for recreational activities like camping or picnics.

But there are also some downsides to a portable generator. This can be notorious for the loud noises it makes when operating. It is also manually started. When the power goes out, it doesn’t start on its own. So what you gain at cost, you lose in labor.  Also, portable generators need to be refilled constantly.

It has both pros and cons. But for recreational uses and temporary power outages, it is the most cost-effective choice.

How Much Do Portable Generators Cost?

A portable generator is the most affordable solution to your temporary power outage problems. It only costs roughly about $500-$2000. Most commonly homeowners pay about $1,200 for a 5,500-watt gas-powered model. Which is way less than the five-figure you’d have to pay for a standby generator.

If you wanna buy the least costly one you can spend $250 on a 1,000-watt gas-powered unit for necessities only. But if you want to go for the high-end ones you can spend as much as $7,000 on a 10,000-watt diesel-powered model on wheels.

Then to connect an electric portable generator to household appliances, you need to connect it with heavy-duty outdoor-rated extension cords. These cords cost up to $10-$55 each depending on the quality and length. Other costs include the cost of fuel for the generator. Besides these, installation and operating costs are minimal when it comes to portable generators.

1. Generac 5000 Watt Generator Cost

A 5,000-watt generator is capable to power any small appliance with a wattage rating below 5,000 watts. Appliances like running a lamp, fan, radio, television, water pump, hairdryer, portable electric heater, an electric blanket can run smoothly with a 5000-watt generator.

A Generac XD5000E cost starts at $3,969.00 MSRP. Its integrated lifting eye allows for easy transport and security on the job site. It has a 12-gallon fuel tank that provides a long run-time of 32.4 hours at 50% load.

2. Jackery 1000 Cost

Jackery Explorer 1000 has a capacity of 1002Wh and it can supply 1000W of power using multiple output ports. Which results in it meeting the power supply needs of most higher-power electrical appliances. Its cost starts at $999.00.

The generator has multiple output ports. It includes two USB-C, two USB, one DC carport & three pure sine wave AC outlets. You can power your camera, computers, communication devices, CPAP, and electric grill using this generator. It weighs about 22lbs and has a solid handle for easy carrying.

3. Generac GP3250 Cost– 100 words

Generac GP3250’s OHV engine has a long engine life with a large-capacity steel fuel tank. The incorporated fuel gauge provides durability and extended run times. The wheels of the generator have reliable portability. The oil-level shutdown safeguards the engine from damage.

The cost of it starts at $469.00 MSRP.

4. Generac GP5500 Cost

The Generac GP5500 (5939) is quite a well-known and powerful portable generator. The Generac GP5500 (5939) has a gasoline-powered 389cc OHV engine, a long-lasting fuel tank, and a heavy-duty steel frame. It has the capacity to produce an impressive 5,500 watts, with a high 6,875 watt starting power.

It can run a lot of house tools including appliances that demand a higher power like air conditions and refrigerators etc. It can also support smaller appliances like heaters and computers with ease as well.

The Generac GP5500 portable generator costs around $729.

5. Generac 3300 Generator Cost

Generac GP3300 starts at 3,750 watts and runs at 3300 watts. This portable generator provides reliable power for all of the things from tailgating to camping to home projects. It consists of a Generac OHV engine, heavy-duty, never-flat wheels, and a rugged hardened steel tube frame. It also has an auto-shutdown when the oil level is low. It also has a fold-down handle for sturdy portability.

Generac GP3300 49 ST cost starts from $439.00 MSRP.

6. Generac 8000 Watt Generator Cost

Generac GP8000E 49ST/CSA prices start at $1,069.00 MSRP. Generac’s GP8000E has many benefits that make this model a favorite for emergency power or recreational uses.  The long-lasting OHV engine and large-capacity steel fuel tank with fuel gauge provide increased durability that run-up to an 11-hour at 50% load.

Generac XT8000E portable generator prices start at $1,429.00 MSRP. This durable generator offers premium quality power which is ideal for emergency backup power and job sites. It has a single-touch electric start that provides a hassle-free start-up.

7. Small Portable Generator Cost

The most affordable small portable generators cost up to $130-$400. They are mostly used for recreational purposes, like camping and road trips. They can also be used to charge up small appliances like laptops or smartphones. The more power it produces, the more expensive the portable generator is likely to be.

Portable Generator Repair Cost:

Portable generators are made to power a couple of appliances for a limited amount of time only. The mechanics of it are simple which results in the installation as well as the repair cost of it becoming less than that of a standby generator. The repair cost of a portable power generator is usually around $50.

The problems you may face with them may include overloading, fuel & oil problems, overheating, or bad spark plugs.

When the generator gets overloaded try to unplug an appliance or two and restart it. The fuel and oil intake of a portable dual-fuel generator should also be closely monitored and changed accordingly.

As the portable generator is a simple machine with easy functions, you can try to repair it yourself to save yourself the repair cost.

Final Words

If you want a generator that’s convenient to use for a temporary outage then there’s no better choice than a portable generator. It is cost-effective & convenient. It can be moved around in the house and can also be taken on camping or road trips for recreational purposes. This also comes in handy at job sites such as construction work. If you only want to power small appliances then you should go for them.

However, for a higher amount of power supply, this is not a good choice. It can get overloaded and overheated if it runs for too long.

A portable generator is only a good choice for a limited amount of time.