How To Dispose of a Portable Generator

Do you have an old portable generator that’s no longer serving you? Have you just bought a bigger generator and you’re no longer using your old generator? Whether your old generator is working or not, don’t just dump it. If it’s working, you can sell it off for a few bucks.

Generally, it is necessary for you to know how to dispose of a portable generator because it contains fuel and engine oil.

The two components can contaminate the earth. That’s why you should be careful with your scrapped generator. In addition to the issue of generator disposal, we’ll also answer a few frequently asked questions. So, you may want to read this article to the end. It’s only a 7-minute read.  Let’s get down to business right away.

How To Dispose of a Portable Generator? 3 Easy Steps

The disposal method depends on the condition of your generator. If it’s still working, you could tune it up and put it up for sale. After all, getting some dollars for it is better than just leaving it to lie fallow. To sell it off, follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Repair it and get it to a near-perfect condition.

Step 2 – Take several pictures of it and also record it while working so that the potential buyers can hear its sound.

Step 3 – Put it up for sale on any of the following websites – eBay, Amazon, Swappa, SellMax, Offer Up, Bonanza, and Craigslist. We’d advise you to put it for sale on several platforms to quicken the sale.

Make sure you don’t overprice your old generator. In fact, it is better to check the prices of old generators on those sites to get the right price for your portable generator.

How to Sell a Scrapped Portable Generator?

If your generator isn’t working, you can sell it off as scrap. The implication is that you’ll have to give it out at a very small price, which is fair. Remember, buyers will see it as scrap.

Step 1 – Empty and clean the tank.

Step 2 – Remove the engine oil completely too. Don’t worry about dismantling it. Whether you dismantle it or not, it won’t affect the sales price and sales potential. So, don’t put yourself through the unnecessary task of dismantling the portable generator.

Step 3 – Search for companies that will come and pick your scrapped generator. They’ll come over, assess it, and give you an offer. If you’re okay with the offer, they’ll pay you and haul the generator away. One of such companies is

Is a Generator Worth Scrapping?

Yes, of course. A generator is worth scrapping because it is made of metal or steel that can be recycled and converted to something else. Also, many of its components could be revamped and installed inside refurbished generators. Another reason is that generators contain a tangible amount of copper, which is one of the most valuable metals in the United States.

That’s why you’ll be losing some money while your generator rots away. The last reason to scrap your generator is to prevent the unit from taking up some space in your yard. So, a generator is worth scrapping if it’s no longer working.

Are Old Generators Worth Anything?

Yes, old generators have value. You know that virtually every part of a generator is made of one type of metal or another. And most types of metals can be recycled. So, they are worth some bucks. Of course, the price may be much lower than the price of a working generator, but your old generator should earn you a few dollars.

Do you realize that there are several companies that will buy off your old generator? If it’s not worth anything, no company will buy it from you. So, instead of leaving your old generator inside your shed to rot away, you can sell it for a few dollars.

How Many Pounds of Copper Are in a Portable Generator?

This question does not have a straight answer. The amount of copper in a portable generator depends on the amount of copper in its body. One reason why copper is much more valuable than other metals is that it does not decompose with time. Also, it can be melted and reshaped into something else.

The higher the amount of copper in your old portable generator, the higher its scrap price. Nevertheless,

You can get at least 2 pounds of copper in your portable generator. Many other generators can give you even much more than that, but 2 pounds is the least amount of copper that you can get from a portable generator.

Who Buys Old Portable Generators?

There are several companies that will buy your old generators. Once you contact them, they’ll ask for the picture and video of your generator. After that, they’ll give you an offer. If you’re okay with the offer, they’ll come over to pay and pick up the generator.

There are many companies like that. A simple Google search will return many of the companies. So, if you’re not satisfied with the offer given to you by one of the companies, you can contact another one. One of such companies is

Should I Sell Off My Generator or Dispose of It as Scrap?

It depends on the condition of the generator. Of course, selling your old generator in a working condition will earn you much more money than selling it off as scrap. But, if the generator isn’t working, you have no choice but to sell it off as scrap.

Sometimes, you may need to repair it before selling it off. If the fault costs a few dollars to fix, we’ll advise you to repair it before selling it. At the same time, not every fault should be repaired. For instance, if the problem with your generator requires the changing of its entire engine, it might make more sense to sell it off as scrap.

How Can I Sell Off My Old Generator at A Good Price?

As explained above, the condition of your generator will determine how much you can sell it. So, it is better to take proper care of your generator. Change its fuel filter always. Don’t skip maintenance check. Always fill its fuel tank to capacity before you start it. That will prevent the generator from running out of fuel while in use.

One more thing – don’t always overload your generator. Of course, many generators are designed to shut down automatically when they are overloaded. Nevertheless, each time you overload it, you’ll put a strain on its engine. As such, you’re gradually shortening its lifespan.

If you take proper care of your generator, it will be in good working condition even when it’s old. And you will be able to sell it off at a good price.

Final Words

To remind you of the most important points given in this article, here is a recap.  The condition of your generator will determine the price you’ll sell it off. If it’s still in a working condition, you can sell it off as an old generator, but if it’s no longer working, you can sell it off as scrap, but you must first empty its engine oil and fuel.