We know that there is nothing as great as purchasing a quality product. And that’s why you’ve come shopping for the best.

Nonetheless, you still surreptitiously check for those that are somewhat cheaper but share the same quality as the pricey ones, right? Of course, that’s bound to happen.

Howbeit, purchasing a portable generator under 500 can be daunting; why? Indeed, that’s because you wouldn’t want to take a chance.

Besides, that’s why the Best Portable Generator under $500 Review is here for you. Our report can be your monolith, you know? It can save you the hustle by providing you with various options with the disparity in prices.

The products we’ll be highlighting are top-notch. They are ones that range from different categories. In other words, you’ll be seeing products that use different power sources. Some use batteries while some use fuel.

And, whichever one you end up buying would serve you well. Howbeit, what you should be mindful of is the capability of the prospective product to meet your ultimate need.

As a matter of fact, the fundamental features to look out for are the maximum power capacity and the power source of the portable generator. In effect, we’ll advise you to check out how to choose a portable generator under $500.

It’s an additional piece of information that would immensely be of help to you. But, before then, let’s check out the products first.

Our Picks of 10 Best Portable Generators under $500:

1. Champion Power Equipment 100554

Can you believe that a portable generator such as this can be sold for a price of less than 500? Of course, we couldn’t imagine it ourselves, too. The constructions are top-notch.

The smoothness in its performance is perfect. This product consists of pneumatic tires on both sides. The tires are 10” tall, and they are so strong that they can trend on rocky terrains.

In other words, experiencing a good time in camp can’t be just better without this, trust me. You can’t believe that it even has a remote control, which anyone can use to have the convenient use of it.

Moreover, other powering options would intrigue you also. Yes! It has a recoil starting option and an electric start, which you can operate handily without the aid of the remote.

Invariably, you can use it in all weather conditions. Furthermore, it comes with a functional 208cc Champion Engine. It has a single gas tank that can contain 6.1 gals.

And, it can run for several hours at half-load. There is even intelligence on this that displays frequency, runtime, and volts so clearly. It’s so amazing!

Regardless of where you reside, this won’t constitute nuisances at all. The noise level for this is 68 decibels only. Honestly, there should be no contemplation with the use of this at all; why?

That’s because there is even a surge-protector on this. With this alone, you should rest assured that your appliances are safe.


  • The dimension of this is 28.5 x 21.1 x 20.7 inches and weighs 145 pounds.
  • This is a portable electric generator with a remote control that you can use from 10ft away from the generator.
  • This product comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • There are collapsible handles with tires on this.
  • The 208cc Champion engine has a battery with it.
  • This product is used for RV, homes, offices, and worksite projects.
  • The maximum power capacity for this product is 4375W but runs at 3500W.
  • You can depend on the use of this product.
  • It’s an efficient product you can use flawlessly in cold weather.
  • There are power outlets for AC and DC on this.

2. DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator  

This is one of the best portable inverter generators under $500. The product has three 12V DC outputs, three USB outputs, and an AC power outlet on its integument. Moreover, it’s a rechargeable inverter generator.

You can charge it conveniently with wall outlets, via solar, and a car cigarette charger. Conversely, this is a product that you can use anywhere. It has an ergonomic shape and one that you can lug around easily.

And, it generates high power. Unlike the previous ones made by the manufacturer, this can supply 155W in an hour. The built-in lithium-ion battery it has is a powerful one. It can keep generating your power for a long time.

In addition, there are five safety protections on this. The safety protection includes over-power, overheating, low-voltage, short, and high circuit protection.

Unlike some that would constitute nuisances in your environment and wouldn’t be so effective, this uses a 42000mAh lithium-ion battery, so it’s typically noiseless. And, it can last you for 4hrs on half-loads.

There are upgrades in the design of this product. You can’t believe that this has a flashlight on its side, too. The torch is so bright that it can illuminate a whole room. The inventive is so aesthetic and one that you’d reliably use for a long time.

Notwithstanding, there are principal instructions that are provided with the use of this product. All those are on the manual that comes with it.


  • This lightweight power source weighs 3.4 pounds; the dimension is 6.7 x 3.5 x 7.7 inches.
  • This is a rechargeable portable inverter generator that comes with the full accessories that make it usable on the first delivery.
  • It uses a 42000mAh lithium-ion battery.
  • It recharges for 7-8hrs, but you can use it for, at most, 4hrs on half-loads.
  • There is a power indicator on this, which makes it fun to use.
  • There are ports on the receptacles for AC, USB, DC power outlets.
  • The maximum power capacity is 155W.

3. Westinghouse WGen3600v

Here is another top-notch portable generator with fascinating features.  The design on it is captivating. It has the power button on it. And, it’s one that you can lug around with ease.

In fact, there are seven ports on this. The ports, therefore, consist of AC, USB, and DC outlets. Other functions you find on it are a power button, digital display, and so on. And guess what? You can use all the seven ports at once. Wow!

Indeed, the handle on it makes it easy to lug around. It even has legs which make it ergonomic and mountable on any surface also. The identification of the parts can be full of fun, trust me.

You don’t even have to use a manual for that. It’s one that you’d just find so easy to use. Apart from the visible part of the generator, this has a battery management system.

It’s this system (BMS) that prevents overheating and over-voltage during conduction of electronic charges. It regulates the flow of power throughout so that there won’t be sparks that could cause damages to properties.

Of course, it’s a rechargeable power generator! The various means by which you can power it is via a wall power outlet, sunlight, or DC.

The duration the charging of the generator takes depends on the means you’re using at a point in time. Nonetheless, it comes with the cable needed to have the immediate use of the portable generator.


  • The dimension is 8.3 x 3.6 x 7.4 inches and weighs 3.7 pounds.
  • The max wattage for this is 155Wh.
  • There is an emergency flashlight on this which can light up the room.
  • This has a foldable handle and an ergonomic structure.
  • There are seven ports on this, and you can charge seven appliances at once.
  • It’s a portable power generator that you can lug around with ease.
  • The manual it comes with is multilingual.
  • The battery-type it uses is the 43000mAh lithium-ion battery.

4. WEN 56475 4750-Watt   

Are you an individual who needs a portable generator with durable power? If yes, then we’ve got you covered with this portable generator. It has a handle at the zenith, which makes lugging it from one place easy.

There are legs on each of the edges, too, which make it have a hedge above its competitors. And guess what? The total wattage that this can supply is 1250W.

However, it runs on 1000W for controlled power flow. Conversely, the power it generates alone is enough to power your electronic gizmos, televisions, and computer.

And, the size makes it usable anywhere, including campsites. It uses the powerful 60cc OHV engine for optimum reliable power supply.

Indeed, this doesn’t pollute the vicinity at all; it sounds quiet and causes no fumes. And, just like other generators, this has a receptacle on it also. What the containers have are a two-prong 120V and two 5V USB power outlets.

Not only those, there are functions on it, which you can use for its operation. And, you know what? The inscriptions on it even make the identification of the features explicit. It’s, no doubt, a product that you’d be convenient to use.


  • The dimension is 17 x 9 x 12.5 inches and weighs 31.6 pounds.
  • This product is run on gasoline.
  • The product is backed with a 2-year warranty.
  • The portable generator is eco-friendly.
  • CARB and EPA III support the product
  • The max power capacity that this has is 1250W.
  • You lug this around quickly.
  • The tank becomes full with 0.7-gal of gasoline.
  • This is a portable generator that you can save and carry around with ease.

5. TogoPower Portable Generator under 500

We would want you to check out this product that buyers are raving about in the marketplace. The product is a rechargeable generator. It uses a lithium-ion battery, which is so efficient.

Howbeit, it comes with tangible accessories also. The accessories it comes with make it usable instantaneously after the delivery. The accessories include the rechargeable chargers for AC wall outlets and cars.

There is also a manual that you’d find in the delivery box. Furthermore, mere looking at the generator, you’d be intrigued by its eccentric design. It has a handle at the head, and it’s one that weighs 3.9 pounds only.

Isn’t that awesome? Of course, it is. Despite its petite size, the 240 lithium-ion battery still generates 240Wh.

Indeed, you can use the power generated by this generator for powering your home, car, and RV. It’s just a reliable alternative power source that you can use at any time.


  • The dimension is 9.05*5.24*7.87 inches and weighs 3.7 pounds.
  • There is a digital display of the battery status.
  • This neither use fuel nor an addition. It’s one with a battery.
  • It comes with the charger for charging it via AC power outlets and DC power outlets.
  • The operation that this work with pure sine wave.
  • This uses a lithium-ion battery of 42000mAh.
  • This has a handle and one that you can save easily.
  • You can have this at a low price.

6. PowerSmart Generator, 1000 Watts   

You must purchase a product that you can use around children. Therefore, buy a product that has futuristic that would keep your appliances safe at the same time. Of course, this product would be of immense help to you.

And, choosing this which has a Battery Management System ensures that your product is 100% safe when charging them.

The battery that this has is the 42000mAh lithium-ion battery. It’s such a powerful one. It generates a power of 155Wh. Moreover, it has the built-in MPPT controller, which makes the extraction of electron from solar so active.

Therefore, it’s one that’s enjoyable to use.  The ports on the receptacle are one AC power outlet, three 5V USB ports, and three 12V DC. The usability is fantastic.

It has the handle that makes it luggable from one place to another. It even has an ergonomic structure, which makes it so great to use. The lightweight power generator is incredible to behold.

Just like any other battery-powered generator, this doesn’t constitute nuisances too. It’s one that’s so great to use at any time.


  • The dimension is 7.48 x 6.69 x 3.54 inches and weighs 4.63 pounds.
  • The product is operational around the degree of 14 Fahrenheit and 104 Fahrenheit.
  • It has a compact design of 155W power capacity.
  • You can recharge this via AC, DC, solar means of power generation.
  • There is a flashlight LED on this.
  • The accessories that it comes with are the charging adapters with a user manual
  • There is a battery management system on this, which makes it flawless to use.
  • You can use it for any activity of your choices.

7. A-iPower SUA4500 4500 Watt

This portable generator is one of its kinds. Honestly, you can’t just believe it. It has all the intriguing features that could astonish anyone.

There is a full LED screen at the front, which makes the use readable. There are many ports on the panel of this unit that you’d love to find out.

It’s this generator that you’ll find five DC ports, two 2.1 USB ports, two quick charge, and an AC power outlet. In addition, there are two flashlights on this with their buttons designed at their respective tops.

Notwithstanding, it uses a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. And, you can charge it with an AC outlet, car, and solar power.

However, it comes with a legit 18-month warranty, which you can depend on for the transaction. Apart from the aesthetic body, this is ergonomic, lightweight, and easy to use.

The maximum power capacity for this is 280 pounds. Of course, it’s capable of powering most of your appliances indoor and outdoor.  There is no flaw in its construction at all.

In fact, this is a product that buyers all around the globe have been raving about in the marketplace. And, why most buyers have recommended this is because it can last 8hrs on half-load.


  • The dimension is 6.5 x 3.15 x 6.89 inches and weighs 7.5 pounds.
  • The product has an 18-month warranty.
  • This is a pure sine wave inverter that you can trust with your electronic gizmos.
  • There is a LED screen on this with battery status’ display.
  • This compact power generator is savable and easy to operate.
  • This is a reliable inverter that has a max power capacity of 280W.
  • There are two flashlights on this that you can depend on at any time.
  • There is nowhere you can use this.
  • It has three recharging options.

8. Etq TG32P31 3600W Portable Generator

Do you know that you can still save more with this review? Yes! That’s what we are here for – to help you with your transaction.

The maximum wattage capacity of this product is 440W. The 440W is its peak after the initiation of the power. However, the 600 surge capacity enhances the safety of your appliances while using the portable generator.

If you’ve got enormous gadgets to power, then this could be the right portable generator for you. It has a sleek look. This doesn’t attract stains at all. And, there are buttons on it which make it so safe and easy to operate.

In addition, there is a LED light by the sides of the three buttons on the flank. The LCD, on the other hand, displays the battery status so clearly.

Indeed, it’s a rechargeable portable generator with a built-in 120,000mAh battery. It even comes with a 2-year warranty. Therefore, there should be nothing to be scared of at all.

Besides, there is a battery management system on this. It aids in the prevention of overheating, high voltage and current, and so on. The BMS is an indispensable feature that such product needs, and it has got it. So, this can easily be used anywhere.


  • The dimension is 9 x 5.5 x 9 inches and weighs 12.35 pounds.
  • The product is backed with a 2-year warranty.
  • There is a handle on this with four legs, which make it ergonomic.
  • This is great for RV, campsites, job sites, and farming.
  • There are functions on it which make it viable to use with ease.
  • The accessories it comes with are one AC wall charger, one car charging cable, one solar charging cable, one pair of jump starter clamps, and one user manual.
  • There are functions on it which makes the use easy.
  • You can use this anywhere.

9. All Power America APG3014G

For appliances with a power capacity less than 200W, you can always depend on the use of this power station. It’s a product that you can use flawlessly in campsite for the charging of your accessories.

The maximum power capacity of this one, however, is 230Wh. The ports this has on the receptacle are three 5V USB ports, 110V AC power outlet, a 12V DC. Invariably, there are limited operations that you won’t be able to use this for; why?

That’s because it generates high power. Notwithstanding, this has three recharging options. The recharging options include charging via an AC or DC power outlet or solar panel.

Indeed, you can use it for 6.7hrs on stint. The accessories it comes with include the designated charger for recharging it via either an AC or DC power outlet.

It doesn’t occupy spaces as some others do. And, the battery management system it features makes it so awesome to use at any time. `


  • The dimension is 8.78 x 5.39 x 4.53 inches and weighs 7.05 pounds.
  • The power sources that you can use for recharging are AC, Car Port, Solar Panel, and a Type-C.
  • The rechargeable power is lightweight and easy to lug around.
  • The max power capacity for this product is 230W.
  • The 62400mAh battery is capable of keeping the power running for straight 6-7hrs.
  • This features BMS, which aids in the optimal protection of the cell.
  • It does its operations quietly.

10. Pulsar 1,200W PG1202S

One of the best rechargeable generators in the marketplace is this. It’s one of those with a maximum power capacity of 280W that we’re proud of at any time. The manufacturer designed it so incredibly.

This is a savable unit that you can lug around. In fact, children can use this also. The functions on it are so simple to decipher.

The built-in includes one AC outlet, three 12V DC outlets, and two 5V USB on its panel. There is even a BMS on this also.

The inclusion of the BMS is a requisite for rechargeable power generators.  And this product has got that in place for your needs. Of course, there won’t be overheating, over-voltage with this.

You can use it for charging your electronic gadgets and so on. This is a product that won’t be affected by weather at all. It has all that it takes to compete with the best in the market place.


  • The dimension is 10.2 x 3.9 x 6.1 inches and weighs 4.41 pounds.
  • The max power capacity for this product is 280 watt.
  • There are functions on this, including the power switch.
  • There are LED lights on it. They aid in displaying the percentage of the batteries at a point in time.
  • You can easily save this and use it in the campsite/worksite too.
  • You can depend on the lithium-ion battery for long-time use.
  • The product comes with accessories which you can use to recharge and use the unit effortlessly.

How to Choose a Portable Generator under $500?

The power capacity of a product is one of the essentials to check when ordering a product. This determinant enables you to know if the product can serve the ultimate needs.

For example, you’re expected to purchase a generator which power capacity is more than 250Wh if you want to power your TV, RV, and small cooling refrigerator.

However, products with a power capacity that’s 300W and above should be viable for powering material. So, if your preference lies on rechargeable generator, you should also check the capability of the battery.

Know how long it lasts and find out the temperature limit is best used in at a particular period. On the contrary, if you need a product that works on fuel, then you might need to check the availability of the fuel in your vicinity and your future expenses.

Also, check out if it worth what you’re buying it for at the point in time. In addition, you might need to check the warranty and other freebies that are provided with the purchase of the product.

Check how it would be easy for you to use. If you’re choosing a rechargeable generator for campsite, then check if you can either recharge it with sun or car power source.

You can even find out the accessories that come with it so that you wouldn’t be purchasing an extra. It’s just a breakdown that you can carry out by yourself.

That’s how to choose a portable generator under $500 from this platform. For precise info, check out the eight steps we’ve added.

  1. Navigation

This is the fundamental part. It takes diligence to know what you want. In fact, it’s paramount you know the wattage limit of the gadget that you’ll be using it for after the purchase. That would aid you to make the right choice.

For example, you might need a portable generator of wattage which release is less than 1000W if you’ll be using it to charge accessories such as phones, TV, and so on.

But higher ones could be needed if you want to use a portable to power heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners all at once.

  1. Pre-Evaluation

You might even need to determine whether you’ll preferably be using a rechargeable power generator or a fuel-powered. Moreover, this would aid you to buy on your convenience.

Products that are gas-fueled are often known to occupy more spaces than rechargeable ones. And, you tend to spend more on fuel-powered generators than the former.

The rechargeable generator, on the other hand, is viable for use on daily basis because it costs less. Howbeit, purchasing the two types makes you stand a better chance.

  1. Criteria for Choosing

The first standard to look out for is your need. Surf for products whose price tag falls between your budgets. This would aid you to have a centralized focus.

With this, you can focus your energy on the features and know if they would rarely meet your needs. And, if you find out that it’s not one that has a fascinating function, then you might consider searching for an alternative.

Now, the best method to imbibe is the next point.

  1. Power of Referrals

Endeavor to check out the reviews. Find out what makes them cherish the product. For instance, products best used indoors may not be great for worksites.

If you’ll be using it outdoor, the overall time you want it to last matters, too. The luggable and ease of use of the product matter also when taking an evaluation. In a nutshell, you shouldn’t be myopic when taking your assessment.

Rechargeable ones are often not great for power tools. But if you find a buyer discussing the product and how it has helped him/her to finish projects successfully, then try to siphon the strategy it inculcated in the use the tool and how he/she made it useable.

  1. Consideration

Make your consideration generic. Learn to use referrals properly so that you won’t be disappointed by the end of the day.

Besides, the best way to do that is by siphoning points from several reviewers. This would enhance your confidence even more.

You will know what you should be expecting after making your transaction, you know? It’s great to consider, trust me.

  1. Post-Evaluation

After consideration, you might need to apply the other approaches to other products when checking them also.

Furthermore, consider relevant products of related features. This would augment your purview about a specific type of portable generator. This would also aid you not to overly put expectations on a prospective product.

It would even aid you to mark out your needs properly. The post-evaluation is well tackled after you had studied, at least, four products of the same features.

Once that’s done, you can choose the one that you think would suit your ultimate and immediate needs.

  1. Make an Order

Purchase a product that you have found reliable. Of course, the criteria to check out include warranty. The warranty is a confidence enhancer that would increase your confidence.

However, you might need to consider the manufacturer of the product you’re launching when making a purchase.

Before you even make an order of a product, you might need to also check those you call “irrelevant”; why? That’s because you never can tell how viable it could be to your future and immediate need.

Therefore, ensure that you opt for the needful one as a prescient buyer.

  1. Enjoy the Use

Notwithstanding, we advise you to purchase from the products that we’ve listed here. These products are those which have been validated by our experts and safety regulatory bodies.

As a matter of fact, they are made by one of the foremost manufacturers in the industry. With the purchase of any of them, you have nothing to lose, trust me.

They are products that buyers have been raving about in the marketplace. The policies that are backing each of them are exciting. You can find out more information by checking them on this platform.

And, if there seem to be incompleteness while using it, then you might need to leverage the warranty that comes with them all.

What is the Best Portable Generator under 500?

Perhaps you need a product that’s ultra-cheap and very functional. And, it seems rechargeable generators are what you’re primarily gunning for, so we present this to you. Do you know why?

The Webetop 155Wh 42000mAh Portable Generator Inverter has a durable and last power battery. The design makes it safe to use anywhere, trust me. It’s one you won’t regret using at all.