Predator 2000 Generator Vs. Predator 3500 Generator

One of the solutions to power outage problems is the use of a generator.  Electricity has become one of the basic necessities of life because most home appliances require electricity to work. So, you shouldn’t wonder why an hour of power outage feels like a whole day. The importance of power has made the demand for generators super-high.

Right now, there are so many brands of generators in the market. They come with varying features and cost. We understand that this has made it a little difficult for buyers to make a choice.

One brand that has successfully carved a niche for itself is Predator.  This brand has become one of the leaders in the manufacture of generators. Every Predator generator is a good product, but the brand has several models of generators.

So, people will have to make a choice among these generators. That’s why you need great comparative write-ups like this. This one is meant to compare the Predator 2000 with Predator 3500. Now, you must understand that none is better than the other.

Both of them have their pros and weaknesses. We only want you to check their features and choose the one that suits you more. Of course, one of them is clearly superior to the other. The superior one is also more expensive.  Why pay for the superior one if you don’t need the superior features?

So, we have laid the features for you to see. We reviewed each of the products separately before we compared their features. In other words, this article is a combination of product review and comparison. Sit back and read the write-up to the end. You’ll be glad you did.

Review of Predator 2000 Generator:

This model of Predator generator is one of the best generators in the market. The features we have outlined below are what we saw in the product. By our standard, we didn’t depend on what we see on the internet. Rather, we based our review on what we have found out.

What attracted us to this generator is its very low noise, as well as its low emission. The generator is relatively lighter and its fuel consumption is low. It is ideal for RVs, boats, and camping.

Features of Predator 2000 Generator:

Parallel Connection Capability – The generator has a feature known as parallel connection capability. This feature allows you to connect two of the generators together. Remember that the model is named Predator 2000 because it can generate up to 2,000 watts. So, you can connect two Predator 2000 gen sets together to generate 4,000 watts.

Runtime – We loaded this inverter with half of its load capacity to see how long it will last. The generator was able to work for 6 ½ hours before it ran low on fuel.  If the load is more than 50%, it won’t run for that long before its fuel is exhausted.

Also, if the load is not up to 50%, it will surely run for more than 6 ½ hours. We tried it with 25% load capacity, and it worked for about 12 hours. This is because the more load you put on your generator, the harder it will work, and the faster it will consume your fuel.

Outlets – The generator has three outlets. There are two 120V AC ground outlets and a single dc-12V 2-pin outlet.

How to start it – This generator has a recoil start.

Wattage – When discussing the wattage of generators, always remember that there are two wattages.  They are startup watts and running watts. The startup watt is the power your appliance requires to start up while running watts is the power required to run.

The startup power is usually higher than the running watts. You must have observed that when you plug a heavy appliance into your generators, the noise of the generator will increase momentarily. This generator gives a startup power of 2,000 watts and running power of 1,600 watts.

Tank Capacity – It has a fuel tank capacity of 1 gallon, and its engine oil unit can take up to 13 ounces of oil.

Power – This little but mighty generator can dish out up to 2.8 Horsepower.

Benefits of Predator 2000:

1. Portability and Compactness – This generator weighs only 47 pounds, so it is easy to carry it around for camping. Also, it is compact, so it won’t take much space in your car when transporting it.

2. Low Fuel Consumption – One of the features people look for in a generator is low fuel consumption. This is why we are happy to inform you that this generator conserves fuel. In other words, its fuel consumption is very low. However, you need to service it regularly to ensure it gives you optimum performance always. When a generator is not firing from all cylinders, its fuel consumption will increase.

3. Add-on Parallel Kit – As mentioned earlier, you can connect two units of this inverter together to double its power output. You will find the parallel kit required for the connection in its package.

4. Certification – The generator inverter is certified by both CARB and EPA.

5. Low Noise Level – The noise level of this generator is quite low. The noise level is 65dB. So, you don’t have to place it very far away from you because of the noise. When you place your generator very far away, it will cost you more because you will need a longer cable, and the generator will be easier to steal. Since this one has a low noise level, place it somewhere near your tent or house.

6. Safety Features – This generator has two safety features.  The first one is its overload protection. When you put a load that exceeds its capacity on it, the generator will shut down to protect itself, and the appliances plugged to it. This saves you repair costs.

Secondly, nothing damages generator engines faster than the depletion of engine oil. A generator engine rubs against itself, and the engine oil acts as a lubricant. When your engine runs out of oil, the engine can get damaged because of the heat generated by higher friction.

With this set, you don’t have to worry about that. This generator has a low-oil alert. When the engine oil level reduces below a safe level, this generator will go off.  Until you top up its engine oil, it will never start.  Also, it has a grounding peg and a spark arrestor that prevents accidental fires.

7. Durability – We were able to confirm from some of its users that the generator is durable.

8. High Amazon Rating – Amazon rating is a good criterion for assessing a product because the rating is given by the users of the product. A high Amazon rating is a surefire indication that a product is great. This is why we only recommend products that have an Amazon rating of at least 3.0 stars. The fact that this generator has an Amazon rating of 4.1 stars means that it is an excellent product. Its features justify its higher rating.

9. Affordability – Its price varies slightly across different platforms. Nevertheless, it is still very affordable.  Its value is much more than its price.

What We Don’t Like about Predator 2000?

No fuel Gauge – The generator does not have any fuel gauge. So, you can’t monitor your fuel usage. For this reason, you should always have fuel stored somewhere. The generator can run out of fuel without warning you.

Cant’ use all the Outlets at the Same Time – When you are using its 12V Dc outlet, you won’t be able to use the other outlets.

Review of Predator 3500 Generator:

This generator has numerous features in common with the generator reviewed above.  In fact, it has superior features too. On the other hand, it is also more expensive.

So, we have reviewed it here. If you feel the Predator 2000 can handle your needs, you don’t need to pay more for this. Otherwise, you can check out the features of Predator 3500 if it matches your needs.

Features of Predator 3500 Generator:

Electric Start – While the other generator has a recoil start, this one has an electric start. You will start it by pressing a single button. It is as easy as that.

Runtime – At 25% load capacity, this generator ran for up to 11 hours before it ran out of fuel. Unfortunately, we didn’t test it with 50% capacity.

LCD Screen – It has an LCD screen that displays low oil and overload alerts. That means if the oil is low, you will know from the LCD display.

Weight of 99.2 pounds – This generator weighs 99.2 pounds. While this is not too much for a generator of its capacity, it is not something you can carry around easily.

Four Wheels – Since it is a heavy-duty machine, pushing it around may be difficult. So, it comes with four strong casters. This will make it easier to push or pull it around.

Outlets – This generator has four outlets. There are two 120V AC ground outlets, one 120V AC twist-lock outlet, and one dc-12V 2-pin outlet.

Wattage – The gen set offers 3,000 running watts and 3,500 watts for starting. We have already explained the difference above.

Tank Capacity – It has a fuel tank capacity of 2.6 gallons.

Power – It dishes out 6 Horsepower.

Benefits of Predator 3500:

1. Certification – The generator inverter is certified by both CARB and EPA.

2. Safety Features – This device has two great safety features. It shuts down when the level of engine oil is low. Also, it shuts down when it is overloaded. This helps to protect the generator, and the appliances plugged into it.

3. Low Noise – This one also has a low noise level. Its noise level is 57dB. This feature seems to be a trademark of Predator.

4. Convenience – Starting this inverter is very easy and convenient. It has an electric start.  All it takes is a push of a button.

5. Electric-Start Battery – For you to enjoy its electric-start, you need a battery. Without a battery, you may need to use its recoil start. You don’t need to buy any battery because it comes with a battery.

6. Easy Mobility – Truth be told, it is not easy to lift or push a 99 pounder around. That’s why this machine comes with four strong wheels. With its wheels, you can push or pull it around more easily.

7. Durability – Another benefit of this generator set is its durability. If you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions, this inverter will last for a very long time.

8. High Amazon Rating – This generator also has a high Amazon rating. A rating of 3.8 stars is quite commendable.

What We Don’t Like about Predator 3500?

Inactivity kills its battery – If you don’t use the generator for several months, its electric-start battery may get flat.

No fuel gauge – Like the other generator reviewed above, this one does not have any fuel gauge too. You won’t be able to monitor your fuel usage.

Predator 2000 Generator Vs. Predator 3500 Generator

To compare both models of generators, let’s remind you of their similarities before we outline their differences.


  1. Both inverters are produced by the same brand – Predator.
  2. They do not have a fuel gauge.
  3. The two generators have a high Amazon rating.
  4. They have both been certified by CARB and EPA.
  5. Low emission is another common feature between both of them.
  6. The two inverters have a low noise level.
  7. Their fuel consumption is low.
  8. The two of them will shut down when their oil level is low.
  9. Also, they will shut down when overloaded to protect themselves and the devices plugged to them.
  10. Both of them are very durable.

Now, let’s talk about their differences


Weight – Predator 2000 weighs only 47 pounds, while Predator 3500 weighs 99.2 pounds.

Cost – Predator 2000 costs between $500 and $680 in the market while Predator 3500 costs more than $1,000. This makes Predator 2000 more affordable. Predator 2000 has won in this aspect again.

Portability – Predator 2000 is smaller, lighter, and more portable. So, it is easier to move it around. That is why it is ideal for camping.

Parallel Connection Capability – This feature allows you to connect two inverters of the same model to boost power output. Predator 2000 has the feature. You can connect two together to get an output of 4,000 watts.

Unfortunately, Predator 3,500 does not have this feature. You should have observed that Predator 2000 has been having the upper hand in the features discussed so far. Now let’s discuss aspects where Predator 3500 is superior.

Electric Start – Predator 3500 has an electric start, but its counterpart has only recoil start. Electric start is much more convenient. So, Predator 3500 is clearly better here.

Wattage – While Predator 2000 offers starting wattage of 2000 watts and running wattage of 1600 watts, Predator 3500 offers starting wattage of 3500 and running wattage of 3000 watts. Predator 3500 wins by a large margin here.

Tank Capacity – The fuel tank of Predator 3500 can take 2.6 gallons, while that of Predator 2000 can only take 1 gallon. Predator 3500 wins here too.

Outlets/Receptacles – Predator 3500 has four outlets, while Predator 2000 has only three.

LCD Display – Predator 3500 has an LCD display unit, but Predator 2000 does not have this feature.

Power – Predator 3500 gives an output of 6 Horsepower while Predator 2000 gives only 2.8 Horsepower.

We will give our final verdict at the end of this article.

How to Make The Best Use of These Generators?

Whichever one you choose, you need to make the best use of it. Based on the common mistakes that people make with generators, we have listed some tips for proper generator usage and maintenance.

1. Place your generator on a flat surface so that it can use up its fuel. If it tilts, it won’t use up the fuel before running out of fuel.

2. For safety reasons, you should always ground your generator all the time. You may seek the assistance of an electrician on this.

3. Always inspect the generator before you start it. The plug cap may have removed. Never forget to close the fuel tap after use to prevent over-floating.

4. Check the fuel and the oil level before starting your generator. It is better to top them before starting your gen set. You don’t want your generator to stop while in use.

5. After starting, wait for the engine to run for 5 minutes before you plug any appliance into it. By then, the output light would have come up.

6. If you are using any of these generators for the first time, do not let it run at more than 75% of its load capacity for the first 30 hours. During this period, Predator 2000 should not give out more than 1200 watts. After 30 hours, you can now use it without any limitation and restriction.

7. After the first 30 hours, you need to service the generator. This service is a simple oil change. Wait until the engine cools before you do anything to it.

8. Service it every three months.

The Service Should Include:

  • Cleaning or replacement of the spark plug.
  • Oil change
  • Cleaning or replacement of the air filter.

Extended Storage:

If you are planning to store your generator for an extended period, you need to do the following:

  • Wipe its exterior thoroughly.
  • Fill the tank with fuel.
  • Change its oil and store it with clean oil.
  • Ensure you clean the spark plug and the area around the spark plug.
  • Store it in a covered but well-ventilated area.
  • Fuel can explode in hot conditions, so don’t keep your generator in an airtight place.
  • In short, it is better to service it right before you store it for a long period.

How to Hook Up a Portable Generator to Your Home

Know The Wattage of Your Generator Set

When learning how to hook up a portable generator to your home, the first thing you must learn is the total power output of your generator and the total power required by all the appliances you want to power.

Here are The Wattages Consumed by Some Home Appliances

Here are the estimated wattages required by some indispensable appliances. The microwave takes about 1500 watts. Also, CFC bulbs take about 150 watts, and refrigerators will take about 1200 to 1500 watts, depending on its size. Your television will take about 1000 watts, and your fans will consume about 500 watts each. So, you can do the addition.

Choose a Wiring System

You can choose a wiring system for your home. While you may be able to handle it on your own, we advise you to hire an expert for this. Wrong wiring could lead to a fire.

Secondly, every community has its wiring code, and if you violate the code, you could be fined. A professional will know the code for your community.

Install an Inlet Box Hook Up

You need to install a box that will transfer the power generated by your generator to the internal panel that will distribute the electricity to all the appliances you want to power. As we advised earlier, you should allow a pro to handle it.

Get the Set up Inspected

There are several tips on how to hook up a portable generator to your home on the internet, but many of the tips are not safe. So, if you did the hook up yourself, it is necessary to get it inspected by a pro.

Ensure you Place it Far from Your Home

You need to place your generator far away from your home because of the noise and fume. And if the gen catches fire for any reason, it won’t affect your home.

Final Verdict

To conclude this article, we would say no generator is better than the other.  Although Predator 3500 has superior features, it is also much more expensive. What you should consider is suitability. If Predator 2000 can handle your needs, go for it. Why pay more for Predator 3500 when 2000 is enough for you?

However, if Predator 2000 does not suit your needs, you may consider Predator 3500. They are both great generators, and we recommend both of them.