How Long Do Portable Generators Last

Using generators in homes, offices, recreational centers, and gaming centers is a worthwhile move if you’d inquire. It provides a substantial backup to utility power supplies.

In other words, generators will always ensure steadiness in power supplies even in the absence of power from a utility source. Millions of people are relying on its essence, and there’s virtually nothing wrong if you start today also.

Meanwhile, unlike standby generators, portable generators have their respective working limits. Indeed, that’s why buyers, especially the newbie gunning for portable generators, often inquire by askingHow Long Do Portable Generators Last before deciding on what to buy.

After all, it’s all based on the generator that you’re vying for actually. Portable generators often last between 1000hr and 3000hr by average using duration. Typically, you can depend on the use of your generator for a period of 10 yrs or more.

That’s what you’d be learning here. Also, we would enlighten you on the durability of portable generators generally and how to elongate their efficiencies for a long time. So, read through and get all the tips needed here.

How Long Do Portable Generators Last – 4 Factors To Follow

1. Check the Working Hours

A factor that predicates a portable generator’s duration is the work rate per hour it activates. Many generators read at a 50% work rate; the generator could last a specific hour.

Obviously, it literally means if the load rate is low, the efficiency time of the generator will increase, and if it’s the other way round, then the case would be inverse also.

Using a portable generator with an OHV engine would maximize the efficiency rate in the generator. However, if you’re considering the nonstop working hour of the generator, then find out the size of the generator’s engine.

Generators with smaller engines less than 100cc could go between 25hrs and 78hrs, while those with more than 100cc engines, but less than 230cc, could run between an average of 50hr and 150hr nonstop.

2. Making Estimations

A portable generator with an average running capacity of 2000hr will run for 200hr on an average base year if you’re utilizing it for 1hr 45min every day. The amount of load you’re using for your portable generator would determine if the generator would last for that long.

The efficiency of the generator dwindles with time. Therefore, quite several factors could weave the preciseness of the estimation.

Notwithstanding, portable generators should serve one effectively, at least seven years, regardless of engine size. All you need is to regulate the load and maintain it properly to have a lasting use of the unit.

3. Dual Fuel Portable Generators

Dual fuel generators last in like manners as other portable generators. However, regarding the fuel consumption of a dual fuel generator, the propane fueling option has a longer running time than gasoline.

The capacity of an engine running on propane is longer than that of gasoline. The propane fuel option won’t be able to generate some amount of wattage that the engine will generate with gasoline so easily.

So, if one wants the generator to last with gasoline, then the load inserted should be considered. Nonetheless, the average time a portable generator with dual fuel lasts is between 1000hr and 1400hr. It could last 4yr, at least, and 10yrs at most.

4. Observing the Battery Life

Every portable electric generator uses a battery. The battery is what enables the electric start of the generator. Such generators do have recoils as additional options, while some don’t.

Therefore, the inappropriate use of the battery could cost you your portable generator. Indeed, that’s why you should use your generator often. Even it’s expedient to warm it in furloughs so that you can always keep it working.

Battery lasts three years and five years, the manner in which one uses it will determine the battery’s longevity eventually. Charge it when the power runs down. In fact, you’d have to put extra carefulness if you’re in an area domiciled by winter.

5 Tips of Enhancing Portable Generators’ Longevity

  1. Buy a generator with quality features that could sate your needs at any time.
  2. Be observant of the performances of the generator at every point in time. Also, call the attention of your engineer whenever you observe an abrupt change in its performance.
  3. Make sure you mount and save your generator in a cool and dry place. Water could rust the encasement of the generator if it’s not properly shielded.
  4. Servicing the generator after long-term use is compulsory, especially gasoline generators. This would enable the generator to be free of carbon soot that may be clogging the carb and exhausts.
  5. Don’t bug down the performance of your generator by using heavy loads for your portable generators. This could massively affect the generator, including the emerging sound.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Generator?

A generator can last between 12yrs and 19yrs, and it could be lesser if care is not taken. The manufacturer of the generator would predetermine the durability of the generator. Nonetheless, your personal maintenance skill would determine the lifespan of the generator.

Can You Run a Portable Generator Nonstop?

Yes, it could run for several hours, but the engine oil must be put on the watch so there won’t be friction in gears. The engine oil should be changed when necessary. Also, cooling the generator is essential, at least once in a while. This is part of the maintenance skill that has to be considered.

How Long Will a Generator Run on 5 Gallons of Gas?

Some generators utilize 1gal of gasoline to run 5hr while some could run 11hr with the same fuel. Find out the tank capacity of your generator and the duration it could run, then multiply by 5 to get the specific time frame. After all, 3.7liter makes a gallon, so you can make your calculation apt.

How Often Do Generators Need to be Replaced?

People who use two or more generators interchangeably have the best use of their generators. However, replacing your generators after every five years will keep you on track in getting a specific efficacy of its performances.

Final Words

You’ve been able to decipher the essential components that have to be on watch to promote the longevity of the generator. Now, you know that diesel-consuming generators last longer than gasoline generators in a linear sense of fact. Nonetheless, we impugn you to maintain your generator properly as we stated here.